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Pikmin 2 Finally Coming To North American Wii Consoles

The latest edition of American gaming publication Nintendo Power states that New Play Control! Pikmin 2 is finally coming to North America sometime later this year. Pikmin 2 for Wii originally went on sale in Europe three years ago. Better late than never I guess.

69 thoughts on “Pikmin 2 Finally Coming To North American Wii Consoles”

      1. Yeah, NINTENDO is late.
        I Almost bought it for gamecube (again) because I discovered the Wii version hadn’t been released in the US… As gamecube discs are not compatible with WiiU, I would have been SOL when trading my Wii in for Wii U.

  1. I suppose it’s to get people who still own a Wii to buy a Pikmin game so that if they enjoy it, they’ll buy a Wii U for Pikmin 3. Doesn’t matter to me, I live in Europe.

  2. This is smart actually – get people playing Pikmin 2 around the time when they do a full reveal of Pikmin 3 at E3. This should get some Wii fans excited about Pikmin 3 (and the Wii U) – at least those that weren’t excited before.

    However, I own both for Gamecube and I’m not sure how big of a deal motion control will be with it, so I might just skip this release and wait for Pikmin 3.

    1. Well, I own Pikmin 1 on Wii & there is a difference. The Wiimotes pointer works very well for this type of game & makes multitasking easier. But the original Gamecube controls get the job done so you wont be missing out on too much. But Pikmin 3 should support the Wiimote as it’s perfect for Pikmin

      1. Eh, I think the touchscreen will work even better for Pikmin 3.

        But the one thing I want from the game is graphics simulating the play dough visual of Pikmin 2’s boxart and advertising images.

  3. But you stupid American don’t deserve Pikmin 2. You would be much better off playing your fucking Call of duty and Xbox.

    1. Fuck you. You sound American with your fucking manners. Why don’t you just come live with us as well.

    2. What is wrong with you silly goose?

      So what the American get Pikmin 2 3 years late, it doesn’t mean that they won’t like the game.

      1. Hmm so my little experiment didn’t go how I planned, oh well now if you excuse I am off to get a European copy of Pikmin 2.

        1. In any one was wonder I was trying to make my 3DS region free but it didn’t work…

          I might have to attach it to a toaster.

    3. Bitch please, UK said their best console is the 360 and we all know what games are on that, so your argument is invalid.

  4. Why, why are doing this?



    Is this the only box art available? It’s awful. Fuck. ;___;

  5. It’s about fucking Time. Sons of Bitches hoarding that game for three fucking years. I have been searching for a new or used copy, Wii or gamecube that I didn’t have to pay out the ass for.

    This makes sence, given the release of Pikmin 3 on WiiU – you better give me Pikmin 2!!

    I’m fucking mad ~bro~

    (but happy I Finally get to have it on the Wii)

  6. Meh, as much as I love Pikmin, I’d prefer to stick with my GameCube version and just wait for Pikmin 3 and Wii U.

    1. I’m trading my Wii in. So gamecube games won’t be an option… Although I may search for a cheap game cube dedicated to play eternal Darkness on.

  7. About Freakin’ TIME!! I still have not played this game when I heard it was coming to Wii I waited….and waited…..Waited….Gave up hope…Forgot about it…Now they bring it…Geeze NIntendo.

    You can play any Wii games on the Wii U. Never feel discouraged from buying a Wii game because you’ll still be playing it for a long time anyway. Also a great thing about the starting line-up- basically you can go ahead and look through Wii games too.

  9. Now if they can only port some more games to the Wii under the new play control label. F-Zero, Fire Emblem, Luigi’s Mansion, Star Fox, and Paper Mario. Even it it is only porting them to the classic controller.

  10. This game will be in my collection. I’ve never played Pikmin before and was very interested in buying the first part for the Wii, but now I will buy this one since I’ve been told that the 2nd game is better. Would you recommend me buying also the first game?

  11. Seems a bit desperate if you ask me, almost as if Nintendo realised the Wii wasn’t selling as well as it used to be and are now quickly releasing all the New Play Control games they couldn’t sell the first time in a last ditch attempt to keep the Wii going.

    Well either that or they’re selling it so Wii U owners can buy the original Pikmin games for Wii and play them on the new console alongside Pikmin 3. That makes a fair bit of financial/business sense.

    1. Yeah, most likely the second one you stated. It makes sense; Pikmin 2, compared to the first game, didn’t sell too well here the first go-around. Nintendo most likely didn’t see Pikmin 2 on Wii doing too well before, but now that Pikmin 3 has definitely been confirmed for Wii U it would only make sense to finally give North American Wii owners the chance to try out Pikmin 2 finally.

  12. I ALMOST bought a used GameCube copy of this for over $60 on Amazon last week. Now I’m glad I chose not to, because as soon as this New Play Control version is released (I hear it’ll be released in June) I’ll pick that up instead. I recently got Pikmin for Wii and ultimately like the Wii controls much better than the Cube controls.

  13. And to everyone complaining about it showing up “late,” at least we’re getting it! Geez, it’s always “damn ’em if they do, damn ’em if they don’t” with you guys. Just be glad we’re getting it and that you’ll be able to play it on Wii U.

  14. Finally. Along with Pikmin, I might buy this when it’s released.

    Though WHY release it 3 YEARS after everywhere else?! Well, there’s the “release this to get interest in Pikmin 3” thing, but still. It’s like releasing Xenoblade in 2011 and then at 2014 at NA. I know Xenoblade is already released, but at least this got released in NA…3 years late.

  15. I grew up with GCN Pikmin 2, so when I bought Pikmin 1 for the Wii, I thought the controls were crap. But I guess I could see how others would like it, though…

    I’d rather trade in my NPC: Pikmin for a copy for the Gamecube, though. I was lucky to get #2 for like 20 dollars at Play N’ Trade.

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