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TimeSplitters 4 is “Not In Development”

Crytek UK has confirmed that unfortunately TimeSplitters 4 isn’t in development. We heard earlier this week that a few key developers had seen the game up and running which presumably wasn’t true. A Crytek UK company spokesperson joked that the company had “spent all of the development budget on buying monkeys.” When he was quizzed for a more serious answer, the individual confirmed: “No, it’s not in development.”

28 thoughts on “TimeSplitters 4 is “Not In Development””

    1. People who actually enjoyed a good FPS with a great storymode who’d like to see a new installment come out, perhaps? Stupid fuck

      1. Great story mode? The story mode was ok and funny at best. But the multiplayer is what made Timesplitters.

        1. The story was pretty awsome for me, plus trying to collect all the characters, Platinum trophies, Surviving Virus, Racing cats, creating insame MP maps, and trying to get the highest score in shooting the watermelons without hurting the monkeys….. was…. awesome!!!

  1. Is the TimeSplitters series decent? I wouldn’t play FPSs for years, but my brother recently got me back into them. I only want to play ones that have something to make them stand out from the crowd of FPS shovelware (i.e. Bioshock, super fun gameplay/unique setting). Is there a TimeSplitters for Wii?

    1. if you want to play games, made by creators of goldeneye and perfect dark for n64, go for it. there are 2 titles which was realeased on gamecube so you can play them on your wii.

      1. I totally agree. I actually just finished the Goldeneye remake. It was one of the first FPSs I’ve played from beginning to end in years and years. I had a lot of fun with It. My only complaint with it was the gun selection. I seem to recall having quite a lot more variety in the weapons for the origional. The remake didn’t even have remote mines! They were always my favorite.

  2. *puts hands together* excellent, let the flaming begin. Cool played 1 and 2 when i was younger, don’t think i finished either of them lol.

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