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Nintendo Teases Big Third Party 3DS Announcements At E3

Satoru Iwata has hinted to investors that Western third-party developers are back onboard with the Nintendo 3DS.  Iwata admitted to investors that third-party developers were hesitant to develop for the Nintendo 3DS due to poor sales, but since the systems turnaround worldwide, they’re now back onboard. Iwata teased that we should see a “richer” software lineup for the Nintendo 3DS at E3, which takes place next month.

“As for the Nintendo 3DS, there may appear to be fewer commitments from the U.S. and the European software publishers than those of their Japanese counterparts. This is due to the different timing (between Japan and overseas) when they noticed that the Nintendo 3DS would surely expand widely into their markets and, thus, the different timing when they started the actual development of the Nintendo 3DS software. You will also notice a change in this situation when a richer Nintendo 3DS software lineup in the overseas markets is announced around the time of the E3 show. In Japan, we have this solid feeling that the Japanese publishers will continuously support the Nintendo 3DS. Accordingly, I have no pessimistic view on the Nintendo 3DS software lineup.”

108 thoughts on “Nintendo Teases Big Third Party 3DS Announcements At E3”

  1. Oooh. Exciting stuff! On a side note, where did u get that awesome multi-game holder case? Cud do with one of them bad boys! :)

  2. Who would have guessed? Personally, I’m really looking forward to what Nintendo’s doing with the 3DS, even more so than the Wii U. The Wii U info will just get me restless for its winter release, and it won’t help me at all right now. 3DS games and updates are instant; games might come out days or weeks right after E3 (Rayman Origins, anyone?).

    Anyways, back on topic, it seems pretty obvious; all of Nintendo’s handheld systems did well with 3rd parties (even Rockstar got on board with the DS!), so I won’t be surprised for something similar with the 3DS.

    1. I think companies need some minimum hardware sale so they reduce risks, but finally!!! I mean the vita has poor sales and they will have a bioshock game and a AC i think, they also have silent hill. Why the 3ds beating thecrap out of all hardware only have 1st party??? well with resident and metal gear

      1. i actually agree vita has more divers games rather than just Jrpg all the time u have resistance coming this month uncharted mortal kombat marvel vs capcom but if u look at it i just named a FPS action adventure and 2 fighting games 3ds only has japanese games and no FPS games its like ok vita has been out for 3 months and now there getting a fps and 3ds been out a year and is getting more rpg than SNES did so i agree with u

          1. Is it really? Should be interesting on the 3DS. It was a pretty mediocre game on the Wii so i’m hoping its better on a handheld.

        1. thanks, also what i want is not to have the same games from the vita but have more great franchises like dead space bioshock no more heroes etc…

        2. I would actually prfer fighting games & JRPG’s over an FPS anyday, but that’s just me. The 3DS has more & better fighting games than the Vita which only has 2 right now.

      1. Totally agreed. Especially when he acted drunk and beat that y2j guy( forgot is name). Anyways what does this have to do with nintendo or gaming for that matter.

    1. Bet u anything they’ll be announcing a new 3DS model, that’ll release by September, just in time for Holiday period and for Wii U compatibility. It’s gonna have to have a better battery life, two circle pads, and bigger on-board memory. I can almost guarantee it!

      1. But arn’t 3DS downloads & extra data saved to the SD card anyway? I wouldn’t expect a redesign untill early 2013.

        1. Yeah, they are, but given the fact that all new release 3DS games will be available to download soon, I’m guessing they’ll give people the option of being able to store them to their own system too, as well as SD card. I definitely expect the redesign this year. Look at DS and DS Lite, that was within a year. This will be almost 2 years for the 3DS and 3DS Lite(or whatever it’ll be).

          1. Just because nintendo did it once doesn’t mean they are always going to do it. A redisign release this year would be foolish, as nintendo would have to deal with two console launches in such a short time. 2013 sounds more reasonable for a redesign

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  4. FINAL FANTASY 7 OR DRAGONQUEST 7 FOR 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!!! either would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vita is selling badly so SquareEnix might move FF7 to the 3ds!!!!!!! :D DQ7 is obviously gonna be on 3ds since the others have been remade for ds

    1. Squenix never said they were working on a ff7 remake for vita, did they? I thought it was a FFX remake. Not that it really needs a remake but it’s probably just because they’ve become lazy.

    2. That doesn’t asure anything, all FF and DQ games were Nintendo exclusives up to 6, then 7 the mafe the jump to PSX (DQ up to 9)

      1. but SEnix are a third party and since it costs consierably less to make ff7 for 3ds as opposed to ps3…am sure enix wanna make a quick buck. also vita is not seling very well and square enix cannot afford to release a game for a failing console.

    1. doubt ps4 is out anytime soon, sony is already in a difficult situation with the vita and 6bill loss…

          1. At least Nintendo makes its own games and then publish them, unlike Sony who just publishes them.

          2. u suck fagboy, sony is shit, they need to stick with other industies and drop gaming. cant afford a sony system?? i think its funny u thing yur awesome saying that cuz sony systems are cheap compared to gaming pcs which are the best of all systems and i have one and u prolly couldnt afford one so go suck your cheap sony shitstation and stop annoying nintendo fans

  5. I’m sure there will be plenty of 3DS games at E3 and I for one cannot wait. Let’s not forget that Nintendo are working on a Zelda title for the 3DS plus there were rumours that there might be two versions of said Zelda title much like the Gameboy Color games. Between the new announcements for the 3DS and Wii-U, we could be possibly seeing an overload of Nintendo goodness that could destroy our unprepared minds and bodies.

  6. Etecoons and Dachoras

    This bit of Iwata news in interesting in that he specifically states that the overseas markets (meaning US and EU) will see third party support announcements around the time of E3, or I’m guessing literally at E3. If this is true then I’d be very happy, since all the games I own on the 3DS currently are from Japanese developers. Perhaps 3DS will be getting a Call of Duty game this year, among others.

    A little off topic, but I continue to be amazed at how poorly the Vita is doing in Japan. Nintendo was extremely smart in grabbing the Monster Hunter franchise from Sony and getting it on the 3DS. As far as the US market goes, I wonder what it’ll take to make 3DS sales increase. I’m sure Nintendo has a plan in store, whether its services or games.

  7. Monster Hunter Tri G just NEEDS to get an American and European release with an Online mode.. if they don’t announce it at the E3 I’m going to sit in a corner and be emo. @_@.. if they DO announce it I’ll love Nintendo forever :P

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