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Spector Believes Epic Mickey Is The Best Looking Wii Game Ever

Disney’s Epic Mickey producer Warren Spector firmly believes that the original Epic Mickey game is the best looking title on Wii. Spector is also adamant that the game sounds better than any Wii game ever created. He did however promise that Epic Mickey: The Power of Two will be a natural improvement over the original, which received mixed reviews from numerous quarters.

 “As obnoxious as it sounds, I still think the first Mickey game was the best looking Wii game ever that anyone’s ever made so sue me. I love the way the game looks. I’m not saying anyone else has to agree, it’s just my opinion.

“I also think it sounds better than any Wii game ever [laughing] but you can always do better. We’re going to. When people see the 2D levels, the 2D side-scrolling levels in the new game I think they’re going to see that the team has taken those to a whole new level.”

“We’ve already talked about camera and voice [in Epic Mickey: The Power of Two] – of course we’re going to do better this time around – we built a studio and team, a world, a code base, a game engine, we established our relationships with everyone at Nintendo and Disney with the first game.

“This time around we know what the world is, we know who the characters are, we know what the gameplay is. What are paint and thinner for? We didn’t even know that when we started the first game. So I would hope that everything will be better this time around.”

55 thoughts on “Spector Believes Epic Mickey Is The Best Looking Wii Game Ever”

  1. So what he’s saying is that they had no idea what they were doing first time around? Considering how expensive games are to make, that seems unwise.

  2. Skyward Sword and the Mario Galaxy series would beg to differ. Nobody knows how to unleash the potential of their console better than Nintendo themselves. Leave luck to heaven.

  3. Is he talking about graphics and sound quality or artwork and music? Cause Epic Mickey looked like shit. 2 games that automatically come to mind as the best looking Wii games are Mario Galaxy And Xenogears

  4. yes with games like the super mario galaxy series, super smash bros brawl, xenoblade, sonic colors, and the conduit i can see why he says that.

  5. Arrogant prat. Neither of those are true. Best graphics goes to Other M, MH:Tri, Xenoblade, Brawl and Metroid Prime trilogy is up there too. Best music, possibly Brawl, but then Skyward Sword got friggin’ sell out concerts and CDs for it’s music.

  6. “I’m not saying anyone else has to agree, its just my opinion”

    So stop calling him arrogant, and stop thinking your opinion is better.

  7. Obviously this guy had never heard of Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Fast Racing (Wiiware), Metroid Other M, Art of Balance (Wiiware), The Last Story etc.

  8. It’s his opinion whether it’s the best looking Wii game or even best Wii game. It’s subjective because he made the game, so naturally he would try and boast about it. To me, it’s not the best looking – there are some other games that look just as good or even better. But, it’s still a good looking game and decent game overall.

  9. Mickeymouse just sucks. the best wii game in my opinon is dragonballz bt 3 and goldeneye 007 and galaxy 2

        1. he never asserted that his opinion is better. But c’mon DBZ:BT3. That game only has the ability to appeal to DBZ fans.

          1. ill admit that most DBZ games this Gen Suck ass, and I mean Major Oprah ASS, but he still likes the games, and its his personal tase. My personal Favorite game would be Arc Rise Fantasia, am I wrong? specially since I would place SSBB before Wii Sports Resort?
            (I hated the sluggish feel of brawl, and yes I prefer melee)

  10. Has he heard of two little games called Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2? How about Xenoblade Chronicles? Or Rayman Origins? Or Kirby’s Epic Yarn? Madworld? Mario Kart Wii? Metroid: Other M? Epic Mickey was alright, but it’s certainly not the greatest Wii game in terms of visuals.

  11. 1. Mario galaxy (2)
    2. LOZ Skyward Sword
    3. Conduit
    5. Xenoblade,
    6. Epic mickey

    Honestly u need to up the color scales for wii software if u want an issuionary HD wii game.

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