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Avengers Game In The Works?

Ubisoft and Marvel have registered a domain name for which many are assuming is a new video game based on the phenomenally well received movie. Both studios have yet to confirm whether there is an Avengers game in development but it would be safe to assume that it’s being worked on.

36 thoughts on “Avengers Game In The Works?”

  1. I would cry fanboy tears of joy.

    Assuming it doesn’t suck like every other movie-based video game.

        1. I said GoldenEye 007 (N64) and the Shiny-developed Disney games (plus SNES Super Star Wars) are the exception to his statement of movie tie-ins “sucking”. How would an “endless list of shitty video games” disagree with what I said? Would only re-enforce it. Try actually reading what is written before you attempt a response, okay, babe?

          1. Wow, you cant even read the garbage youre spewing? Try reading your initial post again moron, no where in it do you say exception, thus making my statement still valid. Learn to read yourself you illiterate faggot.

  2. It’s only half as bad ass as the movie it will be awesome. The movie was perfect. They need to take their time and make it good, so we end up with a product like Arkham City and not a typical, sucky movie tie in. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Yes. This. They must not rush it. Take their time and focus on making a compelling story, addictive action and amazing controls. It can be awesome. Let’s hope it is.

        1. Goldeneye says you are wrong.

          The fact that it did not come out with the release of the movie gives me hope that they will make a good product.

    1. Golden Golden Golden Golden eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee as Tina sung it, was not a movie game then.

    1. They don’t ever take the time to make good games! Captain america for ds and wii got horid ratings

  3. Meh. Bet it would suck. Also, to the folks using Goldeneye as an example…come on, we know most movie games suck.

    Unrelated: That Chris Evans though…::bites lip::

    1. Loving Chris Evans, huh? What, no love for Chris Hemsworth, Robert Downey Jr., Jeremy Renner, Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston?

      1. People, like me, are using GoldenEye 007 as an example of not all move tie-ins being crap like people are saying, the sort of people who know nothing about what they’re talking about. Most movie games are dire, yes, but not all.

    1. Or a new Capcom-made Marvel fighting game? Marvel Super Heroes was their second Marvel game and was great.

  4. ‘Super Soldier’ for the PS3/360 wasn’t half bad, imo :/ Not to mention the ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ game is looking pretty sweet. Not all movie-based games suck.

  5. At least Marvel finally had the good sense not to trust Sega anymore with their movie tie-ins, after the last blunder with Captain America. I don’t think this game will reach the same level of quality as those Batman Arkham games. But if they are taking their sweet time on the game, since we are already past the movie’s release, it most likely won’t be a total waste. The movie’s total awesomeness has spurred my interest for it.

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