Nintendo has announced that it’s bringing Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn’s Elincia to Fire Emblem: Awakening for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan on May 10th. Elincia, hails from Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn and Fire Emblem Path of Radiance. Fire Emblem: Awakening is heading to Europe later this year.



  1. Fire Emblem is one of the greatest turn based games out there. You can play the many iterations of it, because they are all great titles. But for those people here that ACTUALLY play the series, which game do you guys think is the best. The GBA titles were my favorite! FE:SS (Fire Emblem Sacred Stones) was the best one I played. So when I said it will be the first game I will buy, I meant for the 3DS.

    @ Nintendo

    Please put Roy back in Super Smash Bros. IKE SUCKED…

    Thank You!


  2. I like this. I hope Nintendo brings it to America I really like this series. Nintendo needs to promte it in the US more. Leave luck to heaven.


  3. They should bring Ike to Fire Emblem Awakening too…

    To whoever said Ike sucked in Smash Bros, you’re dumb. Sure he was slow, but his attacks were super powerful and launched very far. He can KO most characters when they only have like 60% damage ’cause his knock back is just that great. Also he’s actually useful (one of the best characters) in the two FE games he comes from (not that it’s related to Smash Bros, just saying).

    Compared to Roy in Melee, all he was is a clone of Marth with fire in some of his attacks like his neutral B move. Also, he pretty much blows in FE6…


  4. Awesome! I loved Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn (actually I didn’t get why the second game’s ending was too open, but it’s okay). So we’re having Elincia and Ike coming for 3DS… Any chances this also will happen with Marth and Roy? I never played their FE games, so it must be a good opportunity to know a bit more about them, specially if they’re together with Ike and the others!


  5. It really is worrying me that they haven’t said anything about a US release. I just hope by dear God that they mention it at E3.


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