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Capcom Sells Over 1.6 Million Copies Of Monster Hunter Tri G For 3DS

Capcom has announced that its managed to shift over 1.6 million units of Monster Hunter Tri G for the Nintendo 3DS. The game has only been released in Japan thus far, but it’s expected to come to North America and Europe later this year. We should hopefully hear more about a Western release for Monster Hunter Tri G at E3 next month.

52 thoughts on “Capcom Sells Over 1.6 Million Copies Of Monster Hunter Tri G For 3DS”

    1. Monster Hunter Portable 3rd for the PSP sold 4.7 million units, so definitely not. (it also happens to be the 4th highest selling Capcom game of all time)

  1. I was thinking of giving this one a miss, what with the lack of online… but the more i think about it, the more i want it!! Can’t wait for the Europe release now!

    1. It is a almost approved rumor that the delay for the western release has something to do with an added online modus and since the 3ds has a a patch feature by now even the Japanese players could get that addition (if capcom is cool what they sometimes are not ).

    2. If it comes to Europe

      it’ll have to sell well in America before they ship it to us
      unfortunatly the American market decides on if a game will be brought here
      if it doesnt sell in america then it wont come here
      several of my favorate games suffered from this
      Front Mission 4, the Hack GU series and lets not forget all those lovely Animes that never come here because of the god damn american sales >:(

      how long has America had Dragon ball Z on dvd?
      we know its translated and we know its populer
      so how come its taken years and years and years for Europe to fianlly get a region 2 release?
      we’ve even had a couple of the movies here for about 6 years at least
      yet the big ones that everyone wants (The Broly Movies) nope dont have them yet they are on Blu Ray in America…

      and people wonder why Europeans hate americans sometimes

      1. I didn’t think that was the case anymore. I know it used to be, but recently it seems that Europe gets many games before we do in the US.

  2. I’m interested in purchasing an English version IF it has online. Otherwise the game is worthless, since its big ‘hook’ is cooperative play. But this isn’t densely-populated Japan, where you and ten other people on your neighborhood block are nearly guaranteed to have a 3DS. I’m lucky if I happen to StreetPass someone at the mall. For this game to be successful in the USA, online play is nothing less than a requirement.

    1. It’s called local wireless play. You know, that thing where you get together with friends in the same room and hang out. Or do you not have real friends? Oh, just the ones on your facebook account. Well nobody cares about them. Stop bitching about online, get some friends and, play the game together.

      1. agreed. Only a real MH fan can appreciate the game without an unlimited range of wireless-play. The game is great itself, and if you crave online-play, go play with some actual friends! We dont live on the internet. Go meet at a starbucks, or a coffee shop, or even your own house! You get the most fun out of the Monster Hunter series when you can actually play it with your friends and enjoy their company at the same time.

    1. Yeah, bruh. I started with the second portable game on psp and fell in love with it ever since. I even got a few friends to get into it and we used to play online together on the wii version. It’s a great and challengin game that requires pure skill and a shit ton of patience. I believe that is what make this series such a jewel, the pure and utter difficulty of it as a whole. There will be times where you will wanna break the television either because your partners suck donkey dick or you just cant get that specific item off a monster, and there will be times when you wanna jump for joy because while you were busy doin somethin else, the item you gave up lookin for finally shows up in your spoils box. If it ever comes out in america and has online you should totally add me so I can show you the ropes of the game

                1. Aww well when your funds is good you should totally consider gettin one. It’s not the best piece of hardware out there, but it works and it’s well put together. Easy to pick up and play and sometime (dependin on the game) very hard to put down

  3. I really want to get into this game. The wii version was alright but i am too impatient…. and cause my wii is hack i have soooo many games to play so i didn’t play it long. I would probably get the 3ds version and sit and try to learn the game. I really wanna know what;s the fuss is all about.

    Get N or get OUT!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. well as I told Donzaloog, it’s a game of pure, raw skill and shit tons of patience. It is the element of a survival RPG and learnin what it takes to become a master is truly a long road. And capcom sends new missions via online all the time to keep you busy

      1. You make it sound exciting. Make sure that you add me too and we play online and you also shows me the rope :D

        Get N or get OUT!!!!!

        1. if it comes out durin the summer I can definitely show you. Since Imma pro you should definitely stick with me and wait for my commands. Once I get you the right armor and weapons it’s up to you to learn how to use them and learn the ways of the monsters :)

          1. This is the arrogance i hate. dont call yourself a pro at all and act as though playing with you will help anyone. the best way to get better is solo play, and it’s self-taught. This isnt a war game, dont treat it like one.

            Also, there is no online play, and the game wont even be out until around september-november (in Europe, atleast). So

            1. Well I learned from doin a combo of solo and team on MH3: tri, so it never hurts to guide a friend. Plus I have managed to help others who were inexperienced. Hell at one point when I stopped playin they exceeded even my level by a landslide. If you prefer to work solo then by all means have at it, sir. But not everyone is like you, and I have seen newcomers give up on the game because they lacked assistance. Not tryin to call them sorry, though :/

              1. helping someone is different, but playing with someone at the same level as you is what builds strength. If you just help someone it makes getting equipment quickly, sure. but it doesnt help a beginner learn how to fight properly. I sort-of agree, co-op does help some, but you learn much more by clearing the offline by yourself first, learn the basics, y’know? Babying a newcomer isnt going to help much. The people who give-up arent meant to play this kind of game, because the people who didnt give up are willing enough to look-up good strategies, and other good ways to improve the hunt… this is personal experience too.

                  1. if you have portable 3rd, sure. I have Tri as well, but i dont really like that one so much now. nobody knows anything about the game still, and they all call themselves “pro”. do the final offline village qust in MHP3rd (Deviljho, followed by a simultanious high rank Nargacuga and Tigrex in the land arena) and maybe you’ll gain a little of my respect.

                    1. Haha if I still had my psp…. Usually I take on the dbl Jho event just to feel daring. Not all that fun by yourself, honestly

                    2. haha i have the psp and HD Version…dbl jho is nothing… the quest im talking about was probably the most difficult quest i’ve ever done. I finished with 1:26 remaining. no potions or any kind of healing items remaining either. Narga and Tigrex at the same time isnt fun. not to mention that everything is high-ranked, so they take out about a third of my hp with the best of armor.

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              1. Edit: “You Suck!(‘!!!!!!!!’ indicated how uneducated you are) You stupid (‘rass clat’?) idiot(.) Go suck out (your*) nasty stinking mother upside down with a straw!(‘!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’…?)

                Uneducated nine-year-old is uneducated. Get off of the internet child, you dont belong on here, nor are you supposed to be playing any T-rated games, as you aren’t old enough. You’re insults show your maturity level, while your spelling and grammar shows your age.

      1. The game already exists in Japan. it IS confirmed, sir, to have local wireless connection. dont act like a know-it-all when you have no clue what you’re talking about.

        1. Well we dont know if Capcom will harbor an online mode on the American port so dont be so hasty to just down it. Because they have to modify the coding anyway it probably wouldnt be too hard to install an online infrastructure into the system. Of course I could be wrong but hey, one can dream, right? Dont be such a negative hard-ass

  4. If they release it to the west it will sell even more. Anyways, this is excellent news and hopefully we will see more Monster Hunter appear on Nintendo platforms such as Wii U.

  5. I usually don’t comment. I just read the article and some of the more interesting comments, but I just have to get something of my chest. sonsofukanlos, you are a fucking asshole! YOU are the one who’s acting all high and mighty. I don’t know kirbymario, but even a blind person could see he was just trying to be of some assistance. Big f*ck you to sonsofukanlos. People like you make me sick, always being negative. Suck a fat dick sonny.

    1. For the record, I have no intention of making myself seem better than I am. In my opinion, I’m a decent hunter, but I’m not the best. I’m not being negative in any way about this, people CAN help others, but i made a suggestion that you learn much more by challenging YOURSELF and NOT others to kill the monsters. Offline mode is practically built to teach you the basics until you’re ready for online mode with others. What annoyed me, sir, was how people are spouting false information (as the game doesn’t have wifi, and if it did, why wouldnt they have just done that in japan too? “simple coding to add in”, right? Not really, sadly :/ ) We can all be optimistic about that kind of thing, but someone once told me a few years back “Believe what you want about Tales of Vesperia PS3 coming to NA, but the fact remains that it’s just a rumor, and not confirmed. Please, don’t promise others things that arent a sure-thing.” Sorry if i hurt someone’s feelings by saying so, but Japan hasnt bothered to change an entire game’s network capabilities in a different country… Atleast not Capcom. Call me an ass-hole if you will, but I say things as they are.

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