Pandora’s Tower is the third game in the exclusive trio of Japanese games for Wii which included Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story. Pandora’s Tower however features less RPG elements than the aforementioned titles and is far more reliant on hack and slash action with a strong dose of gripping adventure. You’re tasked with a quest which sees you climbing 13 dark and deadly towers to defeat the powerful Master which dwells within each and everyone.

Fans of the Legend of Zelda series should enjoy what the game has to offer – which is plenty of action based combat and a few brain teasing puzzles, but the overall package is nowhere near as polished or as innovative as any of the acclaimed games within the Zelda franchise. The storyline however is the games coup de grace as it’s something that gradually emerges as you progress through the game, leaving you wanting more – which it does to a successful effect.

Pandora’s Tower is a dark and brooding fairy tale, with its Brother Grimm inspired storyline, and a traditionally noble hero devoted to rescuing the one person who he would ultimately give his life for. It’s just a shame that I found the game became increasingly monotonous. It’s because you know that once you have successfully defeated the Master in the tower you move onto the next tower, and rinse and repeat.  Pandora’s Tower is an essential purchase for those that are still attached to the now rather ageing Wii, but for those who aren’t there’s better entertainment to be found elsewhere.




  1. Nice Review, even if it’s a bit too short. What I like about Pandora’s Tower: It’s a smart game! Every new Dungeon you enter gets more and more challenging.


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