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Nintendo Teaming Up With Eminem For Wii U?

Nintendo is apparently teaming up with rapper Eminem to promote a brand new Wii U game which is titled Acid Ghost. Eminem is apparently ready to start post production for a marketing trailer for Acid Ghost, which is due to happen sometime later this week.

68 thoughts on “Nintendo Teaming Up With Eminem For Wii U?”

    1. Woah, I never expected something like this. Eminem is the most famous rapper right now…smart move Nintendo!

        1. agree with Lupo i didnt know he promoted 3ds, im feeling bad about buying it now, but hell, eminem is god and ill buy the wii u if he has anything to do with it, but i was going to buy it anywaays so wtf…

  1. wow
    I LOVE Eminem but this just seems kind of… weird

    oh by the way LAST
    there, anyone who comments after me is a troll
    take that all you stupid bastards who think posting “first” makes you cool

    1. damn it, I was almost first
      but I’m still last!
      last to be first I suppose…
      anyway my previous statement still stands
      if you post after me you are officially a troll
      (don’t feed the trolls my ass, it’s fun)

  2. Eminem + Nintendo = Luigi (yelling at Mario): What The FUCK Mario, WHY DONT YOU HELP YOUR SELF OUT OF THIS MANSION, i mean you only helped the princess out of 100 castles!!! BITCH!!!!!

    1. or Mario (Crying about Peach to baby Peach): Dont worry baby mommy will be back home we just going for a little drive . . . (on the bridge yelling at Peach) shut up BITCH there’s a reason i put you in the trunk

    2. that’s funny THAT’S SO FUNNY. except i really dont understand why you would need eminem to have luigi yelling at mario…seriously

  3. This is really weird. Is her going to make a rap about killing Princess Peach and stuffing her in the back of a car. I came across something really funny the other day.

  4. Have Mr. Iwata and Mr. Miyamoto do a rap and then I will buy that game, whatever it is, no questions asked.

  5. Why is everyone so negative? It sounds like he’s doing a commercial, which happens all the time. It’s not like the article said that Eminem is help producing and designing the next Zelda game. Doesn’t this sort of thing come off as a sign? Nintendo is most likely letting Eminem do a commercial for one of their games. Not very many people scream “adult content” more than Eminem.

    Seriously, you might not like his music or what he represents but I’d rather have Em do a commercial or a promotion than many other media icons. If Nintendo is really sending a message that they are willing to go off the deep end with WiiU, or that it really is a console for “me and you” why the hell not let Em do a spot for a game that’s most likely geared towards an older audience?

    1. I love this and you hit the nail on the head with my thoughts about it! This could be exactly what Nintendo needs if they really are trying to broaden their image a bit. Great post!! :)

  6. How about instead they look at the picture for this news story and instead partner with the Muppets for something? Cus Muppets are at least relevant in todays world.

    1. That’s NOT a muppet it’s a CRANK YANKER. Muppets would not attract hard core fans, but most would know the difference between the two. Lets not forget Beyonce and the Rhythm Heaven promo. All she did was play the game and that was that

  7. Well its not really teaming up is it, its just asking someone to appear in a trailer, just like Eminem appeared in Black Ops with his song ‘Won’t Back Down’.

    But damn EMINEM is like my GOD!!

    1. Modern Warfare 2 used “till I collapse” for their launch trailer and it worked extremely well I thought.

  8. This is a fail I dont see how this is going to help reach a wider audience no gangstas and rappas are going to buy this just imagine ‘say my ni*** u gon get Dat nu wee game ??? Hell yea bitch wats yo fuckin problem u don’t me like Dat daw

    1. Your gangtah impersonation is awfull

      btw, most gangsters WERE gamers as children, I know most of the gangsters from the projects I lived at, and as children we use to battle and trade pokemon.

      1. That’s very true Biggie “Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis; When I was dead broke man I couldn’t picture this!”
        LIL KIM “You can be lame but that’s YOU, and I’m sorry, but imma keep playing these cats out like ATARI!”

      2. How about def jam fighting games? The devs.just mentioned the idea and they the rappers were all over it. Red and Method said they wanted to do one since games like shaq fu came out (it sucked but its not forgotten) I have also seen many behind-the-scenes footage of concerts where the entire road crew is playing video games backstage or on the tour bus.

  9. Fun fact:

    -Eminem is a huge Donkey Kong
    -He has constantly beatedn his own score
    -He is a big Nintendo fan
    -In his song, “I Love the Way You Lie,” he says “Life is no Nintendo Game”
    -Nintendo has worked with other popular singers/artists to promote their games.
    -Nintendo has published other Mature rated games, Eternal Darkness
    -Eminem has appeared on stage at E3 to for the pre-show party.

  10. OMG my favorite rapperer and person ever with my favorite game company?!?!?!?!!?! heaven is here…… seems kind of wierd tho, they seem worlds apart, but HELL FUCKING YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hardcore rap artist promoting a game for Nintendo’s hardcore console– (as Dr. Dre): HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!

  12. seriously guys? I honestly cannot think of a modern, mainstream music icon that is as well respected as Eminem, especially to teens and the 360/PS3 crowd. This is the perfect way to show the message if they really want the hardcore audience buying their next console. Instead of being happy about this, most of you guys responded with derogatory stereotypes of gangsters and/or was dissapointed. Really puts out a great message for this fanbase.

  13. Why couldn’t they have stopped the celebrity marketing with Robin Williams, that one actually made sense.

  14. GET.THE.FUCK.OVER.IT…i for one plan on buying it. and not gonna lie mostly because becuase em is in on it if you disagree fine. i respect your decision and kindly ask you gtfo

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