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Square Enix Teases New Game

Square Enix has produced a teaser site for a new game which they are simply referring to as DvsD. There aren’t any hints relating to the nature of the game, or the platforms it is being developed for. We should find out more about the DvsD in a couple of days. What do you think it could be?

38 thoughts on “Square Enix Teases New Game”

  1. oooooooooh thats exciting (i think lol) i wonder what it is hmmmmmmm…..! Dragon quest vs dissidia lol (i just made that up obviously lol)

        1. I mean, if they could throw all the final fantasy characters into one universe, then what could stop them from doin this?

            1. That’s uncreative, and again not representative of what SE can do. Even though SE hasn’t really done much that truly represented themselves in a long time.

          1. They just need better Kingdom Hearts representation. But sadly that’s out of their hands (Thanks, Disney…). Ah well.

  2. It’s a game called donzaloog vs. donzaloog. Where I debate myself on the hottest topics of the day a la Stephen Colbert’s “Formidable Opponent” Leave luck to heaven.

  3. Doesnt look console worthy, based on this picture. I’d say it’ll either be for 3ds, vita, or some mobile phone game

  4. Square Enix can piss off. All they do is announce games. I’m still waiting on FF Versus XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3, but all they’re doing is making more stuff.

  5. lol the silhouette on the right looks like a King of the Cosmos a little bit xD Totally different thing I know but it’s funny :D

  6. “As noted by JPGames and Gematsu commenter Prevailer, the left silhouette in the letters is Dorako from Monster X Dragon, and the right silhouette is Doala from Chunichi Dragons. The source code also mentions the words “internet,” “free2play,” and “game.” They have since been removed, however.”

  7. What ever it is, bet you that Square Enix won’t release it in the West.

    If it isn’t Final Fantasy, Kingdom Heart or a western game then they don’t care.

  8. This is why Square is in financial trouble.

    I could fix all their finances with three easy steps, like a damn 3am infomercial on QVC:

    1. Make Kindom Hearts 3

    2. Make Final Fantasy XV, and make it have towns, world maps, and a simple equipment/magic/battle system, like the old Final Fantasy games (like IX, and everything before and including VII).

    3. Release an HD, updated remake of Final Fantasy VII on XBOX, Wii U, and PS3.

    There. They’d make so much money their heads would essplode.

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