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Nintendo UK Announces Yoshi Chase For Mario Tennis Open

In an exciting Nintendo 3DS exclusive, a massive Yoshi hunt will soon become available ahead of the upcoming Mario Tennis Open launch on 25th May. The hunt, entitled The Yoshi Chase, will involve tracking down a series of different-coloured Yoshis, playable in Mario Tennis Open, through corresponding QR codes released over the coming weeks through various channels. The Black Yoshi will be the first to be released but there are many more in the pipeline so keep your eyes peeled.

Each Yoshi QR code will be released in a variety of different ways and at different times, so you will have to stay alert to find them – the Black Yoshi will be distributed first exclusively through 30 Asda stores on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th May, between the hours of 9.30AM and 5.30PM. White, Blue and Red Yoshi will follow at a later date. These characters can only be activated with the QR code held by in-store sampling teams, so be sure to come down with your Nintendo 3DS so you don’t miss out.

Update: Sorry, this is currently UK only. My mistake!

25 thoughts on “Nintendo UK Announces Yoshi Chase For Mario Tennis Open”

        1. God… no, it really isn’t. Can You guy’s stop this? Just because we like some games and some characters, doesn’t mean that we can’t see the quality in games like God of War, or ignore Nitty’s flops. Its fans like you that make us nintendo fans look like idiots

        1. My mistake. I didn’t spot that the email was from Nintendo UK rather than Nintendo America. Hopefully Nintendo of America will announce it shortly :-)

  1. They’re promoting Yoshi! Could it be that the “green and white” tease that happened on GAF is really a Yoshi game to be reveal at E3? Man, I’d love that.

  2. I was going to say the North American release is the 20th. I though maybe they moved the date back lol.

  3. somewhat happy about this. However as with most UK events it’ll be in the Capital and one or two other larger cities and us in the North East will either have to go to Manchester or Edinburgh for it.

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