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3DS Circle Pad Pro Back In Stock At GameStop & Nintendo Shop

The Circle Pad Pro for the Nintendo 3DS is finally back in stock to purchase at both GameStop and the Nintendo Shop online. The additional Circle Pad attachment retails for $19.99 and is only available to purchase through either GameStop or Nintendo.

35 thoughts on “3DS Circle Pad Pro Back In Stock At GameStop & Nintendo Shop”

    1. at least the battery life isn’t 3 hours, the real abomination is its 3DS, fuck even the gamegear had better battery life

      1. i bet u carry your charger around everywhere. it woudve been cool if they allowed you to quickly swap batteries and buy extras like a phone but no they had to be dicks

          1. The fanboyism here is staggering, come on guys you have to admit the 3DS’ battery does suck, I’m a Nintendo fanboy and even I can admit that.

    1. thats why you have a charger. Most places have charging stations now. Heck, I can charge my 3DS in my car. And if you charge an electronic the wrong way, it loses battery life. For example, a phone

  1. No thanks I don’t need some bulky plastic crap weighing down my 3DS and offering nothing in return.

  2. its about damn time! i had to order one from japan cuz gamestop wanted me to wait until fucking july! for an accessory! no way!

  3. I got the ccp months ago, I dont care what it looks like it makes for playing games better for me, I have big hands and I hope they make more games use the ccp. I bet they will.

  4. This Circle Pad Pro is so gay. I wish they’d just quit messin around and release a new 3DS w/ two circle pads built in.

  5. James Jones of Radio Free Nintendo offered an interesting observation about the CPP: It could benefit from the back-groove for fingers the Wii U pad controller has.

    As someone who enjoyed the Duke controller on the first Xbox, I like the additional space it provedes, but if the CPP had the back slot I wouldn’t complain. Well, except that it prevents me from using my battery extension (get the CTA one, btw, it’s great).

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