The Circle Pad Pro for the Nintendo 3DS is finally back in stock to purchase at both GameStop and the Nintendo Shop online. The additional Circle Pad attachment retails for $19.99 and is only available to purchase through either GameStop or Nintendo.



  1. its about damn time! i had to order one from japan cuz gamestop wanted me to wait until fucking july! for an accessory! no way!


  2. I got the ccp months ago, I dont care what it looks like it makes for playing games better for me, I have big hands and I hope they make more games use the ccp. I bet they will.


  3. This Circle Pad Pro is so gay. I wish they’d just quit messin around and release a new 3DS w/ two circle pads built in.


  4. James Jones of Radio Free Nintendo offered an interesting observation about the CPP: It could benefit from the back-groove for fingers the Wii U pad controller has.

    As someone who enjoyed the Duke controller on the first Xbox, I like the additional space it provedes, but if the CPP had the back slot I wouldn’t complain. Well, except that it prevents me from using my battery extension (get the CTA one, btw, it’s great).


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