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Ex Infinity Ward Devs New Game Won’t Be At E3

Respawn Entertainment, the development team that comprises of ex Infinity Ward employees, has announced that they won’t be showing off their new IP at next months E3 event in Los Angeles. Respawn Entertainment employees will attend this year’s E3, but they won’t be revealing the title that they’ve been working on until a later date.

“Some of us will be present at E3, but we won’t be showing anything or doing any press related to the game.”

– Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe

13 thoughts on “Ex Infinity Ward Devs New Game Won’t Be At E3”

    1. I can’t make out if you’re are serious or not but just in case; Respawn Entertainment is a studio, as it says in the article, which is made up of ex Infinity Ward devs (CoD 4) after they took legal action against Activision, and are now owned by EA.

  1. Who cares about this crap?

    Its just one more fucking boring FPS …..

    If you want another FPS so badly, your local game store has 10000000000000 of them already gathering dust on its shelves!

    Everybody is fucking sick of FPS games now, we want something new!

    1. If EVERYONE is sick of em why do people buy em? How do you know this is an FPS no one from the company said it was?

  2. Stupid people are saying that their game is gonna kill call of duty. The only thing that’s gonna kill cod in the end is cod.

  3. i feel like this is gonna be the first “game” studio without any games. seriously its been almost 3 years and we don’t have anything as much as a logo, genre, or anything. so far, i’m not a fan of this studio. and yes, its unfair to say this as they haven’t released a game yet. but thats exactly why. NO GAMES!

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