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IGN Readers Are Waiting For PS4 And Next Xbox Rather Than Wii U

IGN has conducted another survey, this time asking 62,000 readers which console they’re most interested in. The majority of users are looking forward to the next Xbox and PlayStation 4 – both of which are expected towards the end of next year. Surprisingly 34% were interested in the rumoured Steam Box from Steam compared to 40% for Wii U. Obviously this should change once Nintendo lifts the lid on Wii U at next months E3.

172 thoughts on “IGN Readers Are Waiting For PS4 And Next Xbox Rather Than Wii U”

    1. I totally Agree, how can’t they be interested in Wii U? Have they read all the rumours and things? Lol they are sick. Do you know what’s the reason for this? Basically because they don’t trust Nintendo on games anymore, due to the Wii and the lack of updates to it. They are all blind for hardcore. That’s my opinion. They should give Nintendo a chance. I bet you when they see the Wii U working inside a store they will be amazed. (This if the store shows a game with good resolution… lol)

    2. Yes, they so are ! I mean, how do they dare to have an other opinion than us fanboys/fangirls ? Unacceptable behaviour, just unacceptable. I mean, Nintendo is absolutely the best thing that ever existed in the world and there never will be anything better. It’s so flawless and perfect, it has never done something wrong. And the WiiU is going to be the most successful thing that was brought into this universe. Let’s destroy the other companies so Nintendo can get even more successful without having any competition.
      Seriously ? You call them ignorant because they don’t have the same opinion on something as you ? Wow, just wow.
      Anyway, I think the reasons for the results are Nintendo’s own fault. And I’m saying this as a die-hard Nintendo-fan. Nintendo did wrong with the Wii when deciding to release so many games for little children (not wrong sales-wise, on the contrary. Like that they sold millions of the Wii, but wrong when it comes to making fans). There aren’t nearly as much games for children on any other gaming system of other companies than on Nintendo’s systems. In fact, there are almost none for Sony’s or Microsoft’s.That’s why the Wii sold so much more than the other two systems, it got bought by many parents for their children. I mean, of course parents would prefer to buy a console with a big variety of learning- and children games than one with almost none. So it got the title as a “toy for children”. Of course it’s not a toy for children,not at all. There a a few pretty damn awesome games. But yea, a few aren’t enough, I guess. It just didn’t get bought by many “real gamers”, a lot of the Wii owner only have very few games.
      Plus, the Wii was many steps behind the other consoles of the same generation (powerwise, that is), that’s why many people expect the same to happen with the WiiU, which is actually most likely to happen since it’s being released at least a year earlier than the other two. Like that, the other companies will have enough time to develop something more powerful. But yea, we can never know, Nintendo can be full of surprises.
      I sound like a total Nintendo-hater but as I said earlier, I’m a die-hard Nintendo fan myself. But that does not mean I have to be a fangirl. And, I like one of the other companies at least as much as Nintendo as well. You just have to face the facts and accept it that Nintendo did not try hard enough to impress every kind of gamer. And to be honest, I am looking forward to the Playstation 4 more than I am to the WiiU. Does not mean I do not love Nintendo. Because I definitely do.
      Those are all my opinions, you are not forced to agree.
      Oh, daaamn long comment is damn long, I guess.

      1. Dude, there’s a difference between a good opinion and a bad opinion, which IGN is mostly full of.

          1. None at all, except here the sony/micro fanboys flame everyone and there the nintendo fanboys do it.

    3. Yeah no doubt. How can IGN even make a survey based on consoles that their readers know nothing (PS4, NextBox) or barely anything about (Wii U)? I don’t really see how that can be the basis for a valid opinion. This “opinion” is based on rumors, and fan speculation which either are often disproportional to the truth, or plainly false. Obviously IGN didn’t care about that, they just cared about the hits they would get thanks to fanboy reactions. Talk about a serious game publication…lol.

      1. Whilst you have a point regarding people’s opinions of the “PlayStation 4” and the “XBox 720” – one cannot form an accurate opinion if they know nothing about the console (which as I understand it, is the case for both of the aforementioned consoles) – it’s easy to see why people are more excited about the upcoming “PlayStation 4” and “XBox 720″…

        Like the Nintendo Wii before it, the Nintendo Wii U is nothing more than a “Stepping stone to the next generation of consoles”.

        Yes it has high resolution graphics, sound and native HDMI support; heck it even has some pretty innovate technology (such as being able to “flick” an active game from the display/projector/television to the tablet-controller), but it’s nothing compared to what we’re likely to see in the “PlayStation 4” or “XBox 720″…

        The Nintendo Wii initially sold well because it was far cheaper than the alternatives and made great use of a new input method. However as Nintendo have discovered in the last year or so, the gimmick wore off after a while and sales dropped, significantly I might add (which is a key reason even Nintendo have officially confirmed that there won’t be as big a focus on “motion controls” in the Nintendo Wii U).

        I don’t think the Nintendo Wii U will do badly and I would confidently bet that Nintendo would be the last of “the big three” to quit the console business, but in the long run, the “PlayStation 4” will come out on top, followed closely by the “Xbox 720″…

        1. That is a well thought out and factual argument, but I may have to disagree only on the basis of past experiences which may not hold true now. Think of it this way, Back in 1981, did anyone think that Atari would ever drop out of the hardware race? Or how about Hudson and the Turbo Graphix? (very popular in japan and europe, so you will have to consider that). Or Sega during the Genesis age? Shit, how about SNK and the NeoGeo, that was underground huge! At this point I dont think anything can be predicted. It may so well fall out that Apple or Google make all of them obsolete, forced to make software because they cant compete or keep up. Or if the makers of facebook decide to try in on that action? Even though Im a nintendo fan, Im inclined to agree, but Im keeping in mind how fickle the consumer is. Sony makes enough to keep it rolling, Microsoft has a virtual monopoly on computer software, and poor nintendo is trying to make fun games while competing with giants. Ok, I’m rambling now, just consider that we can’t know for sure.

          1. Well my arguing behind Nintendo continuing to do well is based purely on the fact that of “the big three”, they’re the only ones that deal with the video game industry exclusively and have done so since almost the beginning…

            However, you do flirt with an interesting point – Google and Apple.

            The video game industry has never experienced so much change and I think that the next couple of years shall prove very interesting…

            Personally I think that “touch gaming” is the single most retarded thing to ever happen to the industry, but it (among other things, such as “motion controls”) have proved incredibly popular amongst consumers and many of the companies that traditionally lead the way (“the big three” being perfect examples) have been caught off-guard and are struggling to justify their continued existence.

            I think in the next few years we’ll see at least one more major player int he industry…

            Will it be Apple? Steam? Google? Someone else? Who knows.

            All I know is that there are going to be changes in the coming years and as you yourself pointed out, it’s not all that unrealistic to expect anything, including the disappearance of one or all of “the big three”!

            I’ll tell you one thing though, as much as I love Sony, it will be a sad day if Nintendo decided to leave or reduce their involvement in the industry… After all, they’re the only one of the original players that still manufacturers consoles.

            1. Im afraid I dont have any answers there. Unfortunately my “experience” means nothing here. I can say that both google and apple will try (apple already tried and failed back in the 90’s) and both will have a measure of success. It only makes sense from their point of view. I suppose that they will both make it, but in a different way, such as nintendo and sony does. Only time will tell, but I can say look for it by next e3 after this one.

    1. Actually, being mostly 360/PS3 fanboys, alot of people would say they are true gamers, since they aren’t playing cut the rope or angry birds on their iPhones or facebook or whatever.

  1. Yeah. This after years of websites like IGN posting negative content that chases people away from their website onto dedicated websites like this one.

    I say this as a former IGN visitor that hasn’t been there since 2008.

          1. dedicated as in dedicated to any news about Nintendo. Anyways what do you mean by calling this sight FAR from dedicated? It is run by one person you know? And it keeps up with information quite well

            1. Exactly.

              Anyway, apparently garners a massive 3% of all traffic.

              Like I said, they chased Nintendo fans away, and that’s what you end up with. Which is sad when IGN’s entire existence is thanks to Nintendo fans, what with their first website being

            2. Are you kidding me? how is what’s going on with IGN have anything to do with MNN? Sickr Constantly misses stuff I’ve actually emailed him and he never brings it up, the biggest reason I keep coming back is because if the community, its hilarious watching everyone opinions.

              1. I think you’ve misunderstood my meaning of dedicated.

                Dedicated as in a Nintendo only website (but even this place is infested with non-Nintendo fans unfortunately).

                Not dedicated as in posting everything imaginable.

  2. not surprising, seeing as the current generation is fine and the delay in the release of the next Xbox/PS4 will probably serve them well, just hope the nintendo can match them for popularity/power/3rd party support if they do i’ll happily buy a wii u.

    1. You don’t add up the percentages, that’s the percentage of the 22,000 voters for each console. For example, 63% are interested, 37% are not interested for the PS4

    1. Not that I disagree that IGN are full of idiots, but it would really be worrying if 12 year olds weren’t virgins…

  3. What are you people mad about? Nintendo failed HARD with the Wii. It’s no wonder fewer people care about the Wii U. Instead of bashing people because of their opinions, look at the company that left them with those opinions.

    1. People should not be mad about this, even if they’re fanboys… but I have to say, IMO nintendo didn’t fail with the Wii… Gaming consoles are ment for Fun and entertainment, but the gaming industry is now about Entertainment, period. That’s the reason of so many people saying that Wii is a console for children, complaining about the graphics and all that stuff, Nintendo did a great job if you ask me, they made a console, they wanted to sell it… and they did.

      1. Sales and Console satisfaction are two completely different things. The majority of people who own a Wii only own Wii Sports and Wii Fit. They’re not going to care about the Wii U. And most people that just like games in general dislike the Wii because the majority of the games are shit, motion controls, and almost all of the nintendo games are shoveled out every year and almost the same game as the previous one.

        1. I play my Wii everyday. Donkey Kong Country Returns, Rayman Origins, Punch-Out, Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Zelda Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess, Epic Mickey, Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Tales of Symphonia 2, Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter Tri, Demon Blade Muramasa, Smash Brothers Brawl, Mario Kart, Virtual Console titles like Dracula X. Theres plenty there for me to play, and yes Im a gamer. Been gaming since 1985, from Atari and Commadore 64 to SNES and the 32x all the way to Wii, Xbox, Ps3. Can’t complain about nintendo rehashing things when Micro and Sony do the same with their A++ titles, it only makes sense because all fans of that company would bitch and moan if they didn’t. Its a fact that companies rehash things because people want them rehashed. And in the case of nintendo, I can’t call them rehashes because they change the dynamics, story, controls, or something else everytime to make sure it stays fresh. Can anyone say the same about Call of Duty 30: Revenge of robotic zombie alien nazi hitler?

          1. ….good for you, I’m talking about non-gamers purchasing the Wii. Also by they way, yes there are plenty of games on 360 and PS3 that are really good. Don’t just look at COD, its not the only game on the platforms, in fact, ITS ON THE WII. Can’t we all just get along and say every console has strengths and weaknesses.

            1. Oh of course! Im not trying to say they don’t, I can make just as long of a list or longer for the great games on those systems. The main thing I was trying to get across was that A) The Wii keeps me entertained even though im not a casual and B) that other companies also rehash. My personal opinion is that they are all great, I just like Nintendo. Doesn’t mean I want the other companies gone, that just doesnt make any sense. When there are options, everyone wins! Thats just how I feel anyway.

              1. Allright, that’s cool. I wasn’t saying the Wii was bad either, I actual am a Nintendo fan (hence why I’m on this site). However, it just frustrates me seeing people saying that NIntendo is the the only good game company and everything they make is the greatest thing in the world. And yeah you’re right, every company rehashes. Its just what people do, but I know people that think that Nintendo never rehashes and they don’t milk Mario. Not saying Mario games are bad, but people need to at least admit that Mario games are milked :D

                1. Nah not me. I really don’t get rabid fanboys. There doesn’t seem to be a point to me. As long as you have fun, what does it matter what other people prefer.

            1. Uh, I don’t? Thats a weird comment to make, unless your one of my close friends. Are you? No, I guess not, seeing as how they know I play my wii everyday. Working on Animal Crossing right now, I’ve never played it before. Oh, and Harvey Birdman too, I got bored and never beat it.

        2. You’re just making stuff up. Btw, most games for PS3 and 360 are also shit. PS3 has motion controls, does that make it suck?

    2. Yes Nintendo failed with the Wii, that is why it still sells more systwms than the vita every week.

    3. Yes. Nintendo failed so hard with the Wii. That’s why they lost billions of dollars while Sony and Microsoft were seeing record profits in their gaming divisions.


      Hang on.

      It was the other way around.

      Record profits for Nintendo, billions lost by Sony and Microsoft.

      That’s clearly the sweet smell of failure for Nintendo.

      1. Sales and Console satisfaction are two completely different things. I’m going to say this again: The majority of people who own a Wii only own Wii Sports and Wii Fit. They’re not going to care about the Wii U. And most people that just like games in general dislike the Wii because the majority of the games are shit, motion controls, and almost all of the nintendo games are shoveled out every year and almost the same game as the previous one.

        1. You can say it as many times as you like, the idea that Wii owners only buy Wii Sports and Wii Fit is a myth.

          If it were true, the Wii’s attach rate would be 2 (as in, 2 games sold for every console). In reality, it is over 8. Which is in exactly the same kind of range as the PS3 and 360 attach rates.

          It’s also important to remember that Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft are businesses. No matter how much someone on the internet likes to tell themselves otherwise, their success or failure is measured by how much of their product they sell, and how much money they make doing it.

          Nintendo sold the most hardware, the most software, and made the most money this generation. In the real world, they are the most successful gaming company this generation. That is the exact opposite of failure.

          1. Yes, obviously the Wii is a success, but I’m referring to why the majority of gamers don’t really care about the Wii U other than Nintendo fans. Also trust me, I know plenty of people that only own a few Wii games and will never play them. My grand mother owns TWO Wiis and the two games she has for it are Wii Fit and some random bowling game.

            1. I totally agree with you. I’m a massive Nintendo fan. My 60 year old mother bought a wii for wii fit and sports. Unless this new system can pull it off again they will miss out on aprox 30-40 million units sold, let’s hope they have a sweet catch on it. The hardcore boys will be hard to convince

          2. if its 8 games sold for every console you kinda prove his point, seeing as the wii has almost if not more than twice the consoles sold than the Competitors.

            1. Not really, when it means Wii owners have bought several hundred million more games than 360 or PS3 owners.

          3. They have lost the hearts of many gamers. No money in the world makes up for that, and it would be incredibly superficial of you to say that money means more than customer satisfaction.

        2. whodatforlife(Link)

          Supply us with at least one source for your “the majority of Wii owners only own Wii Sports/Fit” claim.

              1. A simple understanding of averages would mean that if there are people out there who only buy a handful of games, then there has to be another set of people out there buying dozens of games to end up with the attach rate of around 8.

                Your article was from 2008 btw. Here’s something much more recent.


                Allow me to do some more calculations for you. All that data shows the following attach rates for all Nintendo hardware.

                GC – 9.59
                Wii – 8.53
                NES – 8.07
                SNES – 7.72
                N64 – 6.83
                DS – 5.93
                GBA – 4.63
                GB – 4.22
                3DS – 2.65

                Would you look at that, the Wii has the second highest attach rate of any Nintendo hardware.

      2. Comparing those companies doesn’t make any sense. Not at all.
        Unlike Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft are selling other things than just video games. They did not lose billions only with their gaming consoles.

        1. Which is funny, because I was talking about money earned/lost by their gaming divisions alone.

          The PS3 wiped out every penny of profit that Sony earned from the PS2.

      3. Nintendo didn’t make money this time around. And with the Wii U coming out, I don’t see them making a profit again for another couple of years.

        1. I’m sure that $500million loss made a real dent in the $12billion they built up as a result of the success of the Wii and DS.

  4. Well I’m sorry to all the Microsoft and Sony fans out there but..

    Sony Playstation 4/Orbis: The system will be weaker, if not on power with the Wii U due to Sony’s money lose at the moment and they do not want a new expensive console on the market and also they want to focus on the gamer… HA! focus on the gamer, what do they think we are gamers?… wait… waht?

    Microsoft Xbox 720/Kinect 2: Microsoft stated that they want the next system to be more powerful than the PS3 but at a cost… they want to focus on the casual market with the new kinect they will bring out with the system so it will be the Wii of the next gen just probably won’t sell well due to the kinect and what not. The system will be more powerful than the Wii U but they want to focus on the casual market more

    So really the next xbox and Playstation won’t be stunning in anyway, and I’m not saying this just because I like Nintendo, in fact I have all three systems in the house and I love them all but I just think Nintendo will still be one step ahead of the competition.

    1. So you have the PS4 and next Xbox at your house, because if you don’t shut the fuck up and jack off in a corner. Nintendo has released two giant turds called the Wii and the Wii U unless the Wii U gets a system overhaul it still would be a giant turd.

      1. Well remeber you vulgar, disrespectful embarresment to society, the PS4 and Xbox 720 are due next year… So its not impossible for the industries to speak on their strategies. They’re already in the process of finalizing their systems.

        1. And finalizing a systems tech takes place in thelast 6-9 months.. if not the last year.
          Remember that people are in a recession. Who can afford 700$ systems genious. It makes sense not to over do it with graphical power

  5. Over half of their viewers are interested in projects that, to our knowledge, do not exist. I suppose it’s easier to be less curious about something that is set in stone the way the Wii U is.

  6. Why should it change when the lid is lifted off wii u? More people would rather have consoles not even announced than one that comes out this year….

    Kinda sad tbh.

  7. WOW they don’t like motion but the like ps4 and Xbox … you can tell this is hd fanboys in ign.

  8. Makes sense, IGN seems to cater to that crowd anyway. I guess that means the 40% are people who are fans of the other two companies but are interested in it anyway. In that case, I’d say 40% is a great number, and it shows only 60% are too biased in favor of their fanboy company of choice to even look nintendo’s way. I’d say its their loss, not anyone elses.

    1. 18% sounds about the same as the number of people that own mac over windows (I think its actually 10%) so it sounds about right. Apple fanboys are even worse than video game fanboys when it comes to rabidness…..

  9. I really do NOT see why websites that are biased for one company do polls like this. If Nintendo did a survey asking which company was better on THEIR site, they’d get the most. Same if Sony or Microsoft did it…. These polls are just asked by biased websites with biased readers. Make a poll in public for the WHOLE world to vote on….. and then you’d see who is the TRUE best company.

    Which is Nintendo. ;) (IMO)

  10. Well, since the WII U has already been revealed and everyone has a “basic” concept of it this really doesn’t come as a surprise. Heck i want to see what Sony and Microsoft bring out too!

  11. Although I am interested in the WiiU (which is a dumb name by-the-way), it doesn’t come across as a ‘I have to have this now!’ type-of-console. I’ll only buy one if Nintendo makes a jet black WiiU and plenty of decent Mario games.

  12. Y do ppl think the Orbis and the Durango are going to so powerful when all that is know about them is their respected company said they will make them.

    1. Because they assume the next generation with be crazy more powerful then the current one. Chances are these 2 systems will launch with technology in current PC gaming systems which is yes better but I don’t see how its this huge leap in tech. THE Latest cards sell for hundreds of $ and that’s just for the video card its simply not gonna happen. Will they better? Probably…Will we see as huge a leap in tech as we did jumping into the HD era? Probably not.

  13. What’s stupid is that all those fanboys care about is graphics and power. They all assume the next gen is gonna be another huge leap in tech power but think in the long run how that would affect us. I mean come on, US is in a economic crisis right now. Who the hello can afford a 600 – 800 console. Development costs would go up too so say hello to 70 – 80 games. But hey thats power graphic fanboys for ya, they don’t have brains and only care about shooting everything with pretty pictures. Well I say Nintendo played smart and won’t be another Wii generation

    1. Completely agree, graphics doesn’t make the game, compare final fantasy 1 and any recent final fantasy… you’ll see the difference

  14. We still don’t know a huge amount about Wii U and its internal specs. We also haven’t seen how FPS’s (Sony and Microsoft’s system sellers) will look on Wii U. If FPS’s are taken to the next level on Wii U with high developer support and better franchises, then maybe this will cause hardcore gamers to switch over.

  15. Don’t worry, IGN is full of PS3 fanboy-editors and PS3 fanboy-readers. I am personally not interested in a new Playstation, especially what with the rumours that they are trying to nuke the 2nd hand market by making games one time lock to PSN accounts.

  16. I’ll repeat what I said on the motion controls poll: Based on what I’ve read in the comments sections there over the years, I’m not surprised in the least by these numbers.

    A lot of people like to give the staff flack, particularly when it comes to Nintendo coverage (though that claim gets blown out of proportion frequently), but the real problem with the site is the community. While I can read some pretty fascinating articles on the site itself, the comments section tends to be a pit of the lowest common denominator with a bunch of people looking for a flame war. Quite frankly, they’re enraged by anything that isn’t “game news” or “game reviews.” I refrain from saying “game previews,” because I’ve seen people be angry that a preview wasn’t a review. When they do get a review, they get angry about the score.

    This is why when I want to discuss the news, I go to Nintendo World Report (or a news blog like this). As for Wii U, Nintendo haven’t given us much solid info on it, so I completely understand if people aren’t excited at this point. I am personally, but I’m not going to call the people who aren’t wrong for doing so. I’m just really looking forward to E3 when the big guns come out and that percentage gets a significant boost.

  17. What were you expecting? IGN is full of graphic whores that think the PS4 and 720 will have amazing graphics. Which is funny because Sony already said a while back to not expect a huge power leap on the PS4. Reason for this? Sony is loosing a shitload of money. a SHITLOAD. As for the 720, its apparently going to be focused on casual gamers. Its also funny how they are more interested in consoles that probably wont come out until the next 2 or 3 years rather than in one that is coming out later this year.

  18. I wish they’d stop taking surveys until after e3, of course they aren’t interested. They know nothing about it. They will get shut up after e3 and this will change

  19. I would like to see specs for the big three before I vote.They should redo this survey when all consoles are released and see the difference.

  20. This poll is pretty much reflected on the general gaming community. Gamers have been more satisfied with Xbox and PlayStation than they have with Nintendo, so it is expected that the majority would look forward to the next iterations of them despite the fact we know next-to-nothing. Let’s hope E3 will clear up their minds.

  21. Yeah I kind of expected interest in Wii U to be low. If Nintendo makes it a high price, with only one tablet controller to be used, and doesn’t reveal the launch date or price at E3 than the system will probably really hurt this year. Here’s to hoping that Nintendo has an awesome E3.

  22. I’m more interesting in the PS4 and Xbox 720 than the Wii U just because I want to see how Sony and Microsoft can improve their consoles so that gamers would want to upgrade rather than continue using with the PS3 and 360

  23. Yet both 720 and PS4 will fail for having USED GAME LOCK so Nintendo Wii U wins plus it will sell more and have better first parties games. I am not worry. We blew them out this gen we will do it again.

    1. FUCKING AGREED! I hope they both ban used games. Would be a landslide victory for Nintendo and hopefully wipe out competition

  24. Meh, sites like IGN generally tend to only target the self proclaimed ‘hardcore’ anyway, this is hardly surprising.

    Not sure if it’ll change when the Wii U is shown at E3 either, some of this audience seems to share the western developer hostility towards Nintendo…

  25. No kidding, of course people aren’t excited with the Wii U, all its new gimmicks and characteristics haven’t been revealed yet. We don’t even know if the Wii U tablet controller will come with a charger, or an USB cable to charge it on the console (IMO I’d like more if they did the second option, just like a PS3). IGN should do another poll, but this time AFTER the E3 =)

  26. We’ll see how long all your other peripheral arguments about sales, graphics, gameplay, and other nonessential qualities of “better” consoles will last, because come E3, and the games for the Wii U suck, you fanboys can’t say shit. Pity.

  27. I remember the days when I could take the IGN community seriously. Those days are long gone now. Leave luck to heaven.

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  29. Why are they waiting for PS4 and 720 when it’s not even revealed yet and still has over a year to release? And why are not many people interested in Wii U? IGNorance there.

      1. Never said anything about PS4/720.

        It will be shown at E3 13 but they said it will release next year. Don’t see that happening though, way to short time to release after E3.

  30. Sad part is, I just went on the site, and 72% are only interested in enhanced graphics. I shook my head in major disappointment

    1. Your kidding, right? Gamers like them are the ones that will destroy gaming if they have there way.

  31. At this point in time people.

    This is before E3. (cus I know IGN aint been reporting on half of the nintendo stuff)
    This is before we know ANYTHING about the PS4 and Xbox3.

    What this simply states is people who own a PS3/360 want another console exactly the same as what they already have.

  32. I’m very interested in the Wii U. Xbox 720 and PS4? No information has been released yet so no hype right now.

  33. lol valve console… stupid retards Valve said themselves that they will not make a console… sigh

  34. Shokio have posted a clip a few hours ago and revealed the truth that PS4 & Xbox 720 are not as strong as most Sony and Microsoft fanboys want.

  35. 40% for Wii U is really good considering the average computer geek likes Xbox and Playstation more :P

  36. Confidentially, not really all impressed with the PS4 or the 720. Why? In all honesty, it seems all Sony and Microsoft want to focus on is hardware rather than software. Usually meaning lack of support and short-sightedness on the part of the company.

    Case in point, with Sony, the only game I’m currently playing is Tales of Graces f, and the rest of the time I use the PS3 for video playback.. DVD, Blu-Ray, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Hulu Plus. And it seems they’ve kind of dropped support for their handhelds. When was the last time you heard of a new game coming out for the PSP, PSP Go, or PS Vita? It seems right now Sony’s focusing on recovering financially than whether or not to release an upcoming system which nobody will be able to afford until about three years later after its initial release.

    As for Microsoft, one of the deal breakers when the 360 came out was them jumping the shark and playing the ‘first’ game with their console. I once mentioned how MS decided prematurely to make the 360 not bc w/their previous system, then had serious egg on their face when the Big ‘N’ announced the Virtual Console for the Wii and bc for the GameCube games. The other problem came with rushing out the hardware before properly testing it, thus resulting in many malfunctions, including the infamous ‘red ring of death.’ Although some hardcore gamers stayed loyal, many began questioning MS’ integrity (not that I suspect it had any to begin with) because it seemed the company kept producing more and more ‘improved’ versions of the 360. And I can’t tell you how many returns we had for the 360 itself. So it makes me shudder to think how they might handle the 720 without some critical thinking and proper marketing this time around.

    The thing with Nintendo was at least the company stood behind their product despite the detractors. And, yes, they’ve had their share of disastrous systems (Virtual Boy, anyone?), but they always kept the gamers in mind.

    In short, folks, this is one of those polls IGN probably doctored to make it sound as if nobody wants the Wii U but the true results will surface once we observe what the system can do at E3.

  37. Like people have already said, you can’t spell ignorant without IGN. I can’t leaving my two cents on IGN cause the boards are slam full of Sony fanboys. Heck, even one of the editors (Greg Miller) is a Sony fanboy. To top it all off, a few weeks back when Sony Battle Royal was announced, the editors who spent time with it had the nerve to say it felt really like a new experience. Come on, the game looks exactly like Smash Bros.=/

    1. It is no secret that the reason the Xbox 360 outsold the PlayStation 3 initially was because of the price difference, which is also a key reason why the Nintendo Wii outsold the two of them initially (as is usually the case with Nintendo consoles)…

      However, the PlayStation 3 is only JUST behind the Xbox 360 in total sales, and is outselling the Xbox 360 3-1 for month-on-month sales this year!

      Yes it is clear the PlayStation 3 has not been the success that the PlayStation/PSOne and PlayStation 2 was, but it’s catching up and it would be reasonable to expect that the “PlayStation 4” will do much better, due to Sony Computer Entertainment “learning from past mistakes”…

  38. This was obvisous! Hardcore Gamers rule the VG World. Hardcore Gamers play Xbox/ Playstation.
    Nintendo and Apple say “This is what we got, you are going to play it and like it!”. BUT Wimpy Microsoft says “Here’s what you Hardcore gamers want. We hope you enjoy it, but if you don’t, we’ll make what you want!”

  39. This is why I don’t read IGN: I just watch the vids. I’m interested in the Wii U, and future games for iOS, PC, Wii, DS, Wii U, and even 3DS…though I DO wish I had a 360.

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  42. I love what you guys tend to be up too. This sort of clever work and reporting!
    Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve included you guys to our blogroll.

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