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Castlevania: Mirror Of Faith In Development For Nintendo 3DS?

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow producer David Cox and director Enric Alvare are apparently busy developing Castlevania: Mirror Of Faith for the Nintendo 3DS. The site that published the rumour claims that the development team will show off the game at E3.

44 thoughts on “Castlevania: Mirror Of Faith In Development For Nintendo 3DS?”

      1. i never played the ones on the ds, i had really enjoyed lords of shadow but im up for anything with the castlevania myths and stories, its a great game world they invented. it should be a movie :P

        1. Just beware that Lord of Shadows started out as its own game and not as a Castlevania. Story telling was a bit different for Lord of Shadows.

          1. I read that Lords of Shadow was a Castlevania game all along and they were just keeping the Castlevania part a secret.

    1. If it’s like Lords of Shadow, hopefully it will be playable. It might have been amazing to some people, but all I got out of it was a buggy, nearly unplayable game. (I couldn’t stay on the field maps, fell into walls, off maps, very frequently.)

      I agree with the below comments- the DS entries were great, as was Symphony of the Night.

    1. I couldn’t agree more! And wow, has it really been 4 years already?!

      Time to replay all of the DS ones, it seems. *g*

  1. I hope it goes back to something similar to Dawn of Sorrow gameplay, with shiny new graphics and enemies and ideas. That would be nice

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  4. Enric Alvare is an employee of Mercury Stream (Lord of Shadows dev), which means this is almost certainly not an IGA-type Castelvania.


  5. There is such bizarre hate for “Lords of Shadow.” It’s really hilariously misplaced. “Lords of Shadow” was a glorified remake of Super Castlevania IV, and an awesome game in its own right. Also, to those that claim it wasn’t a Castlevania game first, check your facts. It was announced as its own franchise at the time so it wouldn’t distract from “Castlevania: Judgment.”

  6. I must rectify you. It’s Castlevania: Mirror of Fate and not Castlevania: Mirror of Faith. and are registered by Konami.

  7. I was ecstatic when I saw the possibility of a new handheld Castlevania. When I saw it was the Lords of Shadow producer, those hopes died. I don’t want God of War Lite 3DS, thank you.

  8. hmmmm ive never played one of these before i might pick it up if they make this a game (could anyone explain what exactally castlavania is lol thanks)

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  10. As someone who didnt grow up with Castlevania on NES in 1986 i sit and read the comments about any subsequent games with great interest. I personally picked up the LOS game when it game out in 2010 and really enjoyed. Its interesting that people who like the older franchised games hate it yet it proved to be the best selling game in the entire castlevania series for Konami with over 1 million plus units sold to date. Admittedly it isnt a PES but it never was going to be as the Castlevania series has historically been a very low volume niche game market.
    Personally im probably going to look at the next installment on 3ds and if it end up like the old games i will probably not buy it as i can go and play the old stuff on my PS, so why pay 50 bucks to play 15 year old game play.

    What i cant understand though is the amount of people who are harping back to 15-20 year old games and wanting it all to go back to the way it was.
    Ive seen Symphony of the Night mentioned here which on its launch only sold 120k units in the US and Europe and even then i thought it was crap.

    Seriously things have moved on there are new customers and new audiences who really don’t care whether IGA is involved. Theres a group of people old enough to remember when he was universally called a dick for changing the whole franchise in 2001 so this is just history repeating its self just with new and improved moaning. The reality is that CV was a old dead series until LOS came out and without it Konami probably would have binned it.

    IGA seems not to do little or anything for Konami anymore as hes probably seen as out of date and irrelevant now, so has probably been dropped and certainly has nothing to do with CV now. The last DS game Symphony of the Night was an utter failure commercially so i wouldn’t expect to see him back too soon.

    Honestly if you want games to go back and emulate games which are 15 years old then games companies are going to leave you behind..

    Oh they already have it would seem.

    Bit like old people vintage car rallies for gamers ” that old car is way better than all those new cars”

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