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Next Tales Of …Teaser Commercial

Namco Bandai released a teaser trailer for the next Tales Of game during today’s broadcast of Japanese music program Hey! Hey! Hey!. The commercial recaps previous games in the Tales Of series and then features some sublime artwork for the new game. The trailer also features the “Are you prepared to destroy the world for the girl” phrase. The next Tales Of game will be announced at the Tales Of Festival in June.

17 thoughts on “Next Tales Of …Teaser Commercial”

      1. When I say we I mean Australia. We got Symphonia and Vesperia… at least they re-released Phantasia on GBA and Abyss on 3DS in PAL

        1. Quit bitching. We only got that piece of shit GBA Tales of Phantasia too. And in the end, you still got all those games anyway.

          1. Piece of shit? It was an official translation and didn’t change much from the TRUE version. At least they brought it over!

            If any Phantasia version was a piece of shit it was that fan translation everyone fawns over featuring memorably terrible names such as Cless, Clarth and Kangaroo.

      2. Well they weren’t very well marketed to know of there existence. Not his fault for not knowing, but it is his fault he didn’t do the research to find out.

        1. well I do know of some like Graces. I don’t know…i just didn’t think to see if there was another entry in the series. “Oh boy I sure love Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie. I wonder if there was a game in between those two that I missed!”

    1. While Symphonia was the best in my opinion as well, Vesperia came pretty damn close. The voice acting wasn’t that bad either.

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