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Aliens Colonial Marines Delayed Till 2013, Wii U Is ‘Best-Looking’ Version

Sega has confirmed today that the long-awaited Aliens Colonial Marines has been delayed until February 12th 2013. In a separate interview Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford further reiterated that the Wii U version of Aliens Colonial Marines will be the most spectacular.

“The Wii U is a next-generation system. It hasn’t even come out yet and we’ve had our 360s and PS3s for a while now so it’s natural that it’s a very powerful system. Now, it’s up to Nintendo to talk about their system and they haven’t revealed all of their details yet, but so far we’re thrilled with it. It’s pretty clear to us that the best-looking console version of Aliens: Colonial Marines is going to be on the Wii U”.

“We have to be careful, we don’t want to have completely different games. The game experience, the campaign, the competitive game… it is the same game on each platform so if you love the 360 you’re fine, you’re going to get the game experience. Now, the Wii U is a more powerful machine so if you’re one of those early adopter types and you’ve got the disposable income to buy a new console right now, maybe that’s something you want to look at for this game.”

“It does have the added advantage of this new controller, and that gives us some interface options that are just not possible on the other platforms. The most obvious one of course is a motion tracker. So, like, I’m playing the game and maybe I’m in one of those suspenseful sections, and all of a sudden… WAWUM, WAWUM, and I realise the sound is coming from the controller. And I look down and it’s a motion tracker in my hand, in the actual controller. And it’s motion-sensitive too so I can scan the room by moving the controller. It’s pretty cool and that’s just one of the many uses of this device.”

He added: “I’ll tell you what’s kinda cool too. When I’m playing competitively, sometimes I like to look at the score when I’m playing but I hate having to cover the screen with an overlay. Well guess what? I can look down at the Wii U screen and if I want to keep the score there or whatever and just have a glance I can keep it down there and not have to worry about overlays or anything like that, and that’s kinda neat.”

70 thoughts on “Aliens Colonial Marines Delayed Till 2013, Wii U Is ‘Best-Looking’ Version”

    1. Me too, but it’s SEGA’s loss. I guess there will be alot of other games I rather buy then this one by the time this will be out. And I only have so much money to spend :P

  1. Yes! I knew that the Wii U is more powerful than the Xbox 360 and PS3! Those developers lied!

    1. LOL!!! That’s old news… They were trolls! The Wii U is MUCH more powerfull than the PS360. The real question is: Is the Wii U version of the game better than the PC version?

      1. No console will be able to match graphics fidelity of the PC. The real question is just how close the PC with all setting set to max will it be. The next game that looks great is Project Cars. That is the other game I would like to know just how close the Wii U version will be to the PC (visually). They are only showing the alpha build and it already looks next Gen.

        1. Yeah, I’m a junior tester for the game and it does look great, even if my GPU can’t really handle it on max settings.

          I hope Wii U’s GPU supports a fair dose of anti-aliasing, because I love that in PC games.

        2. It’s not about graphics Sir, it’s better than the PC version because of the controller not the graphics

      2. For this game, yes. It seems the PC version will be a 360 port, so it’ll be on-par with that. The Wii U version uses some new elements in the visual engine that the other two systems can’t handle.

    2. They could of been somebody from IGN for all we know. remember they refused to go on video, or give their names .lol sound like trolls trying to slow Nintendo hype train right before E3.

  2. Having the motion sensor beeping on your controller is going to be SICK! I don’t even play first person shooters much but I think I will get this for sure!

  3. First Ken Levine with Bioshock Infinite… now it’s Sega and this game?! It’s a good thing they’re delaying the release until Feb. ’13. I have a gut feeling that Gearbox is gonna add even more exclusive features in the U version.

  4. Actually sickr the press release reads like this:

    “A release date for the announced Wii U version will be revealed at a later time,”

    Timed Exclusive?

      1. You’re welcome. And thanks for the site. I visit here 6-8 times a day on average. I’m a WiiU junkie. ACCEPT MY CONDITION! :(

    1. It could still be Nintendo’s agreement about not giving dates about Wii U games until the system itself gets a date. They’ll probably talk about the game then, but we’ll probably only know the date when Wii U’s release day is announced.. :)

  5. Aka: hero derp wii u is brand new vs 5-6 year old systems. If it wasn’t better……

    Then when the ps4 comes out all the “best versions” will be on that.

    1. PS3’s Cell processor and its worse-than-360-looking Assassin’s Creed games say hi…

      You know little about Wii U and absolutely nothing about PS4. Don’t claim anything.

    2. Just like PS3 this generation right? The people who played Bayonetta and Skyrim would disagree, and before anything is said I have a PS3 sometimes they do sometimes they don’t. Usually its the same

      1. Exactly. I got a PS3 because the exclusives were of more interest to me than the 360’s, but it’s true some multiplat games look and run better on the Xbox. But it’s usually the same or just a small difference in favor of one or another system.

        1. you wish. uncharted’s cover system has nothing on gears. if an enemy in uncharted is moving between cover, he can’t be killed until he gets into a new posistion. gears would object. you can kill an enemy in gears even if he isn’t in posistion of cover. don’t believe me? try comparing that between gears 3 and uncharted 3.

        2. lol how about there both great :D (but serious wii u is going to be my favorite console this year.)

        3. lol how about there both great :D (but serious wii u is going to be my favorite console this year.)

    3. Because PS4 will have the controller with screen to use the motion tracker? Or the score to prevent overlays?

      Um. No. So whereas it better have good graphics, the game may not be “better” than a hi-def version on the WiiU with new control scheme.

  6. Well, one less reason to go bankrupt in November. This date suits me better because I definitely wasn’t going to get this over Pikmin 3 or Assassin’s Creed III. But a few months later…

  7. I think the Wii U version needs to be a completely different game.Because im getting sick of all these multi-plat. Nintendo Wii U needs to set the bar on stand alone console.You know what fanboys are going to say why should i get A.C.M for the Wii U when it coming to the ps360. Not saying that Nintendo won’t have alot of different content for the Wii U.Because exclusive will be the deal breaker next-gen

    1. Then you will be solely disappointed. There is no real incentive to buy the Wii U version of the game if there are no extra features or better graphics, and there’s no reason why developers should put extra money and effort towards a version that will be released on an unproven system with basically no fanbase to support them.

      Developers know this, and they want to build a new fanbase. Otherwise, they wouldn’t even release their games on Wii U. They want the Wii U/Nintendo fanbase to jump on board. If gamers already have one of the other systems, then the more power for them. I could get this game on PC, but I’ll get it on the Wii U. I have no reason to get an “inferior” version, but I’ will because I want to and because of the controller.

      1. A unproven system i don’t know what else Nintendo have to do for People are in denial to see the power of this console.Developers know that this system is far from inferior.I’m not going to compare the ps360 version to the Wiiu version because of the fact its a new system in truth only the pc can be compare to the Wiiu version.Like you side the controller say it all.The controller gives Nintendo the 1UP over all version fact

        1. That may be true, but my “unproven” comment has more to do with being a new system with 0 audience at the moment. Even with the extra power of the Wii U, these developers will be new to a lot of Nintendo fans, and the console will have to build its own audience.

          In other words, the problem is not the advantage the system may have, it’s the start that these companies may be worried about, specially when their “proven” audience is on the other consoles. Companies will give priority to their existing fans as opposed to their potential fans.

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    1. You’re failing troll. Just because SEGA didn’t add the Wii U logo doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be released at all.

    2. It could be a branding thing. Maybe they’re still undecided on the Wii U name or maybe its logo isn’t finalised yet or something.

    1. Nice try troll. Aliens: Colonial Marines WILL be released for the Wii U. Don’t believe us, go ask the Gearbox CEO.

      1. It seems you do not seem to keep up with the comments here, and you didn’t see my little face —-> ;P

        I’m a regular here and I’m far from a troll. My comment is directed to people who think just because the Wii U logo is not being shown on developers’ websites or on game trailers, it means those games are not coming to Wii U, like Project Cars, which are coming to the platform.

        1. You’re completely wrong once again, troll. Two weeks from tomorrow, Nintendo will make an announcement during the E3 press conference. Aliens: Colonial Marines and Project CARS will be released on the Wii U after the launch. Just look at the links instead of being a complete ass!

          Randy Pitchford (Gearbox CEO) talks about Aliens: Colonial Marines for the Wii U–

          Project CARS for the Wii U–

            1. You’re the one who’s making an ass of yourself and not looking at the links I gave you. Both games will be released on the Wii U.

              1. And when did I say they weren’t? I made a sarcastic comment with a smiley face about the logo. Then I went on to explain what I did on my second comment and even said that games like Project Cars did not have a Wii U but were still coming to the Wii U.

                I don’t need to look at the links you gave me, I know they’re coming to the system, and I said it in my comment.

                1. And I thought you were one of the Sony/Microsoft fanboys downgrading the Big N. You’re cool in my books. Nintendo had to tell the publishers to keep it on the download because they were thinking about changing the Wii U name. Who knows… Elgato, you’re cool. Truce?

    1. I’m quite positive that Aliens: Colonial Marines will be coming to the U either at launch or before the end of this year.

  9. This is sad to hear, but it will still be a game to pick up whenever it’s launched. Glad to hear confirmation that the Wii U is powerful from an actual, named developer. Suck it, anonymous troll devs. You weren’ t fooling anyone. Leave luck to heaven.

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    1. Your comment is utter shit. Why the fuck are you doing here at a NINTENDO blog, loser? U mad because the Wii U is made for everyone. Case in point– Call of Duty: Black Ops II for the Wii U. Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition only for the Wii U. And Assassin’s Creed III for the Wii U. Now what?!



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