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Revised Wii U Controller To Feature ‘Clickable’ Analogue Sticks?

A source close to UK trade publication MCV has told the publication that the recently leaked Wii U controller will feature clickable analogue sticks. The revised controller – which was revealed by a QA tester at Traveller’s Tales, is apparently based on an older design which has been given the go-ahead due to developer feedback.

106 thoughts on “Revised Wii U Controller To Feature ‘Clickable’ Analogue Sticks?”

        1. Those who used the one at E3 said they handled more like the nunchuck stick than the one on 3DS.

      1. amen now (I HOPE) if the l2 and r2 sholder buttons are pressure sensitive like the gamecube.

    1. Yeah but we nintendo intergrated joysticks into controllers first. The only other thing I can think of was switching to discs (they didn’t want to) evey thimg else is pretty much Nintendo innovation!

      1. Jesus Christ dude shut up. Stop saying NIntendo is the only company that innovates. companies use other companies’ ideas and improve them. Thats how the business works. Just like how Nintendo took Sony’s duel-analogue sticks and now the clickable sticks. Its not like Nintendo created buttons or D-pads, so obviously everyone has to be copying someone.

        1. Say what I never said the only ones. But fact IS fact get outta here with that b.s dude EVERYTHING I stated was true get over it Im much older than you, and I don’t have time for silly flamewars. Grow up!! LMAO U mad at Mii?

          1. Haha I love your reasoning that because your apparently “older” even though you don’t actually know my age. Also being “older” doesn’t mean your comment is correct. Also even if you’re “older”, you write like your a twelve year old, which is much, much sadder than actually being a twelve year old.

            1. My phone is all messed up and I’m typing super fast. Being older comment was because I’m not stooping to a foolish level with you. Now get outta here before I report harassment!

              1. Harassment? Really? And also, how am I at such a foolish level. I’m just sick of people saying Nintendo is the perfect god among Video Games when they aren’t. Every company has problems, but they also have strengths.

        2. The difference bein sony has a habit of s*** talking about Nintendos products and THEN copying they just like you sony needs to GROW UP. They act like bullies on a playground!

          1. Well, kinda. Nintendo coined the term D-pad, but there were things before it very similar to the D-pad. Either way my point still stands

            1. Nintendo was one if not the first console NES to have controllers that could be unplugged. Not long before that joysticks (literally) were just part of the system itself

              1. Nintendo did alot of innovative things with the gaming industry. But every company’s idea is NOT totally original.

          1. They coined the name D-pad, there were things before it that were very similar. This proves my point that companies take ideas from other companies and improve them

  1. If Nintendo had spoken to any third party developer probably all of them would have advised Nintendo to make this change so I kinda saw this change coming.

    1. I meant to say third party developers who makes fps games cause pretty much all of them utilizes the clickable analogue.

  2. The click-able stick is the single biggest console controller blunder ever made. I hate them! How many of my favourite games are ruined by accidental crouching, jumping or similar at precisely the wrong moment. Stupid, stupid, stupid! We just don’t need them.

    1. agreed, i hope there is a control scheme option to use the touch screen to do the clicky stick commands rather than clicking them because, personally, i think it’s annoying as hell to have to click the analog sticks for anything. i mena if im playing on the pc all i ever have to do is press a button to crouch and it dosn’t mess with my movement or anything.

    2. Then don’t push so hard lol I never miss click my sticks, u like some of my friends must make that clacky noice when playing and break your pads ever six months lol.
      More buttons the better. Special ones that can be used while keeping your fingers on look/move.
      I would like to see pressure sensitive shoulders again.
      Also I hope would ever said the sticks are like Sony ones is wrong the ps controllers is the worst hand aching rehash ever. I own all three consoles and seriously SONY make a new controller for the ps 4 that’s not crap and the same as your controllers since for ever… Come on E3 I’m hungry lol

    1. I remember sony talking crap (as usual) about the N64 joystic was “unnecessary” Cartridges “outdatoutdated” and the rumble pak “annoying gimmick” Then “OH LOOK DUAL SHOCK GUYS! and fanboys pissing on about “load times” and scratches so deep they were wearing out 2-3 dvd cleaner discs per week! Oh sony..YOU ASS!

      1. What is this about disc cleaner? Been gaming with Nintendo and Sony since I was 5. Don’t think I’ve ever needed disc cleaner for any games. (maybe blowing into a cartridge or 2) and have you tried scratching a blu-ray disc? That shit is almost impossible. I mean you really have to try. I can take my blu-ray disc outside skid it along asphalt and gravel, put it in my ps3, and it would still work 100% fine. I know because I’ve done it before to prove a point.

        1. Since you were five? I knew you were a young’un.

          Blu-ray discs are really sturdy though. DVDs, however, were not.

        2. Nice post now go back and read CAREFULLY I specified “when the N64 came out!! I haven’t been on this site long but I see its far to immature on here I WAS enjoying the convo. But I’m not flamewaring with some overzealous sony-crazed kids! Who t.f is the administrator?

    2. Nintendo fanboy piece of shit. Also, you weren’t meant to hold all 3 handles on the fucking N64 controller. Assuming you’re right handed, you hold the middle and the right if you’re using the analog, and the left and right if you’re using the D-pad.

      1. Get the puck outta here troll… you don’t belong here. Go back to Sonyland where you belong, clown!

    3. I personally really like the PS3 and 360 controllers (even if the 360s D-pad is shit). They just feel really comfortable. I also love the Genesis controller. Best D-pad in the world IMO

  3. I have to replace my ps3 controllers all the time because of the clickable analogue. I know Nintendo makes a better product in terms of durability.I hope that won’t be the case with the new U controller

    1. whodatforlife(Link)

      They would need to make them more durable.

      Replacing Wii U controllers isn’t going to be an easy task.

      1. I bet the tablets will be close to if not over, $100 ill be the ONLY one in my house using the tablet (for a while) lol when I got my Wii I remember running around checking my friends wrist straps. I was afraid they were gonna launch one throgh my tv! And those are still $40 where I live.

        1. That happen to me i had a brand new TV 3 weeks old rite when the wii came out .My nephew launch my wii remote in to my new tv.That sucked so hard

          1. Oh dang! I can’t take stand how I’ll tell a kid to put their wrist strap tight, and they’ll do it. But someone my age comes and plays, and they get all high and mighty ” I don’t need it!” (Shortly after he dropped the wiimote bowling) When someone plays with my Wii U tablet, I’m not asking I’m telling “You drop it, I’ll drop You!”

  4. The uPad is is one step closer to completion. I’m glad that the Big N have added clickable analog sticks. Two more weeks from tomorrow… we’ll be ready!!!!

      1. It may be a rumor to you, but the previously leaked photo of the uPad with dual analog sticks shows undeniable proof. There’s a possibility that the analog sticks would be clickable. For now, let’s just wait for the next 2 weeks for the final answer.

  5. Clickable analog sticks are the worst invention to hit a controller. How can anyone feel comfortable having to push a stick amd tilt it

    1. THIS^ but i do think it’s nice of them to add the option for people who want it so badly. i really do hope that developers add a separate control scheme to use the touch screen instead of the analog sticks though.

      1. Not kissing Nintendo’s ass =/= troll, you dumb fuck. Plenty of people dislike clickable analog sticks. I want the WiiU to be good but this is a step backwards, if it’s true.

        1. You still fail troll. Nintendo’s uPad isn’t moving backwards. EXPOSED!!!! Instead, they’re adding additional stuff you won’t find anywhere else in game consoles. Case in point– NFC technology.

          1. I swear you’re not even reading my post. Nor do you seem to know what several of the words you use actually mean. Adding a feature that many people dislike will be seen as backwards by those same people, it’s seriously not hard to understand. No game consoles have a built-in toaster either, how about we add that as well? According to you it’d be progressive.

              1. Nice retort, you forgot the part where you try dismissing my point though.

                You can tell by the avatar who I am, I have no less of a name in this conversation than you do. And for blindly defending something without providing any substantional points to back it, you are the troll.

                And buddy, for staying in the conversation for just as long as I have, I’m no less of a loser than you are. Good job!

                  1. I’m still waiting for your retort on why my point was wrong though. Not trying to make you mad (honest!), but you’re called me a loser, a troll, a coward…for no actual reason other than you seemingly being unable to prove me wrong, and are too stubborn/stupid to admit it.

                  2. Oh wow, the rage in your post is hilarious. How do people get mad at someone over the internet, at someone they don’t even know? It’s silly…

      2. Jesus christ people don’t even know what “trolls” are anymore, they just throw it out whenever someone says something they don’t agree. It’s annoys the hell outta me, it’s unnecessarily stupid.

    1. There is a button underneath the stick that when you push the stick down, it pushes the button. That way you have two extra buttons and you don’t have to take your thumb off the analog. A good example would be in COD where one of them lets you run and the other, knife.

        1. They do, but its fun to sneak around the maps and knife people from behind and also camp behind doorways, get them while they are running and make them do back flips.

        2. Yeah, but its not the sticks fault. It could be mapped to any button and the result would be the same

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  7. I hope not- there’ll be alot of annoying accidental clicking if there are. They seem pointless anyway.

  8. I think they could of had a circle pad that were clickable. Just have them levitated a little bit and then make it where you can push it down.

      1. That might be true but i’m one of those guy who won’t buy off brand product. All my electronic got to be same name brand lol.I won’t be buying off brand for my Wii u that’s just me.

  9. I am totally digging the redesign now. It feels a lot more like a gamecube successor now WHICH IS AWESOME!

  10. This is actually where the circle pads would have been beneficial. A flatter surface would lend itself better to clicking than tall sticks.

    1. I have to disagree with that. After playing with the 360 controller, the clickable analogue sticks feel really nice and natural. The stick is not like a joystick, it has a nice flat surface on top, which allows easier button presses. But that’s just my opinion

      1. The circle pads would still have that surface, only not raised. Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the way the sticks are for Xbox, but I don’t think Nintendo would be wrong to have clickable circle pads instead given the rest of the controller surface.

  11. It just keeps getting better and better. This is going to be the perfect gaming controller. The future is now. Leave luck to heaven.

  12. Now this is what I’m talking about. This revised controller sounds even sweeter. It looks like Nintendo has crafted yet another brilliant controller.

  13. That just adds a little bit more functionality. However, if they add that to the Wii U controller, they may need to add them to nunchuks or else it’d be rather pointless. The clickability of the control stick adds an extra button, essentially. But that would be non-existant off the controller, so it wouldn’t function for multiplayer or games that don’t support the Wii U controller (because, let’s be honest, there will probably be a bunch of those.)

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