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CNET: ‘No One Really Cares About E3’

An editor from CNET believes that E3’s excitement fades year by year. He thinks that in order for E3 to remain relevant, it need showcase new and unique hardware annually. He claims that the Wii U is not new hardware because it was introduced at E3 2011. There are many ideas shared by the editor, which he claims will make this year’s E3 better. One statement given by the editor, for example, is that game systems “should be cheap, and sell content subscriptions.” Are you willing to pay periodically in order to continue playing your video games?

75 thoughts on “CNET: ‘No One Really Cares About E3’”

    1. but they are kind of right! but ignoring the greedy companies this E3 can easily be one of the best yeti!!!

    1. Well, I’ve never had so much hype for a E3 as I do this year. So I guess it’s just a matter of opinion.

  1. lolwut? Why would I want to play subscriptions? MMO subscriptions alone are expensive. =/ I’d rather just buy the game and continue to own it =_=

  2. I’m glad this guy is just an editor on CNET and doesn’t have any real authority or influence over the gaming industry

  3. Subscriptions? To play games? Are they on crack or somethin’? I love playing video games as much as I love cake but no. That’s just greedy.

  4. I own a Wii and PS3 to avoid subscription fees, its also why I’ll never commit to WoW. Sure it’s a great idea for some people, but I am far more will to drop $500 on a console knowing I can just buy a game once and play it forever without any extra cost.

  5. I laughed as soon as I read this title. Of nobody cares, then why am I breaking into sweats and suffering from insomnia everyone I think of this years E3? What a complete fool. Goodby mr “I want my 5 minutes of fame”

  6. lol, this only proves some didn’t like E3 one year so he’s out for revenge, plus people buy the Wii U / PS3 for the explicit reason of AVOIDING subscriptions, whoever wrote this should be fired from his no name company

  7. Bullshit. I’m more excited this year than ever. Also, if there was new hardware every year, it would be of little improvement and would probably suck, making us dread it rather than being excited.

    1. Lol that’s tru I never really cared about e3 much until this year where i cant wait for it to come so it’s the exact opposite of what the retard is saying. Idk wt his perception Of nobody is lol

  8. He’s not wrong, E3 has been consistently less and less exciting. With certain companies (Square Enix and Sega immediately spring to mind) showing their entire lineup before the show, the only real mysteries left are the two missing games in EA’s fiscal year and whatever Nintendo’s doing for launch-window Wii U games. While the showmanship has been ever increasing, yes, all the showmanship in the world can’t change the fact that you already know exactly what they’re showing.

    Also, I feel you have a fundamental error in your definition of “content subscriptions”. Content subscriptions are things like Netflix, Hulu Plus, NHL Center Ice, etc. They are things that you /subscribe/ to that provide /additional content./ Nowhere does that imply that a monthly fee to be able to use a console. You’re just jumping to conclusions, and a rather bizarre one at that.

    Also… where on earth do you get the idea that CNET is a no-name company? It’s one of, if not the largest technology news site.

  9. I call BS on pay extra money on video games! this won’t destroy my hype for NintE3ndo presentation!! NINTENDO WILL DROP THE BOMB(Wii U) !!!!

    1. ^exactly! So CNET and the rest of the idiots that agree with that dumb fuck can Blow Me! Damn, Patcher has some competition.

  10. Is this guy a student of Patcher or something… cause he sure sounds like an idiot that has no idea what the gaming demographics other than the blind followers of GameStop like or want in their games. Blech! Someone throw this person smack into the middle of Comic Con please, so that they may have a chance for enlightenment.

    On that note, I have lost complete trust and faith in CNET as they get things beyond wrong on multiple occasions and it is not uncommon for them to give the appearance of paid bias.

  11. I love how people attack some editor’s opinion. He believes that there should be more of subscription base than anything else. So what? I don’t like it, but it’s his opinion! Will it happen? No.

    But, I do agree on that E3 does get less and less hype, but in return it will get more and more hype. It happens, like in 2007 and 2008, there were less people going to E3 than in 09, where there was an increase. It’s bound to happen.

  12. Haha! CNET is mad because E3 owners pulled out of the agreement for the SOPA bill.

    Seriously though, CNET can’t write for shit, I facepalmed when they said the Wii U wasn’t new tech because they showed it off last year…. HOW IS THAT GOING TO MAKE THE SYSTEM WEEK?! Its using the most modern tech to date.

  13. Every year I look forward to E3. I may not be able to afford the systems when they come out (just got a PS3) but it is good to be able to see what the companies are doing to make my hobby more interesting and truely video games are my hobby. I am partial to Nintendo though as I have owned every system that they have released. My excitment for the Wii U is overflowing and can’t wait to see more of it next month!

  14. I LOVE E3! Love reading the tweets, watching the Nintendo press conference, game videos etc. (Nintendo do the most fun press conferences)

  15. I think it’s true that new hardware is probably needed to make it significant, but I think something like the Wii U, that might have been showcased the previous year, is okay because not much info was given, but this year their should be loads, and I’ll be surprised if there isn’t t enough to keep people interested. Also, there is the possibility of Microsoft or Sony talking about a new console this year, and if not next year so it’ll be a while before we go without new hardware at E3.

    1. what he is saying is he does not care e3 at all,only care about new consoles, thats it, no games.

  16. Haha. Cnet are known for ‘favouring’ Apple products. E3 is where everyone shows off what they’ve got for the next year.

    Guess who doesn’t attend E3. Yep. Apple.

  17. Nope, those millions upon millions of people who stream it online and those hundreds or thousands that go to the convention don’t give a shit. Not at all.


  18. Diego: No one really cares what CNET says about the most important event of the whole year for gamers

  19. Well I can say I definitely care about E3. And it would piss me off if Nintendo started doing subscriptions for their games, but I know they won’t. That’s one of the reasons I don’t like the 360 as much as I would if you didn’t have to buy subscriptions to play online. This CNET guy is an asshole.

  20. That guy with the face...

    Subscriptions to play games….Man that person must’ve been on some shrooms! Buy the game system and the game, less money over time!

  21. I’m sure if it were up to him there wouldn’t even be conferences. It would just be all the info released at once for mass consumption with none of the charm or theatricality that gets a person even more punped every year.

  22. dudes talking out of his ass. the way he put is no ones excited for a new zelda game. all we want is dungeons, weapons and the master sword. guys a complete dumbass.

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