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Sequel To Castlevania Lord Of Shadows For Consoles Confirmed


The latest edition of Nintendo Power not only confirmed the existence of Castlevania: Lord of Shadows – Mirror of Fate for the Nintendo 3DS, but it also revealed that Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is in development for both consoles and PC. Developer David Cox says that Castlevania 3DS will set up the events in Castlevania: Lords of Shadows 2. The sequel to Castlevania: Lord of Shadows is rumoured to be coming to Wii U.

11 thoughts on “Sequel To Castlevania Lord Of Shadows For Consoles Confirmed”

  1. WOW… I need this for the wii u… this will be a day one purchase for me. Maybe my FIRST game to buy

  2. I won’t get Wii U anytime soon, so this it’s sad… I wanted Cv:LoS for Wii but it wasn’t released. If WiiU don’t support tyhe new Unreal engine as said before, maybe they won’t release it to WiiU… I hate when games I really want are not in Nintendo consoles y.y

    1. What does UE 4 have to do with releasing this game on Wii U or not? I don’t know if this game will use UE, but the Wii U already supports UE 3, which is what this game would be using if it indeed was using it.

    2. Wii U does support Unreal Engine 3 and there is no word yet whether or not it will run Unreal Engine 4 and personally I could care less, UE3 is good enough. Also there is basically no question this will come to Wii U since Lords of Shadow Mirror of Fate is coming to 3DS and there is that rumor the 3DS game will connect with the Wii U version of Lords of Shadow 2.

    3. I love all the “WiiU can’t… Because a hidden source said…” It won’t mean jackshit in 6days when e3 exposes the lies for lies, then people will just have to accept things. Watching all the crow eating will be superb:3 meltdowns from everywhere. I’m keeping my hype down, so I can be really WOWED by the conference. I really really wonder how pikmin 3 is going to look !

  3. So, the game I plan on playing is bridge between a game I haven’t played because it wasn’t released on the Wii and I game I probably won’t play because I likely won’t be getting a Wii U, and even then it’s not confirmed for that system anyway.

    See, this is that shit. The DS games, more or less, were stand alone. I didn’t need to play the older games to understand them. The option was there, and I wish Nintendo would release them in the eShop so I could finally play them, but you didn’t have to play them. I mean, why can’t they just do that? Give me a game that I don’t need to play two other games to understand, especially when those games are on non-Nintendo systems. I want to be able to play the whole story. Not just the middle.

    I’ve been waiting for a 3DS Castlevania game. And so far, I can’t say I’m not disappointed so far.

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