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Nintendo 3DS Remains Japan’s Most Popular Console (Japanese Charts)

The Nintendo 3DS has once again shown that Nintendo dominates the hardware space in Japan with 55,212 consoles sold. The second best-selling console in Japan this week was Sony’s PlayStation 3 which sold a mere 14,771. Sony also won’t be too pleased with the disappointing Vita sales, as the format only managed to shift 6,675 units. Here’s the best-selling software and hardware in Japan.

  1. [PS3] Dragon’s Dogma
  2. [3DS] Mario Tennis Open
  3. [PSP] Uta no Prince-Sama
  4. [360] Dragon’s Dogma
  5. [WII] Mario Party 9
  6. [PS3] Idolmaster G4U
  7. [PSP] 十三支演義 〜偃月三国伝〜
  8. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3G
  9. [3DS] Fire Emblem: Awakening
  10. [PS3] Steinsgate
  • Nintendo 3DS: 55,212
  • PlayStation 3: 14,771
  • PSP: 10,617
  • PlayStation Vita: 6,675
  • Wii: 6,149
  • Xbox 360: 3,069
  • PlayStation 2: 1,027
  • DSi LL: 628
  • DSi: 431

40 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS Remains Japan’s Most Popular Console (Japanese Charts)”

  1. GOOOO Nintendo!!!!!!!! You making me sooo proud. I was always FIRST to tell my friends that Nintendo will always Number one in Japan

    Get N or get out!!!!

      1. Do Nintendo DS games work on the Nintendo DSi DSi XL?so ive just gotten the new DSi XL and im loikong at games id like to buy etc. as im loikong around on eBay, some of the games i want (cooking mama 3 in particular), all keep saying they do not not work on the DSi this true? do games not work on the new DSi systems? now so far..though only one game, ive been playing on my new system works fine. do just some games not work? or what? i dont want to go buying games that dont work with the DSi systems!i just want to all Nintendo DS games work with the DSi (XL) system(s)?? or just some or what?? if they dont, why?!

  2. It’s really sad to see the Vita becoming an absolute disaster that is it in Japan. I mean the PSP sold 4000 more units over the Vita, that’s really saying something. Sony really needs to get their game together soon, or it’s going to be the end for it.

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  3. sony needs to stop being so sturburn and price cut that vita along with its stupid mem stick if they want more sale.

  4. Although, the 3DS has been selling quite well, it does need more video games…. some just delay coming out too much, I think.. Besides, I’d like to see the number of sold units in US and the rest of America… No doubt, the 3DS can become the best-selling video game console in history.. but it needs more video games appart from mario and zelda

  5. I don’t know what’s with all that bashing the Vita for the “low” sells. I mean, it’s not like the 3DS did perfectly good at the beginning. It started selling very well after the price drop and after all the decent games started getting released. And I believe the same will happen to the Vita. As soon as the great games will have their release, the Vita will start selling a lot better. A price drop would accelerate the whole process, but I doubt that Sony is planning anything like that. Not in near future, at least.
    Anyway, it’s great to see that the 3DS is still doing well. I’m sure it will do even better when games like Paper Mario and Animal Crossing will have their release, I can’t be the only one who’s eagerly awaiting those games after all. I can’t wait for the great games for my Vita neither, plus, it will then finally get the sales-increase it deserves.

    1. This happened the same with 3ds last year. Many people said “Nintendo is doomed”, “3ds flops”, “3ds is the end of Nintendo” “Vita will sell much better than 3ds from the beginning” blah blah blah and now Vita sale is worse than 3ds struggling months sale last year.
      Extreme fanboys/fangirls will bash other systems or companies for any reason they think of but when their favorable consoles have the same ideas or problems they will keep silent and say nothing about these. I consider myself a Nintendo fangirl as I have enjoyed their products for a long time. But I also have other consoles and handhelds and I’ll willingly criticize Nintendo if they make any mistakes or their games disappoint me.
      Anyway, hope both 3ds and psv will do well. Even though I love my 3ds much more, I don’t really like seeing my Vita become a dust collecting gaming system any longer. Haven’t touched it for nearly 3 months.

      1. I understand what you mean. Though I wouldn’t call myself a fangirl, of any company, eventhough I’ve been enjoying every single console and handheld of both Nintendo and Sony. I really love both and love seeing them being successful. But in the same way as you, I’m not blind to their mistakes, I’m able to face the facts, bith good and bad ones.

        1. *both
          Accidently posted the comment before being done…
          Anyway… I guess I love my Vita slightly more than my 3DS (not that I don’t love it, on the contrary, I love it a lot) and I’m playing it now and then eventhough there’s a huge lack of games at the moment. Just like you, I’m just wishing for great games so it can finally show off its true potential.

    2. because fan boys of vita said 3ds will fail and vita will win like ps2 sales, it was proven no, that’s why Wii get to bash like crazy how dumb they sound
      not judging anyone by the way.

      1. If the Nintendo fanboys/-girls find it so bad how the Sony fanboys/-girls act, why do they act the same way, if not even worse ? They’re blaming and laughing at Sony for the exact same things they went through themselves with the 3DS. Doesn’t make much sense to me. I mean, they’re basically making fun of themselves. Fanboys’ logics…

        1. yup this war will never end at ALL, so don’t try to end it because its life if wii don’t like this music band and others do, then there war. ex. Justin beaver vs haters war will never end so get use to it.

  6. Why is the 3ds so effin popular in Japan??? O.o

    Why cant I just take a week-long trip to Japan???

    I’d get over a thousand street passes, I bet

  7. Fire Emblem: Awakening keeps showing up in the top ten best-selling games…does that give you an idea of what to do, Reggie?

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