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Natsume Working On New Game

Although a new Harvest Moon was recently revealed for the Nintendo 3DS, Natsume has announced that they are currently working on a brand-new game alongside Rising Star Games and TOYBOX. The game is codenamed Project Happiness and more information about it will be shared during E3 next week.

“Project Happiness is an IP that is very close to my heart, and stems from years of working on other great titles like the Harvest Moon series. Project Happiness is not only meant to be a fun game experience, but I also want it to help expand the player’s view of the world, and make them ponder what their life means to them.”

-Yasuhiro Wada, CEO of TOYBOX

16 thoughts on “Natsume Working On New Game”

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  2. I really want a rune factory game to come out on Wii U. Rune factory frontier is one of my favorite games.


    Let me think. A happy game? Is it mabe: Conception: Yessssss! You gave birth to my child!

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  5. I love Natsume. I know it’s likely to be another Harvest Moon, but it would be nice to have another River King that was more like the first two. Didn’t care for the PS2 release at all

    …a crossover for the two would be great as well.

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