Saints Row 4 To Have Broader Appeal

THQ president Danny Bilson has told Eurogamer that Saints Row 4 will have a wider appeal than its predecessors due to the changes the development team have made to the game. The basically formula should remain unchanged, but Bilson says they’ve added in plenty of new and cool features that should expand the appeal of the franchise. Bilson says that THQ is unlikely to talk about the game for 12 months as development could be shifted to next generation consoles.

“Generally I’m incredibly excited about the content in Saints Row 4. There’s a lot of new characters and new points of view in the game”

“It expands the appeal of the game. It has all the stuff you love, plus more stuff you’ve never seen in any game. Well, we kind of do that with Saints Row, right?”


    1. why put first? people dont care about whats first, only about other peoples opinion on the news
      never played a saints road game – are they any good??

      1. Its Saints Row, and they are good, but it can vary between sequels. The best one out of the series is Saints Row 3, the first game was okay but it got boring after like 10 hours and the second game was only a bit better but still not as good as the original

  1. In THQ’s language that means “Milking the shit out of are most beloved GTA-Clone serie”

    1. yup. hopefully it’s fixed b4 e3. would be very annoying to get double notifications

      1. Sorry, I was using a new system to push posts to Twitter and Facebook but it didnt go as planned. Won’t be happening again :-)

  2. Danny Bilson is no longer the President of THQ. I assume this interview was before Jason Rubin stepped into those shoes.

  3. Does this mean I won’t be able to beat people to death with a giant pink dildo anymore?

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