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Iwata Was Reading Your Comments During Nintendo Direct

Nintendo thanked all of their fans who watched the pre-E3 Nintendo Direct by saying, “Thanks again for watching! We were listening to your comments during Nintendo Direct.” Nintendo also tweeted the picture shown above to let followers know that Satoru Iwata was one of the comment-readers. Did you comment on Nintendo’s website while you were watching the Nintendo Direct? If so, there is a chance that Nintendo’s employees or global president read your comment.

109 thoughts on “Iwata Was Reading Your Comments During Nintendo Direct”

  1. Well kudos to that man because there was so many trolls online while the conference was live. Just goes to show this man is one of the best company presidents in the world. Long live Nintendo!

  2. Major props go to Nintendo President Iwata on giving brief details on the Wii U. This Tuesday is gonna be even better.

  3. I am honestly really embarrassed that he saw trolls at their worst. 1/2 the comments were making fun of his accent, 1/4 were actual comments of praise and criticism while the last 1/4 were sony and microsoft fanboys there to troll. I hope he ignored the crap comments as best as he could

    1. Yeah, I noticed that too. :( And peeps were calling him midget and chink and it was pretty bad. But there was a lot of honest excitement too that I think was the majority :)

    2. So very true. There were a lot of people making fun of his accent. I was wondering “How do they have time to type all of this while the conference was still going on?” I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen because I didn’t want to miss anything.

    3. I didn’t look at the comments because I was full screen, but now that you’re saying this, I feel ashamed (once again) of North America… Like you, I hope he could ignore the crap and take the rightful comments. He had an accent, sure, but he spoke slowly to make sure he would be understood. People are such drags…

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  5. I did! Quite a bit, actually hahaha :D Oh I hope they saw the wish from me and other peeps for a black WiiU at launch.

  6. Oh god, so he had to read comments like “My body is ready” and other things, such as insults on his height, accent, and shit. Oh well, hopefully he didn’t focus on them.

  7. If your reading this Iwata: Make me buy more Special/Collectors/Limited Editions of retail games by incorporating NFC input into the figures included in the game bundles. Do that and I will spend more each time I buy retail. I am already a fan of these figures so allowing me to use them in my game would be great. The downside here is that if going full digital in the future then this option would be lost. For ‘figure only’ access, please allow us to gather rare, game changing figures by earning their ownership through game skill.

  8. They were a lot of comments, and most of them were all spams and shits and Nintendo haters and Sony Microsoft bashers.
    Oh my gosh, the look on those commentators’ faces when they come across this piece of article is gonna be priceless. They’re gonna be like “oh gosh, they just read my sexual comment…”

      1. the facebook comments by clicking on the RSVP button below the video stream. i’m not sure if the ustream chat log counts though.

  9. I hope that midget chink cried. Hey iwata ur americas bitch give us good nintendo shit slave. We enjoyed nuking ur country twice the children and family dying was great i enjoyed their agony. Work flr america slave jap u sold out to us u garbage

      1. I’m pretty sure he was quoting whatever this “midget” person said. Thats why he said “I hope she cries”. He just worded it badly.
        He was trying to say:

        I hope that midget chick cries.
        “hey iwata ur…”

    1. Seriously? You “enjoyed” what you’re referring to? For the love of God, this is a Nintendo news site, why do we need trolling like THIS here, it’s not even remotely funny but disturbing even though I’m not even from Japan. Having said that, eat my fuckdust you crazy person.

    2. Sickr or Alba, please remove this comment and ban this user’s IP. We don’t need this kind of hatred on the website. This is completely unacceptable.

  10. Wii u is garbage like predicted. All those clicable,remote shit is already avilable on xbox but with kinect u can change tv with voice command, smh i knew it wii u is ipad xbox idea ripoff CLONE

    1. The One Who Wrote This

      ….I can see why you put “Anonymous” as your name. Fix your English grammar and spelling, please.

  11. Kotaku is reporting that microsoft will be streaming games & xbox content on mobile and tablet phones meaning wii u is garbage can the upad beat the ipad 3 with wireless xbox streaming content lol No

  12. Nintendo other blk controler is a blatant ripoff of the xbox360 controller guess sony and the only one snh iwata stop stealing microsoft designs u ugly worthless trash i hate u bitch kill yourself sellout we luv killing u family in ww2 lol u loser theif

  13. Honestly anybody whos a dumb poor idiot would be excited over wii useless srsly they copied all of microsofts content and according to the hicks in this forum thats makes u a loser lol well ninkingdo are king losers

  14. ^this smh what a joke my xbox can do all that shit wii u is doing smh wheres the new revolution concepts shitendo cus i see none. Only ninty trash r happy because theyll finnaly afford and enjoy xbox 7 yr old features on a nintendo 360 clone

  15. @Anonymous
    Your forgiven child; I understand how hard it can be when your livelihood is being threatened. That is why you are here, I know, because Nintendo is so powerful and is about to destroy your swollen pride, leaving you to fall and quiver in a heaped mess at the floor beneath the gaze of those who have risen far above you – the real ‘game’ players. You must put aside the anger that has clouded your mind and join with us now. No longer be a console player, child, be a ‘game’ player and appreciate all gaming.

  16. The only thing i enjoy is that now the wii u fags will grow the balls tl fight a console war…perfect cuz now everybody will see what a joke u losers r btw mario why u have to keep reusing mario level one in all ur new games ugh r u out of ideas

  17. ^never im a loyal xbox fan. Durango will destroy ya i promise to the stars in heaven i will not die till i see nintendo in ruins. Btw stop copying or xbox360 design contr if ya hate us so much smh oh but when ninten steals is turn a blind eye really smh

    1. “if ya hate us so much”

      I don’t hate 360, the 360 only owners or you. i feel for you and them as all. I own a 360 myself and love it.

    2. Durango is the name of a Dodge truck. The Xbox8 will be 20% less powerful than the Wii U… and you have to pay $80.00 for a year subscription to play games online. I’ll stick to playing online games for free.

  18. Yeah bro they stealing our stuff damn that new contrll layout with clicks looks exactly like an xbox 360 control maybe dev prefared the quality of xbox but srsly they hate us but enjoy our ideas u idiots r scum. May durango shit on u. Reggie die u fatass

    1. I hope that the Durango IS super powerful and leagues above the Wiiu, because I have always intended on buying one of those ALSO.

        1. That is fine though, the Wii is less powerful then the 360 and PS3 and delivered some of my favorite games this gen. 20% isn’t the issue, it’s what can be developed for me to experience with the power at hand.

  19. Meh nothing to see i agree im sticking with xbox and waiting for true next gen not blatant xbox feature ripoff and a new clickable controle 360 clone smh nintendo u glt balls u crooks no dignity. Microsoft kill em hard.

  20. Alright a new remodled 7 yr outdated xbox oh wait. Um alright mario 2d keep usingold same fucking levels like mario one on nes but with background change kwel sort like cod ninty first party rehases ftw. Reggie go back to doing vodoo in hatai

    1. This…this right here….is why websites have moderators. Its just one pretending to be multiple guys and just making xbox fans look retarded even though I know a few Xbox fans and they at least are open minded and don’t spume shit ever three seconds. So obvious troll, please stop so that I can read actual comments about people who are excited, you’re just really…not fun to listen to, either be a funny troll or get the fudge out.

  21. Hey reggie whats wrong with ur eyes damn u got a fucking psychotic look fuck look at ur bulging eyes bitch they gunna fall out are u on crack lol get help u freak

      1. i almost thought the Wii U Pro controller was a ripoff from the 360 controller, but after seeing this video i didn’t know about the origin of the 360 controller.

    1. Shut up. Stop trying to pretend you’re 50 different people replying to each other and shut up.

      Jeez, you do realize people would actually listen to your argument if you actually learned 5th grade grammar and came off respectfully, right?

  22. ^this haha the man got issues wtf is wrong with his bulging eyes wtf ya sneezed to hard lol wheres earthbound huh freak? Lol iwata u look like moe from 3 stooges smh stop getting a ceral bowl haircut son lo

    1. Shut up. Stop trying to pretend you’re 50 different people replying to each other and shut up.

      Jeez, you do realize people would actually listen to your argument if you actually learned 5th grade grammar and came off respectfully, right?

  23. -_-

    God dammnit, will the trolls please stop. I know Xbox 360 is a good system, but Wii U is great, powerful, next gen, and can beat the Xbox 8. Xbox 8 is for casuals, Wii U is for hardcorers.

  24. Francisco Alvarado Vega

    I hope someone suggested to put the Non-specific Action Figure on the new Smash Bros and one in every Wii U box.

  25. I appreciate the fact that Nintendo is listening to it’s fans and detractors more than ever now. I want to say thank you to Iwata-sama for a very well done presentation and I’m looking forward to Tuesday even more now. THANK YOU.

    Leave luck to heaven.

  26. I’m sure he really appreciated all the racist crap. A few comments caught my eye as I was watching and it was just a mixture of said racism and illiterate nonsense.

    Be proud internetz, be proud.

    1. Agreed. I was VERY unhappy that some folks in need of a self-esteem post picked on this nice guy just because English isn’t his native tongue. Way to make your fellow fans look like jerks… but on the whole I think it went well.

  27. The One Who Wrote This

    @Anonymous: Please stick to trolling Oprah Winfrey, okay? If you want to troll us, come back after going through some remedial English. Every time I see you comment, I see how badly your sentences are constructed. Please don’t kill the English language, okay? :)

  28. In the chat:
    “He talks so fuuking slow”

    Oh god why T_T

  29. I think the worst thing I said in the chat was, “Take a drink every time he says “of course” XD!”. But that’s not really offensive. I saw some horrible stuff.

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