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Miiverse Announced For Wii U (Video)

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata unveiled Miiverse for Wii U at today’s Nintendo Direct conference. Miiverse is one of the first things you will see once you boot up your Wii, and it shows your Mii’s, your friends Mii’s and also other Miis who are playing the same games. You will be able to access Miiverse at any time, even in-game, without the need to terminate your game session. Miiverse will eventually be available from Nintendo 3DS, PC, or any mobile device.

46 thoughts on “Miiverse Announced For Wii U (Video)”

          1. Non-Specific Action Figure

            Already make one Yesterday like the page so people can see, approve!!!

            Together Wii U.

  1. This looks amazing. Wouldn’t it be lovely to find out the 3DS version will be in a new system update the moment Nintendo’s E3 presentation finishes…?

  2. Iwata said that Miiverse will work with WiiU N3DS and other future Nintendo devices, is he talking about 2017 generation or they are making something new for this generation?

    1. what about pc and smartphone, i sound like im going off topic but did you see people use there phones for this.

        1. who knows, my body was not ready for this nintendo direct, i really am curios about this e3.

  3. Looks like online will be an absolutely essential part of the Wii U experience, and I’m sure that’s going to make a lot of people very happy.

    BTW, don’t bother taking MrMiiverse on Twitter. I already have.

  4. Sounds good. The trailer was funny. Forever alone Warren. lol

    Ps: the comments in the video are hil-arious.

  5. I love where this is going. They really impressed me with their concept of online interaction, and everything is tied to games, so i like that even more as opposed to non-gaming connections. Also, the guy playing that zombie game kind of gave us a hint. They mentioned a scanner in the game, and there was a scanner in RE Revelations. Could this mean RE 6 is coming to Wii U and they teased us with it?

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  7. Video Chat doesn’t interest me. I don’t want to even hear the other person who I’m playing with online. So I definitely don’t want to see them.

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  9. This will be a huge help for the Wii U. It will connect people in a way that Nintendo has never done before. I can’t wait to see how Dragon Quest X takes advantage of this new feature. I wonder if you will have to have someone added as a friend in order to video chat? I assume you can just stream the video chat to the controller if you don’t want to run all the way to the T.V. Can’t wait to talk with some of you guy’s face to face. Maybe we will all finally get to see what the trolls on here look like.

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