Wii U Will Have In-Game Help And Chat

Nintendo demonstrated a video showing someone getting help from Wii U players online because he was having trouble with getting past an enemy in a video game. You can press the ‘Home’ button on Wii U GamePad any time – including during gameplay – to access the game help application. You can interact with Wii U gamers from around the world even if you don’t have the same games as them.



    1. We don’t need fanboy comments like this. Nintendo isn’t a group of gods, they’re a game company, just like the others. To say that any of the three companies is crap is immature and oblivious.


      1. Hey, you’re a typical Nintendo hater so don’t try and act like you’re better because, in fact, you’re a 100 times worse


      2. Yeah im a nintendrone so?
        I played sony and microsoft consoles and i find them boring as hell, thats why i call them crap


      1. Let me help you, Hardcore doesnt mean someone who plays adult games, fps, etc, hardcore are the real gamers, and casual gamers is someone that plays things like angrybirds or plants vs zombies.
        i would say that over 90% of wii players are harcore.


      2. Oh come on, now you’ve got to be trolling. Even hardcore Nintendo fans, such as myself, can admit that the vast majority of the Wii library is ass. It’s those gems that we looked for on the Wii that we truly enjoyed.


      3. I agree with you, so?
        The great games of wii can easily kick all ps3 and xbox games, like xenoblade, skyward sword, mario galaxy, nsmb, conduit, ssbb, metroid, etc.


      1. I really hope there is a rating system and that you can choose to view “more recents” or “more stars”. And if anyone gets to many dislikes, they can’t comment. Or some moderation system. Well, something that don’t let people run free.


    1. Iwata mention that they will offer options to “block” spoilers. We’ll have to wait and see what that means.


  1. “Baby yoshi that ballons up to carry you so cute”- One of the comments
    With my internet dectetive powers i have found out about a new power up in NSMBMii


  2. I loved this. I’m sure people are looking forward to that New Super Mario Bros. game now more than ever after seeing the Nintendi Direct. Leave luck to heaven.


  3. I must get Wii U. This beats everything. Well, as long as I don’t see an CoD troll saying Wii U is for babies. Other than that, this looks like it beats PS4 and XBOX 720/SMART GLASS.


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