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Wii U Internet Browser Detailed

New details regarding the Wii U internet browser were revealed during the Nintendo Direct conference. By using the Wii U GamePad users can do simple tasks such as input text, browse the web, and also share what they are browsing with others who are watching the television.

To share content all you need to do is swipe the content from your Wii U GamePad towards the television and the content will be displayed for all to see. If you don’t particularly want everyone knowing what you’re viewing online using the Wii U, then you have the option to pull a digital curtain which hides what’s on the television screen.

28 thoughts on “Wii U Internet Browser Detailed”

          1. Opera offered an “average experience” on the Nintendo Wii because at the time, it was the latest and greatest… Furthermore, the Nintendo Wii is considerably under-powered in comparison to competing products.

            As we all know however, Web technologies have come a long way since the launch of the Nintendo Wii and like competing products, Opera has made great strides in browser technology…

            To this day, it is still the fastest and most secure Web browser – it’s so good in fact, that Facebook are considering its purchase!

            I just hope Nintendo don’t make the mistake of choosing NetFront (as used on the Nintendo 3DS) for their embedded browser again, but it’s a pile of poop…

      1. No it isn’t, my laptop is waaaaaaaaay faster than my Wii on the same connection. And I’m not even trying to bash like: ”whaah, consoles don’t matter, PC is the best anywayz”, but it’s just the truth.
        Also: HTML5 plz.

  1. I liked idea of the curtain keeping things hidden on the TV until you want others to see it. Leave luck to heaven.

  2. I like that they called it the Gamepad. Now that’s a cool name. It’s like Gamecube but not really.

  3. Iwata said that you can share what are you watching with your friends… if im watching porn i hope i can cancell the sharing…

  4. This will help at parties. A couple of years ago we had to fight over who was able to show the next “funniest” youtube video. If the Wii U supports more than one Wii U Gamepad than at least two of us could be browsing at once and then share it really fast with the rest. The Wii U took everything that was great about the Wii and has made it even better. Here’s to hoping the Browser itself doesn’t suck like the one on Wii though.

  5. The curtains feature will end very badly
    Scenario 1: Curtains up! Goatse, Lemon Party etc
    Scenario 2: Curtains up! Rick Roll, The Game etc (Do people still do these?)

  6. I hope there’s an option to install your own preffered web browser. Mine would be Firefox. But if not it’s still cool.

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