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Wii U’s Menu Includes An Interactive Hub

Mii Wara Wara is the name for Wii U’s hub, which is also a Japanese phrase that means “general noise and commotion created by  a crowd.” Your Mii will be there as well as all other Miis made on your Wii U. Miis from “people who speak your language” will also be there. Miis who play the same games as you will be there. It’s basically an enormous Mii Plaza for everyone where Wii U gamers can interact and share similarities.

49 thoughts on “Wii U’s Menu Includes An Interactive Hub”

          1. Non-Specific Action Figure

            No my friend this is the one Malleo is one of my big enemies see it on my next episode starting link Non-Specific Action Figure and Mario watch it in the Non-expected time at the Non-expected show :)

      1. I like how you assume it’s a she just because the person happens to own the same name as a certain Jessica Alba.

  1. Social win! By the time I get the Wii U, I bet there will be an army of Miis on the U worldwide.

  2. There is a single English word that means “general noise and commotion created by a crowd.” It’s din.

    1. Mii Din
      Mii Clatter
      Mii Hubbub
      Mii Hubbub?

      Hey, that one actually works within this context! Mii HUBbub! Get it?

      It also sounds as onomatopoetic as Wara Wara as well.

        1. What’s the hubbub on the Wii U’s new hub… bub? LOL… sorry, I had to say it just for the kick of it.

  3. And with the U-Rays emitted from this announcement, Mr. Miiverse was born! Find him on Twitter.

    On a more serious note, I’m happy to see online be such an essential part of the Wii U experience. Can’t wait to see how downloads/patches/etc. will be applied to this game-profile setup.

  4. Wara wara is actually an onomatopia – word that descibes sounds ex: kapow, bam, puff ect – which describes noises made in a crowd. Just for your information.

  5. tomorrow E3 will begin with 2 Epic fails “cough” “cough” sony “cough” microsoft “cough”

  6. Peteriuss' Assassin

    Can I transfer my Miis over from my Wii and 3DS, Or am I going to have to recreate the entire cast of The Office?

    1. I’m pretty sure they’ll allow you to transfer your Miis. Though whether or not it will be a one-way thing is the question.

  7. To me it says AMAZING new menu system, A new DK game, New Mario, New Zelda, New Mario Galaxy, Ne Wii Fit, New Gun Game, new Metroid, and a new Yoshi!!!!!!!

  8. It’s pretty darn cool. Your “friends” will gather at the place where their game icon is on. That way you can see the games they’re playing and stuff, which is visually more pleasing than just reading a dialog box. I’m looking forward to this.

  9. So if the Icons represent games, does that mean that Donkey Kong, Metroid, Zelda , and a Zombie game is coming to Wii U?

  10. This is definitely what the Wii needed. I hated waiting for like an hour just for the stupid thing to check if someone was online to play an unpopular game (e.g. Castlevania Judgement). Now I can not only see if what my friends are playing but who else is playing and by checking their posts I can see if there okay to play with or not. I’m loving this idea!

    1. It is in Japan, where “wara wara” actually means something and repeated words like that are common.

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