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First Look At New Super Mario Bros Wii U?

Nintendo appeared to give us the first look at Super Mario Bros Wii U during today’s Nintendo Direct conference. We already know that Super Mario Bros Wii U is in development for the console, and that it’s based upon the E3 2011 Super Mario Bros Mii demo. Expect to see game, which is expected for launch, at Nintendo’s E3 presentation on Tuesday.

81 thoughts on “First Look At New Super Mario Bros Wii U?”

    1. Earthbound. The best game EVER made. Yes, I’m talking to you entire Zelda franchise (even though you are fucking awesome too).
      Mother 64 trailer just showed so much potential :D
      Not likely though :((

      1. Earthbound is as overrated as all hell.

        If it was as good as you say it was, it would have sold alot.

      1. Yeah. First think I thought when I saw the images in the video was “wow, that looks much better than last time!”, but then “… still not much, though.”

        Can’t wait for Pikmin!

        1. Hey Naner, I was wondering when we’d hear from you. I was worriedyou had missed the Nintendo Direct. On topic: don’t expect a game like NSMB Wii U to be a graphics powerhouse. It doesn’t need to be. As a matter of fact, it’s highly unlikely that any launch window game will push the Wii U to it’s limits. Those games generally come later in a console lifespan.

          1. I didn’t post earlier because I watched the Direct away from home. :)

            Anyway, yeah. If there are going to be a game pushing the graphics, it’s going to be Retro’s game. But I hope they make Pikmin look really great, too.

  1. Não vejo à hora de Jogar este game novamente, espero que o console seja lançado no BRASIL simultâneo com os EUA.

  2. This looks like a sweet upgrade of the classic 2d Mario games. I wonder if you can do the infinite life trick with that Koopa Troopa on the stairs? Leave luck to heaven.

    1. Yeaaaaaa deff not pushing any boundies here. If its fun at least its a launch buy depending on what else is there to choose from.

      1. Indeed like I said above Id still buy it if its fun. I’m pretty sure the original poster is just trolling.

  3. Love the look- it feels like a blend of the NSMB style and Super Mario World, and that is definitely a good thing. It will certainly help rejuvenate the franchise and make the second game in a year actually worth a purchase.

          1. Uncharted 3, which runs at 60 fps and has AA and looks miles better, lmao.

            Also, Gears of War 3, Skyrim, list goes on and on.

            Unlike the Zelda demo, 30 fps, 720p unimpressive crap.

            1. Zelda demo at 30 fps, 720p? LMFAO!!!!! You must have gotten YouTube in your fucking brain?! If you were at either E3 last year or last January’s CES show, the Zelda demo was running in real-time at 60fps and presented in true natime 1080p in high definition. 2PHAT2RANT and Superbros was right…. you’ve been EXPOSED!!!!!!!

                1. You just fucking owned yourself. The link that you’ve shown isn’t reliable and complete bullshit.

                  1. Isn’t reliable? Is that why many other sources have the same information pulled from the feeds?

                    Denialfag is in denial. Wii U was doing nothing impressive last year. And if you think that Zelda demo *which you can’t even control since it’s one giant script* looks remotely better than Uncharted 3 which runs at 60 fps and 1080p with amazing particle and lighting effects, then you need to get your head examined and quit gaming.

                    Or maybe your Nintendo-eyes pulled out of your head and shoved up your ass…

                    …where you will find, your shitty taste in games. =P

                    1. What’s wrong, you butthurt that everything you’re saying is basically false, such as Uncharted 3 running in full 1080p at 60 FPS or the Zelda tech demo running in 720p at 30 FPS. Anyone who’s a fan of both companies and knows about both games can prove you wrong so why do you try so hard to troll and make yourself like an asshole?

              1. It’s true the Zelda demo was running at 1080p. Every source I can find supposedly debunking that is all rumour. It is a fact that the Wii U can handle native 1080p. This has been confirmed by Nintendo themselves all the way back at E3 last year.

                1. That demo was. not. 1080p.

                  Ask anyone who’s been on the show floor and they’ll tell you what “1080p” looks like. That was clearly 720p. To add to that, the game was running at a tested, and PROVEN 30fps with no signs of anti-aliasing.

                  Post your source confirming it’s 1080p, and I bet that you can’t because you have no source or clue.

            2. Wow, way to fail. The Zelda demo was running in FULL HD and was running at 60 FPS. *Face-palm* Wow, it’s obvious that you’re a troll that can’t back up his arguments.

          2. Also, the Zelda demo was basically just a movie with slight camera control. Doesn’t help your point at all, if you even had one.

            1. And furthermore, the Zelda demo was basically shown in-game graphics running in real time. Your comment is pointless like a fucked up politician… Get your facts and priorities straight.

              1. The funny thing is, you’re not presenting any meaninful facts. Real time is nothing if the entire game is scripted.

                Just look at Infinity Blade. Looks all good until you realize it’s nothing but idle swiping and scripted events. Boring.

            2. Nintendo CONFIRMED that it was running in REAL-TIME, oh and, seeing as Zelda tech demos always look worse than the final Zelda game on the system, the last Zelda will quite easily blow it out of the water.

                1. Define “unplayable”.
                  To me, being able to control camera and lighting seems playable enough; thus, it shows that the game react to real-time interruptions.

                  1. Were you controlling Link battling that monster? No? Did you brandish his sword and shield? No?

                    Therefore you were not playing. Camera control makes it by no means playable. It’s about as “playable” as the Unreal Engine 3.5 Samaritan demo, aka, a GIANT SCRIPT.


    1. This isn’t the kind of game that will show off what the Wii-U can really do. Wait till Zelda or Starfox or Metroid come out, they will show off what the system can really do.

  4. If this game is included with the system, the sales of the Wii U will skyrocket! Nintendo at least needs to include a game that utilizes the systems capabilities much like when Wii Sports was included with Wii. I believe that drove the sales of the Wii so well and Nintendo NEEDS to do the same for Wii U.

  5. I usually don’t care but the graphics are not an improvement at all. They can do way better than this. Come on Nintendo! Show us what you’re really made of.

  6. The graphics look good. I clearly notice the amount of detail put into the foreground and the background and the objects in the level. The clouds in the background have shadows below them as they move above the ground, the terrain in the background is in 3D and, from what I’ve seen in the gameplay preview, Princess Peach’s castle and the other castles (may) move closer or further as you get nearer, or, as I’ve said earlier, further to/from (‘from’ if it’s further from it) the ending of the level(s).

    The overworld map has been redesigned to look really similar to Super Mario World’s overworld map design, too. Really excited for this game.

    1. Finally someone who notices the finer and littler things that make the graphics seem so good. It’s not all about razzle dazzle and in your face. The animation looks smooth too.

  7. I’m still under the impression that this game will connect with NSMB 2 on 3DS, particularly through a level editor where the levels can be shared between games.

    Taking the touch screens into account, it might also be cool if you could create your own backgrounds for levels. Granted it’s a feature only a few people would really dig into, but it would be neat to see what more artistically-inclined people would come up with.

  8. This looks gorgeous! Seriously can’t wait for it! Does anyone know if this is the Mario game that’ll be out on release? I have been offline all day so I’m only just catching up on news now! If this isn’t the Mario game that’ll be out on release, I’m still dead excited for it!

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