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Does The Wii U Come In Black?

During the four-minute ‘Miiverse‘ trailer, the actor is playing with a black Wii U GamePad. The black Wii U console is seen as the TV screen is shown. Up until the Pre-E3 Nintendo Direct, the Wii U was always known as a white-colored console. The black Wii U may very well launch alongside the white one. Nintendo also revealed the Wii U Pro Controller, which was only shown in black.

54 thoughts on “Does The Wii U Come In Black?”

  1. Probably in, like, a year when not enough people are buying the Wii U so they have do a price drop and release a new color to sell.

  2. The actor????
    He looks so natural.
    Non-specific action figure was the only actor there, his last smile was fake as hell.

    1. Hopefully we’ll here something at the E3 presentation.
      Iwata said they’ll be showing more of what the Wii U is capable of. They didn’t even show more of the operating system but the presentation is mostly on software. Hopefully technical specs might come before or after that. :)

  3. Id still prefer white. It would just match my livingroom best. And the pro controller is totally an xbox controller, though I suppose thats the best way to please the type.

    1. I could agree to that in design but the button layout is different plus if u look at the front end of that picture u could see a slot used for usb charging like the ps3 controllers so u could say it’s a hybrid designed controller kinda thing going on there.

    2. It looks like what would happen if the Classic controller pro, dualshock and Xbox controller made sweet, sweet love and had a baby.

    3. Id take a white console too! but hopefully… they allow 2 wii u gamepads so I can equalise my colors like i did with my wiimotes! and 4 wii u protrollers, 2 in ea. color!!!! sqeala bout wii u!!!!

  4. Black looks sweet but think I’m gonna stick with the white coloured system. All my Wii accessories are in white which matches my Wii so would make sense to stay the same if possible. I have a black 3DS and all my accessories for that are black :)

  5. I really wonder why Nintendo has yet to show us a close up, detailed view of the console itself. I get that they want to promote the controller as much as they can, but that’s also counter intuitive. Although I give the casuals a lot more credit than usual, I have to say that they just don’t know the difference between the Wii and Wii U if they don’t see that little white (and now black) box. Then again, I’m not sure I care what the casuals think. Also, I want it black hands down. I remember I got pissed when they released the black wii. It looked sleek as hell. Remember when the Wii was first announced and we saw all those colors? What ever happened? I hope they launch Wii U in more colors than the last time.

  6. I’m super curious about something. do you guys think the Wii U require you to plug the system into the TV to work? Or could I just bring the console in my room, plug it into an AC adapter and do everything from the touch screen in bed, without the need for a TV? Cause if so that would be totally awesome! Heck, that would mean you could basically use it anywhere there’s an AC adapter.

  7. I’m so happy to see a black version. I will be getting that one for sure. No yellow discoloration on my awesome new GamePad analogues then.

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