UK gaming publication Edge claims that Animal Crossing and Wii Sports producer Katsuya Eguchi failed to replicate the magic formula that was inexplicably evident in both Wii Sports and Animal Crossing with the recently announced Nintendo Land.

“So yeah, Nintendo Land. It’s safe to say that Katsuya Eguchi failed to show the magic so evident in Animal Crossing Wii Sports.”



  1. I know I’m going to piss people off by saying this on this site….although Nintendo is my favorite gaming company they failed at showing a killer app for wiiu that will make the typical gamer say I need the wiiu. Sure pikmin 3 is awesome but it’s not a huge title. As far as 3rd party ubisoft had the best lineup zombieu looks interesting and Rayman looks amazing as well as assassins creed 3 but there is more big titles coming this holiday season that should be on wiiu like the new call of duty the new medal of honor etc…third party support actually looked weaker than what it did last year we had nothing from ea and 2 huge titles that are already out on other platforms…


  2. Me peteriuss think grafik don’t matter, but now me seen a few wii u videos me think it’s weaker me gonna write to dah reggie an myamoto to make it better. So u cans all thank me wens it betterer thans dah Sony an microdick.


  3. I honk it looked like some fun stuff. And he just failed to “demonstrate” it. I think the magic will be there. And there is a possibility it could be bundled with the system, we’ll see when they release the price.


    • I liked the new meme’s from Reggie. Nintendoland was great. New Super Mario Bros U and Pikmin 3 rocked. Lego city stories was awesome. I can’t really think of anything else.


      • Agreed e3 sucked this year…I waited all year to see an hd aaa nintentendo game on new more powerful hardware and we go nsmbu and pikmin lol….they are nice games but it didn’t show off the wiiu….Sony was ok def not enough vita games the last of us looked good and so did god of war.


  4. Sadly, I have to agree. Wii Sports was a very simple concept, and you could get it right. This Nintendoland thing didn’t really show you much on how the controller is unique there. He spent too much talking about the mini games which would be at the show floor, Reggie kept on talking about, and they closed their conference with another video of it. All that talking did not convey the idea behind that title the way Wii Sports did back in 2006 with the tennis match.


    • Me neither. And it doesn’t make sense to sell it. It needs to to its job and get people introduced to the system. Without extra cost.


  5. Nintendo has been a staple of my family for years, i can say that at times I considered myself a nintendo fanboy (though I enjoy games on all platforms), always “defending the honor” of my beloved N. I honestly had such faith on this conference yet Nintendo let me down, they only needed to prove how wii u was different, how this console was a return to its roots, to hardcore gaming and still most of what was showed was uninspired, uninteresting casual ware (at least for me). I’m truly disappointed. This was the time to show the world the power and potential of the Wii u, to showcase first party blockbusters, third party surprises, to leave our mouths open. I just couldn’t believe they closed with nintendoland, a true shame. This was such a sad day for me and i think i speak for a lot of us who still believed the wii u could be a return for the glorius days of Ninty. Alas, those days are long gone, and I certainly believe nintendo will never fall too far from its confort zone, shoverlware has made them the richest they’ve ever been, they won’t stray too far from it. That’s why this console has the name wii on it. u___u
    PS: excuse my english, not my first language.


    • Hopefully they have another press conference between now and launch showing more. Hopefully some good announcements for 3ds tomorrow the new castlevania looks good.


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