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Just Dance: Disney Party Announced

Ubisoft announced another title in their Just Dance franchise during E3. Ubisoft is working with Disney to develop Just Dance: Disney Party. The game will feature several songs from Disney Classics as well as Disney Channel. Although Just Dance 4 was recently announced for Wii U, Just Dance: Disney Party will not be for Nintendo’s upcoming console. Just Dance: Disney Party will release on Wii and Xbox 360 in October of this year.

Tracks in Just Dance: Disney Party

  • Disney Classics
    •       “The AristoCats” ( “Ev’rybody Wants to Be a Cat”)
    •       “Beauty and the Beast” (“Be Our Guest”)
    •       “Bolt” (“I Thought I Lost You”)
    •       “Cinderella” (“Bibbidi-Bobbidi–Boo”)
    •       “Enchanted” (“That’s How You Know”)
    •       “The Jungle Book” (“The Bare Necessities”)
    •       “Lilo & Stitch” (“Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride”)
    •       “The Little Mermaid” (“Under the Sea”)
    •       “Mary Poppins” (“Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”)
    •       “Peter Pan” (“Following the Leader”)
    •       “Tangled” (“Something That I Want”)
    •       “Tangled” (“I’ve Got a Dream”)
    •       The Muppets” (“The Muppet Show Theme”)
    •       Tinker Bell, “Fly to Your Heart”
    Disney Channel Original Series and Movies
    •       “A.N.T. Farm” (“Calling All the Monsters”)
    •       “Camp Rock” (“This Is Me”)
    •       “Good Luck Charlie” (“Hang In There Baby”)
    •       “Hannah Montana” (“Hoedown Throwdown”)
    •       “High School Musical” (“We’re All In This Together”)
    •       “Jessie” (“Jessie Theme Song”)
    •       “Phineas and Ferb” (“S.I.M.P.” “Squirrels In My Pants”)
    •       “Shake It Up” (“Shake It Up”)
    •       “Shake It Up” (“Twist My Hips”)
    •       “Wizards of Waverly Place” (“Everything Is Not As It Seems”)
    Disney Theme Parks
    •       A Disney Parks iconic song (“It’s a Small World”)

14 thoughts on “Just Dance: Disney Party Announced”

  1. Calum Nicholson-Walker

    I am actually more okay with this than the other Just Dance games given how Disney songs are for the most part better than most of what comprises as modern music.

  2. wow so cool! I so want this game man! I’m sure not being sarcastic, nope. I really want this game man cause it’s not a piece of shit!

  3. And I instantly expect this one to sell better than any other. Or at the very least, this will be the most played among people I actually know.

  4. WOW!

    Complete shovelware for the Wii U before the console has even been released!

    This will make all the 5 year-old Nintendo fanboy babies happy!

    I thought Nintendo wanted to shake its kiddy image?

  5. The Disney nerd in me says AWESOME, but the gamer in me says dance games suck. Oh well, I can just watch the movies to get my fix :)

  6. After reading the songlist… I am highly disappointed. There are so many great Disney songs you could easily dance too, but they, for the most part, give us crap. That normally isn’t the “just dance” fashion (I mean, it was the just dance series that brought us “This is Halloween” “Hungarian Dance no. 5” and “Let’s go to the mall” in the last arrangement…).

    Bring us good stuff like “Hakuna Matata” or “I’ll make a man out of you” instead of songs from “Bolt” or “Tinker Bell”…

    1. I totally agree! “I’ll make a man out of you” would have been such an awesome song to include :) and yea… so many other classics that have been excluded. At least they have Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride. THAT would be a really fun one to do.

  7. At first I was like: Songs from classic Disney movies in a game? Awesome!

    Then I was like: Hannah Montana? Camp Rock? F*ck that sh*t.

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