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The Guardian: “Wii U Might Just Be Nintendo’s Best Console Since The Super NES”

Respected UK news publication The Guardian has spent some time playing the Wii U and its games at this years E3, along with several other publications. Encouragingly they came away from the event proclaiming that Wii U might just be Nintendo’s best console since the Super NES. I would urge you to read the full article here, especially if you’re one of those that are currently on the fence about what Nintendo revealed today.

33 thoughts on “The Guardian: “Wii U Might Just Be Nintendo’s Best Console Since The Super NES””

    1. My moma? There’s only one Museum of Modern Art, so it’s really /our/ MOMA. Unless you’re making a distinction between SFMOMA and the MOMA in New York. You should be more specific next time. D-

    1. n64 was definitely not the best console nintendo did, it was great and helped put the grounds for future games but it wasnt at the peak of its art like the snes was, 2d gaming was truly mastered when the snes came out thus it has more awesome games and is better for its time

    2. The N64 was not a very good console for its time, the PlayStation was a hell of a lot better. That’s not to say that the N64 has one of the best game libraries ever.

  1. Respected news publication doesn’t mean respected video game reviewer. No idea if they know video games like they know news.

    1. At launch, it was the muscle console. Later in the lifespan, though, it was a very familiar story where the 32-Bit machines that use CD-ROMs would “kill Nintendo.” Then DKC and other classics happened, proving there was potential yet to be tapped.

  2. I’ll be the judge of that when I get my hands on it. and also the gamecube with its awesome controller says hello.

    1. I’d like a compatible GCN controller to be offered as a Club Nintendo prize, at least as a Platinum reward.

    1. As it turns out, the Wii U isn’t even released yet. There will eventually be more ports, devs for sports games have to see the value of the controller or just stick with standard controls for a larger audience (releasing those titles with higher graphical power). Nintendo… well, they’ve had the opportunity to develop Mario and Pikmin enough to show those titles off. I think Nintendo Park is misunderstood because people expected one huge title near the end, and got a smaller version of each Nintendo property. It’s strange, but I think in the end it will give a great representation of everything the gamepad can do (I mean, it’s controls can completely change for various games, and within the game). Soon enough, we’ll receive news on at least one other title due by next summer (Tomb Raider’s not due till March, and the huge Watch Dogs isn’t announced). I think Nintendo needs this time. They’ve created a revolution and really do need to start from the ground up, I’m surprised Pikmin is such a spectacle already.

  3. Disagree, SNES had hardcore games. This is still the same old casual shit from the Wii with ports and like one legit exclusive hardcore game.

    1. Hey genius… the system hasn’t been released yet, why don’t you wait til you actually play it like the people who wrote the article?

  4. The only way that the Wii U is just amazing as the SNES is if it gets amazing third party support, I am really mad at Nintendo today, they hyped us for there conference then just disappointed us!!!

  5. I’m certainly very impressed with the Upad. I expect the people who used it on the show floor at E3 will feel the same way. All of Nintendo’s controllers are perfect in relation to the time they were released imo. Leave luck to heaven.

  6. I’m sure of it. Nintendo’s controllers have always been comfortable (except the Virtual Boy and maybe the N64), so I’ll be sure to get a launch game, the console, and a Wii U controller pro at launch.

  7. SNES was the most glorious console ever! Hands down. The Edmonton oilers dynasty of consoles, but the completion wasn’t there back then. Nintendo has a lot to compete with now, hope it pans out

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