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THQ Closes Studio

E3 has only begun but not every video game company is celebrating with new games. On Monday’s EA press conference, a new partnership between the UFC and EA was made. Prior to this, the UFC franchise was exclusive to THQ. THQ has just revealed that they closed their San Diego studio and fired its employees.

THQ confirms that today’s announcement regarding the UFC license transition will affect the company’s San Diego studio. THQ is working closely with those relevant staff to either find possible employment within the company, or potentially with EA.

19 thoughts on “THQ Closes Studio”

    1. horrid CUSTOMER service doesn’t equate to horrible EMPLOYEE service. im sure ea is fine to there employees

      1. Former Sony-exclusive game developer takes over THQ.

        THQ cancels Wii U version of Metro: Last Light.

        Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

        1. I hear it’s more shelved than canceled. They hadn’t begun work on the Wii U version and most likely they didn’t because of all the issues that they are dealing with. I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce around the end of the year they begin working on it.

          1. That’s really what I think also. I was just playing with my first comment (which I copy/pasted from an IGN I had an urge to act ‘fanboy’ after seeing the Playstation All-Stars presentation on E3. Soooo blatant it’s redic. I’ll probably still buy it though since I own a PS3, but still… shameless.

            It would make sense given how Darksiders II is still a go.

            I wonder about the games listed on Wikipedia though –

  1. “Fired” is such a harsh term, in my opinion. It gives this post a connotation that THQ was cruel to their employees. “Disemployed” or “Laid off” would be better word choice…

    But honestly, I loved THQ as a kid. I still pick up the Nicktoons games to simply support them and amuse myself in casual gaming (I do buy other games from THQ as well, like Saints Row). Hopefully they won’t have to lay off any more employees or shut down any more studios.

  2. ^this haha pwned may our lord satan infict and spread wickness. Now lets pray ,drink blood and have sinful wicked sex hahaha i am evil incarnate. Darkside is so much better.

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