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Gamespot: Nintendo Won E3

While some think that all three major video game publishers performed poorly during E3, some believe Nintendo’s E3 presentation was the better one. Gamespot editior Tom Mc Shea says that although Nintendo could have done a better job, they showcased more fun games than their competitors.

“Nintendo didn’t set the world on fire today. There was nothing that rivaled the Wii Sports demonstration from E3 2006, and I am disappointed at the lack of new IPs. But I can’t deny that they had the strongest group of games I want to play right now. And that’s the most important thing that Nintendo, above all other companies, seems to understand.”

89 thoughts on “Gamespot: Nintendo Won E3”

    1. pretty much everything worth seeing that Ubisoft showed was also seen on Nintendo’s conference, except for Watch_Dogs.
      but Nintendo had new Pikmin, new Mario, new console…
      and Regginator.

        1. also the crowd cheered alot for miyamoto zombi wii u etc. and they laughed.,… something u never saw with microcock

      1. Ubisoft by quality(Watch Dogs and Rayman were jewels,ZOMBIU is original somwhow, FAR CRY 3 AND Just Dance 4 almost killed them).
        Nintendo by being honest and not promising nothing that would dissapoint us… and not Wonderbook, that was horrible

    2. HA! Ubisoft it’s fully supporting Wii U and all the games presented in the conference are going to be on Wii U, so you’re sayin’ Nintendo Won E3 Dumbass

    1. That was when the Giant Bomb slackers were still working there. Gamespot got way better once the dust settled in after Jeff being fired and his friends followed suit. Typical case of a shady thing turning the tables for the better inadvertently.

      1. Or if someone insults Nintendo’s conference and says nothing about others, they’re a “hater”. See, there’s more than one type of article that could be written about Nintendo’s E3 conference.

  1. Whilst I think that Ubisoft had the best conference, I can see where they’re coming from. Some of the games they showed in Nintendo’s conference kinda surprised me as well, like LEGO City: Undercover. I was expecting a typical LEGO game, but now we’ve got what looks like LEGO GTA, which can’t be a bad thing.

  2. Overall I saw nintendo an ubisoft were close. For the console makers by far Nintendo. Sony basically gave up on the vita. Makes me regret buying one. I could careless about the smart glass for the xbox

    1. Gave up on the Vita ? Sure, that’s why they announced major titles for it, like Assassin’s Creed and Call of Duty (even though there was no footage of it…). That sure is the definition of “giving up”.



    1. Wrong. Microsoft had a bad showing. A really bad one, actually. No one calls Usher on stage and gets away with it.

      Ubisoft won, both Nintendo and Sony disappointed but were passable, Microsoft sucked hard.

  4. Idk, it felt like they were doing everything right but it didn’t excite me…At first I thought it was just me losing interest and not caring anymore, but then one of the bloggers at kotaku was saying the same thing…
    But let’s be completely honest, most of the things that are impressing everyone are only doing so because it’s Nintendo, and because they were way behind with online and everything

  5. You do realize Gamespot has a feature where people had to argue for each console manufacturer and why they won E3?

  6. In terms of conferences, Ubisoft won. In terms of games and what they do, Nintendo is pretty much up there. A lot of people were getting tired of shooters and stuff. ZombiU, from ubisoft, is a Wii U exclusive, and it is using very interesting mechanics not found in survival horror games at the moment. That Project P-100 game looks insane and really fun. You could say it was a refreshing showing of games.

  7. This seems accurate.

    “Yes.. my body was ready.”
    “I feel like a purple Pikmin.”
    “It’s like running Nintendo of America.”

  8. We win this one, the others will get their turn. I still think that most people will eventually own at least two consoles. I really want Diablo 3 and a final fantasy

  9. Personally they were all just as bad.

    -Sony was boring
    -Microsoft I don’t care for.
    -Nintendo was just Meh.
    -EA can go screw themselves.
    -Ubisoft games don’t interest me.

    Also Ubisoft didn’t win since they don’t make console and aren’t part of the console race.

    Why they have an E3 presentation is beyond me since they are French and shit.

    1. Nintendo and Sony are Japanese, so why do they present at E3? So what if they’re a French company, what does that have to do with anything? That’s really stupid logic.

    1. Yeah, Sony won in my opinion. Cant say much for Nintendo since I’m not child and X-box was just boring.

  10. I agree with Gamespot. It was underwhelming. but neither Sony or Microsoft showed any games that actually looked interesting. Nintendo at least had:

    Pikmin 3
    Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon
    Paper Mario: Sticker Star
    NintendoLand (yes, it looks interesting to me)

    I consider that a good batch of games to look forward to. I’m a little iffy on the other Mario games because the NSMB games are pretty bad.

    1. Keep in mind, this is just one editors opinion, there are other articles by two different editors saying why they think Sony and Microsoft won.

  11. I agree.

    Sony and Microsoft didn’t really show any appealing games. Nintendo at least had Pikmin 3 and Paper Mario, two of my favorite franchises. Oh, and Luigi’s Mansion looks cool too.

    1. they had a wide variety of games… even a zombie gore fest! which is rare from Nintendo!!! EA was just shooters…

  12. I disagree. Nintendo doesnt understand. If they did, they would have blown the roof off at E3 similar to what they did in 2006. Ubisoft to me had the best titles shown at E3 for Wii U. Anyone going in thinking their minds would be blown the way E3 06 was like me was disappointed.

  13. I can see where he’s coming from with this. Nintendo conference was bad, Sony’s was passable and Microsoft was boring. This dude did play the games on the floor, so he’ll know better than we do. Leave luck to heaven.

  14. For GameSpot, that is great.
    For me, I agree.
    For some others, I understand if they don’t agree.

    What ever type of games your into, all are entitled to opinion due to preference. So long as all are getting something that they want and are enjoying gaming in general then E3 is a ‘win’ for all involved.

  15. I honestly thought the presentation was fine! I mean it wasn’t the greatest but i’d still give it 7/10. They have the games I want to play! That’s what it’s all about.

  16. so to gamespot nintendo won meanwhile to ign sony won. to me all three won because millions of people are going to buy what they had to show at the conference which is the only purpose of e3.

  17. I didn’t know Nintendo won E3 from Gamespot. I don’t know whether to flip the bird after the Zelda: Skyward Sword review or to say, “Thanks Gamespot.” Although I still say Ubisoft wins E3, I have to say that Nintendo truly deserves that win at E3. Although the press conference was an epic fail (mostly casual games and a few hardcore IPs (Batman: Arkham City: Armored Edition [I STILL WANT THAT GAME!!!!!] and Zombi U), the Big N will continue to kick ass and take names. Stay tuned… the best is yet to come.

    Together Wii U

  18. Like someone, who actually checked the source as well, before me said: There, on the front page of Gamespot, is a set of articles – each explaining why a certain company won E3. They gave reasons why Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft won E3; not for actually stating who won, but to give people stuff to say/argue/bash to one another and say why ‘X’ was better than ‘Y’ and ‘Z’.

  19. as much as a Nintendo fan as I am (been one since I first got my SNES), I don’t think Nintendo deserves it this year, maybe if they showed off Nintendoland first, rather than last, maybe they would’ve won in my book, in my honest opinion, the honor of best E3 conference should go to Ubisoft, they showed off some damn good games, even a new IP

  20. I’m surprised this is coming from Tom McShea, the same guy who did that shitty skyward sword review.

  21. It was a crappy E3. But Nintendo was the best. At least they had the biggest roster of games, even if most were casual. The hosts weren’t as annoying and Miyamoto. That is all.

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