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Nintendo Is Serious About Nintendo Land

During Nintendo’s developer discussion, Wii U hardware producer Katsuya Eguchi said that Nintendo is serious about Nintendo Land. Eguchi promises that Nintendo Land will contain a lot of depth within each mini-game. Eguchi believes that unlike Wii Play, players will want to continue playing Nintendo Land with their friends or by themselves. Eguchi revealed that Nintendo’s name is in the game’s title to prove that they are serious about it and by doing this, they “are putting the Nintendo name on the line.” Nintendo Land will be released on Wii U at the console’s launch.

81 thoughts on “Nintendo Is Serious About Nintendo Land”

  1. Meh, nothing in the game has made me want to purchase this game, it just looks like another bland mini-game collection

      1. It would be nice if it’s included, it’s some kind of Mario Party/WiiU Tutorial to familiarize with the console. Otherwise, not so many people will buy it… It’s some kind of Miiverse Introduction as well.

      1. We don’t know. All we know is that it’s a launch title. Hopefully it will be bundled… cause nobody wants to pay for it.

        1. Nintendo made it pretty obvious that it wasn’t going to be included. If it was, they would have said multiple times that it would be included with the console. They think the game is good enough to hold its own without being bundled.

            1. Allright, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see :) I just interpreted Reggie that it would just be another launch title you could purchase

      1. do you have a confirmation source that in North America this wont be a launch title? Reggie hinted that it might…..stating a difference in Japanese and American strategies with in box games. just go to @GameOnAminka and @RichIGN twitter accounts to read some cool stuff!

        1. Why wouldn’t they say its bundled? it would make sense to say it was if it was bundled. It would make people want to purchase the console because it comes with a decent, free game. Even if people don’t care about it, it couldn’t hurt to say it was bundled

          1. Well Nintendo will probably announce all the specifics about the WiiU’s launch at the Tokyo Game show in September JUST LIKE in 2006 at the Nintendo World event, also held in September. E3 isn’t the superbowl. it’s not a contest, just an over glorified (by gaming media and people like us) tech demo show.

    1. In fairness, the mini game concepts are inspired and fun but I’m not in the market for it unless you want to bundle it with a controller like wii play

      1. What’s wrong with Halo? Because its a shooter? If so that is a very ignorant way to view things. Halo 4 looks fantastic and one of the two games Microsoft showed this E3 that I actually want to play (that and South Park). Not to mention, it has colors compared to most shooters you guys complain about!

          1. He was complaining that most people only care about Halo, and I asked him why it is wrong to care about Halo.

            1. Maybe he’s saying people only care for guns and explosions. He never said the game was bad.

      1. THIS IS FOR KIDS…. children do not watch the e3 A LOT, so parents can buy the wii u for them … On the other hand, it sucks!!!! According to IWATA, hardcore games would be the mos important matter… so??? wii u = such a disappointing device, FAIL!!!!!!!!!!

    1. i like it. i think it’s a very creative and fun way to show what the wii u is capable of. i’ll probably buy it for my little brother and sister.

    2. No, I like it. It’s pretty neat. People will catch on when they show more of it and can get their hands on it without having to pay. I’m stoked.

    3. I like it too! I thought the idea of having different Nintendo characters in one game a good idea. I know there won’t be any cross overs but it’s still kwl, plus it means we get SOME Zelda for now! Plus it looks kwl cos it includes current things such as Luigi’s Mansion

    1. Yes, it does. It’s sort of like an MMO, if you will. A bunch of peoples’ Miis running around everywhere.

  2. At least Nintendo Land would be more fun than playing Disneyland on Kinect for Xbox 360. There… I said it.

    1. I’m really excited to play NintendoLand, especially online. Would you like to link up upadwatcher and play? Would be freakin awesome!

  3. at E3 they said that they wanted to focus on the Wii U games more than the actual system. And they spent a lot of time talking about this game, but it was kinda stupid, I would much rather hear about the Wii U itself rather than hear crap about a mini game collection

  4. Playstation home is the SAME exact thing and it’s free…..

    (aka a million or so people use it every day, hint hint play a FREE game)

    Seriously it’s one of the few thing Sony has done right.

    That and I got to experience Sonys E3 booth virtually. Got a bunch of swag for my virtual character and even got another dust 514 beta code and made a friend very happy.

    1. But Home sucks. It really does. And unlike Home, Nintendo Land actually has reasons to back and play it again.

      1. ^Yup. I’ve played Playstation Home, and it kind of blows. I spent hours on it hoping to catch hold of it, never did.

  5. I think it should be included since you clearly need multiple people to play it. And I dont think 12 minigames is enough to warrent a 50-60$ purchase.

  6. In Japan this probably wont be packaged in, but in North America…practically guaranteed. source: @RichIGN

  7. I has to be included, Seriously who is gonna buy a 50 dl game for 12 god damn minigames, when mario party has at least 70 the only way this game will sell is if it’s bundle if not it is gonna be a wii music case.

  8. I … think I’ll just wait for the reviews of this game before I jump to any conclusions lol

    Who knows it might be really good

  9. Hey, I’m pretty stoked for it. I won’t pay for it, not a dime, but I’m excited to try these experiences and see what the Wii U can actually do.

  10. I’ve been seeing a lot of negative comments about this game. I for one am looking forward to it. This game seems like a nostalgia trip waiting to happen. Well, it feels that way to me, not so sure about everyone else.

    1. Yes, it will have online. And if it didn’t, it would be “just another minigame title”, something the Wii was bombarded with. If Nintendo is trying to provide more 3rd party support, they wouldn’t make that mistake again. They said they’re taking this title seriously.

  11. This is definitely something that should come packaged with the Wii U system. It’s got a broader appeal, and it really doesn’t seem like something Nintendo had to invest too much money into creating. But I don’t think people will rush out to buy it separately. Have it as a bundled title so people will enjoy it (because they will try it if it’s included, it’s hard to resist trying a game you’re given).

  12. It may be fun, actually. Don’t let the “mini-game” concept turn your back toward it, people.

    Does anyone here own a Mario Party game?

    1. I have played Mario Party, and it is fun. But Mario Party 9 has 80 minigames, and this only has 12.

  13. If this game ends up being a pack-in, then what about New Super Mario Bros. U? Usually if a Nintendo console launches with a Mario title, then the Mario title is the pack-in.

    1. Maybe there will be two bundles, one for Mario for the serious gamer, and one for Nintendoland for everyone else.

  14. Just looked at 1080p videos of NintendoLand in action on YouTube, and I have got to say, I’m VERY impressed with the graphics performance, and the art style they used. Very awesome, indeedy.

  15. This game has to be included with the system. If they’re really serious about using it in the same way a Wii Play, it needs to come with the system so people will have a game to inroduce them to the Wii U Game Pad. I understand what they’re trying to do with this game.

    From the decriptions I’ve read, the game is deceptively hard. We need to hear more from the show floor.

  16. This game is meant to introduce players to new ways to play, like many of the wii’s first games.
    And the result will be an awesome Zelda game, just like skyward sword.

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  18. now i understand what this is
    this is like the playstation thing where u could chat with other avatars and play mini games
    wow im impress this a hell yeah

  19. I’m much more excited about this than I was for Wii Sports and Wii Play, mostly because they were just playing tiny minigames with the miis, whereas this has actual Nintendo themed minigames.

  20. They really need to bundle this thing with the Wii U, or an extra controller like they did with Wii Play. Believe me, no one is going to buy Nintendoland and it is going to get low review scores from jounalists otherwise. It is a shame, this has obviously more effort put into it than Wii Sports or Play, but it is just effort they should of put into something like Metroid, F Zero or Star Fox

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  22. At least this would be a better bundled game idea than Wii Sports. Hopefully they confirm more interesting mini games. This is coming from someone who plays both casual and hardcore games. ;)

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