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Wii U ‘eShop’ Available At Launch

Nintendo wants to launch Wii U when it is completely ready. Nintendo admitted to past mistakes with the Nintendo 3DS’ launch and wants to do everything they can to avoid the same troubles. Nintendo said the eShop was not ready for the 3DS at launch and therefore was not available for the handheld-console for months after its initial release. Nintendo plans to avoid this mistake by making sure Wii U’s digital store will be available on the upcoming console’s release date.

30 thoughts on “Wii U ‘eShop’ Available At Launch”

  1. Can’t wait for the Online Shop for the Wii U – I wonder if there will be virtual games and WiiWare games right off the bat?

      1. They will most likely announce several titles at the Tokyo Game show, as with the release date and launch price (& bundles C:)

  2. i dont care that! i just want to see the specs! im at the point of get a ps3 beacuse of the Wii U, need to know if it will support the unreal engine 4 or not!

    1. you are an idiot buying a console based solely just graphics… get a pc for that

      ps3 will DEF NOT RUN UNREAL 4 smh


      hi there why bother with ps3 or wii u get a ps4 in 2014 it suports 4 sony tablets a 600,000,000 terabyte halographic disk 100 gb solid state drive ps4 will be faster then ps3

    1. lol fair enough, there are some ok things on there but not really, I barely use it, I have only downloaded like 2 games from it, then plus the 20 ambassador games, so I guess ur right

      1. I know, right!?! People want like every single nintendo first party franchise right off the bat. Then there would be nothing to look forward to. I think what they’re offering now is great.

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  4. Er. I took that for granted.

    Guess what everyone, there will be a Wii U Gamepad packed with every console. Surprise, surprise!

  5. I think they should consider the price of the games, there’s a big difference between a game on the apple store and the e-shop. I now there’s a big difference and the market is somehow different but at the time to buy the price has a big impact. Better to sell a lot at low price than the other way as happened with angry birds.

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  7. Well, I don’t blame them. I mean, when Wii was released, it had lots of features for the time. Plus, the Wii Shop Channel was readily available, too.

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