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New Super Mario Bros. 2 Box Art Revealed

New Super Mario Bros. 2 will be coming to Nintendo 3DS on August 19th. Unlike the original New Super Mario Bros. for Nintendo DS, its sequel allows you to play the entire game with another player. In the game, a major objective is to collect all the coins you can find. There are more coins in this game than any other Super Mario Bros. title. You will find a surprise once you collect a million or more coins throughout the game.

45 thoughts on “New Super Mario Bros. 2 Box Art Revealed”

  1. I love the idea that it’s multiplayer! I just hope that there’s download play so me and my boyfriend can play with just one card!

  2. Even if I really, really don’t like this game, I do like the boxart. I like that Parakoopa’s face; he’s like slowly coming to the realization that Mario is about to kill him

  3. Looks nice! i hope it has online and DLC!, look at the turtle face, is thinking “damn, i will die in a few seconds…”

    1. NSMB 2 and Paper Mario: Sticker Star are both confirmed to be fully downloadable at their launch. I assume that’s through the Nintendo Network. I believe Wii U will do the same on the network.

  4. I want Nintendo to succeed in every aspect, and I’m sure this game is really fun. But at the same time I almost want this game to completely bomb, just to send Nintendo the message that this franchise needs something different. I understand every console gets one 2D Mario, but it seems almost desperate now. I’ve bought almost every first-party game for my 3DS at release, and yet I have no interest in this title at all; especially against the Wii U version. 3DS owners deserve a 2D Mario, but one that doesn’t resort to “collect as many coins as you can.”

    1. I somehow completely disagree. I think this title looks MORE enjoyable than the one for Wii U. Granted I’ll be getting both, but the previews for this one make it seem much more fun. I like the speed run mode with collecting coins, that sounds awesome. The Wii U one seems to be a copy of the Wii one, but you can play as your Mii, and play around with the landscape. Seems much less innovative and more lazily done.

      1. This is why I hate the game; granted this is my opinion….but No new music, at all (seriously its the exact fucking same), graphics barely distinguishable, hell, even the fucking desert world is the second world in the god damn game. The game brings absolutely nothing new other than more gold. Oh great, more fucking pointless ways to gain more fucking useless extra lives. The game has the raccoon tail now. Oh great, it would have been a big deal if they already didn’t fucking do it for SM3DL . I think the worst part is that its going to sell millions of copies, which just tells Nintendo that they can keep rehashing the same game all over again and keep making money. U on the other hand has a new soundtrack, brand new graphical style; and actual original power-ups like the Yoshis.

        1. 1) I doubt that they didn’t do ANY new music, it was just likely what was shown in the previews.
          2) The point is to get coins, not just to get lives. It adds competition to see who can go through the level getting the most coins
          3) This game has new powerups too. The golden flower and there was one other one shown (hard to keep track with this one and the one for Wii U).
          4) 3DLand did not incorporate “flying”, it was falling slowly, so the return of the raccoon tail with it’s flying will be a great throwback unlike the use in 3D Land.

    2. When one completes a 2D mario game, the next challenge is speed running, EVERY MARIO GAME IS LIKE THIS, now they add an extra challenge: go fast, but be conscious of coins. It amps up the speed and precision one must have, making it more manic then ever. I’d say this title is one that is bursting with originality in the sense that it takes the original concept of a speed run and takes it to a place that it has never been before

  5. I guess Mario’s…gone gold.


    Here’s another: Mario has officially joined the 1%.

    This would be a good excuse for a gold 3DS bundle.

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  7. The box cover is like the preview game– 100% GOLD!!!!! Let’s hope the Big N continues to stay gold.

  8. Looks really good and golden! can’t wait for it I’m actually surprised it’s out so soon! Well… I know it’s 2 months away but compared to Paper Mario which I’m dieing for!!

  9. Damn they should have made it download play. I’m not about to drop about 100 dollars just so I can play Super Mario with my brother/friends. Hell, Super Mario Bros. X (fan game) has much better co-op than New Super Wii/U/Probably 2 and it’s free!
    Make it happen, Nintendo.
    Mario fans who haven’t tried Bros. X should really try it, btw. Best fan-made Mario EVER.

    1. so right about that, SMBX is one of the best, especially that you can edit levels in the main game with the level editor. also right about making it download play. no download play? WHAT THE FUCK? im not gonna pay more just to play with my buds. either they get the game themselves, or we dont play.

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