During the 3DS software showcase, Nintendo revealed some statistics for the Nintendo eShop. There are a total five titles on the eShop that have been downloaded over a million times by Nintendo 3DS users. Netflix, Nintendo Video, Swapnote, Pokedex 3D and The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition reached the million download mark. All of these titles are free – Zelda was also free but was available for a limited time.



  1. this is pretty sad, the 3ds has been out for over a year, has sold over 5 mill 3DS and the only games that reached 1mil are free games (Not even half of the installed based downloaded these)

    makes you wonder why the eShop gets little good 3rd party support. smh


  2. Well, it looks like the should release more free stuff then.

    No, but really, I wonder how much they’d sell if they’d release more classic Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games? DS games for digital download might also be a good idea. It’d cut down on buying used. So Nintendo would be making that money and not Gamestop. Especially on the more rare games like Metroid Prime Hunters. I can’t find that new anywhere. I for one would start buying more things there.


      • Please check Target, Wal-Mart, and Gamestop’s websites. It is not there. And I can’t find it in-store either. Maybe that’s not true for you, but for me it is. But considering the fact you can’t find it online, my point still stands. Nintendo is expressing interesting in selling digitally. It’s make sense for certain DS games (Nintendo’s) to be released that way at some point. It’s the perfect way to combat buying pre-owned.


  3. Also, Nintendo should use THEIR characters for eShop games. Take the lesser known characters and give them their own games via the eShop. A Princess Peach or Daisy game? Toad and Toadette? Waluigi? Birdo? A new eShop WarioWare Inc.? Tingle? Mario Paint? I’m not asking for much but a few puzzle games? Or something like Mutant Mudds but with Daisy and Peach? A card game? And as I’ve said many time before: AR Duck Hunt.

    Nintendo shouldn’t be so dependent on third party stuff for the eShop. They need to release some stuff themsevles.


    • No, because I’ve gotten a lot of N64 games on my Wii and have no interest in re-buying them. They can feel free to let me transfer my purchases to my 3DS, though.


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