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Nintendo Shares Continue To Fall

Shares in Nintendo are continuing to fall after their Wii U presentation at E3 on Wednesday. Shares in the company fell an additional 0.99% today in Japan, suggesting that investors still haven’t quite warmed to Nintendo’s next console, Wii U. Sterne Agee analysts Arvind Bhatia and Brett Strauser are both of the opinion that Wii U lacks a killer app.

“The device has to win support from within the family.”

“We have to show the benefits of the Wii U device from different angles in order to reach the mother, the father and the children.”

– Nintendo president Satoru Iwata

57 thoughts on “Nintendo Shares Continue To Fall”

  1. Investors don’t buy the concept of Wii U, Nintendo got tons of money with Wii and DS and now they openly say they’re going on a different direction, you’d have to be an idiot to not see where they are going.

    The moment Satoru Iwata said they were focusing on hardcores, the system got doomed

    1. don’t forget investors in the 80’s didn’t want to invest in Nintendo and what happend they revolutionized gaming for everyone and trust me they will do it again and got back to there rightful place as no#1

    2. “focusing on hardcores”
      Evidenced by what? You had to look outside the Nintendo e3 conference to find any hardcore games, and several of these games are re-releases of old ones.

        1. And then the completely lack of hardcore focus at E3?

          Oh, besides 1 exclusive (that may not be exclusive anymore), 1 multi-platform game, and a bunch of several-month-old third party games?

          Oh yeah, definitely worth shelling out several hundred dollars…


  2. No company is doing good on the stock market. Things won’t improve until Europe gets it’s shit together.

    1. I don’t agree with that at all. People LOVED the Wii. People went crazy for it. Everyone was buying into the console, leading to one of the craziest launches of a console ever.

  3. Department of Agriculture

    Pack in Super Mario Bros U and you’ll probably have a ton more sales, especially if you have a super cute huge box with Mario and gang and showing the game inside. It would appeal to me and especially my inner child.

    1. So you are willing to wait until 2017 for the Wii U? Because that is how long they suggested the SSB game will take to create.

      They don’t need SSB, they just need to show more 3rd party titles and show that their console does support high-end graphics

      1. yeap his right stop giving us titles like mass effect and batman games that came put like a year ago…i realy wanted nintendo to step it up and say in their press conference that maby farcry 3 and crysis 3 and cod b3 games that are multiplatform and that are capable of great grafics….but hey nintendo keeps droping the ball..

      2. He said New Super Mario Bros U…a game we saw full well this week, not Super Smash Bros.

        Read before you rage.

  4. Until the console is actually out in the wild and garnering sales, I doubt things will improve even if a comfortable price is revealed beforehand. V__V

  5. WiiU will be like 3ds, its sales wont be very good at the first weeks, nintendo will se that and they will anonce games like star fox metroid and f zero, in the next e3 we will see a new zelda for wiiU and 3ds and ssb4 for both again, the sistem will sell even more and will again win the console war. Its very simple if you think abut it.

  6. What do they expect when they give e3 conference like that. They had a brand new console and barley revealed what it can do, Nintendo are playing safe. Sony and Microsoft ain’t even releasing new consoles and there conferences were more exciting and entertaining.

    The whole concept of family playing together is a load of rubbish. Try something new.

    1. Microsoft and Sony’s conferences where boring after they showed off the games, Nintendo’s was more interesting because they showed off some neat titles for their new system and also showed off what the graphics of the first gen Wii U games will look like

      1. I am a Hardcore Nintendo fan, but even I can admit Sony and Microscoft had better E3’s. Halo 4 and God of War topped anything Wii U showed.

    2. @Evan, that is exactly the kind of mentality Nintendo is trying to get rid of. “The whole concept of family playing together is a load of rubbish” not everybody hates spending time with their families, you know?

  7. no wonder they are falling with all the negativity they are getting from customers, fans, and haters out of the fail of a press conference…. nintendo fail to understand that they allready have the casual market well i guess investors wanted them to show what they promise about getting some hardcore fans in their band wagon…. but since they didn’t do that shares are falling….nintendo breaks their promises so will investors….and all other people who are preping their wallets to invest into buying a wii u system…but like wtf thats wht they get for leading peopple into bealiving their lies….ps….am still mad about the coference of wii u and 3ds… no animal crossing,metroid,zelda,DK kong, golden sun and COD blackops 2…. realy nintendo what a fail…..

  8. Why is everyone bitching about the conference? Fans of Nintendo who are on this site have nothing better to do but bitch and moan.

    Chill out! The conference does NOT reflex on the console itself, just wait until developers who are working on games for the Wii U start showing of gameplay footage of their Wii U games

  9. People should stop getting all crazy about stocks, unless stocks are really really bad for quite some time (look at sony, their stocks has been going down for years (and i mean 10 or 20)), they are just what people “think” about the company.

    in economic terms nintendo should not be worry at all, they made quite a bit of money with the Wii/DS, and i highly doubt the WiiU would be a flop, if anything im expecting all new consoles/portables to do “bad” compared to last gen, even if you dont agree with this, Smartphones and Tablets DO gaming and quite good for all that matters

  10. It’s very entertaining to see people bitching about Nintendo after one bad E3. LOL! Weak minded people. There are still a few months left before the release. Hopefully you’ll get the big games you’re looking for. You just didn’t get them this week. Chill out. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. The thing is this was the full unveiling of a console that was announced last year. Last year! I don’t think it’s the fans fault for expecting so much, we usually get some news on upcoming games but all we have is rehased Mario, Pikmin HD, and some weird lego game…

      1. This is going to be a long resonse, I apologise in advance.

        Oh no. I’m not blaming them at all. Nintendo is to blame. The conference was bad. All eyes were on Nintendo and they blew it. They deserve every bit of outrage the fans throw at them.

        I also believe the hype was outrageous for this E3 and some fans were expecting unrealistic things. Some people were expecting them to announce a price even though they said months before that they wouldn’t. Some people were expecting a new Zelda game even though we just got one last year. People were expecting them to drop bomb after bomb after bomb.

        When people calm down from their disappointment, they’ll see in the coming months that Nintendo knew exactly what they were doing. They are launching a new console that is an evolution to their old one. They need to make sure they don’t lose the audience they gained with Wii. so while the world was watching, they gave the casuals their attention. The hardcores can get their info after the show because they are the ones who actually follow up on these things, they go to blogs like this to talk about games.

        Nintendo will make this work in the end. I have faith in them.

      2. Also keep your eyes on that Lego game, you guys. It might just become a sleeper hit. It looks entertaining.

  11. That’s Nintendo’s whole problem; they’re still thinking in terms of “children”. Where are the students, the young adults, the hardcore gamers? This whole Wii U is already a flop, not in business terms necessarily but in terms of satisfaction for the real gamers. The name has everyone, even game journalists confused having them think the Wii U is a gamepad with a screen for the Wii. What is Nintendo doing about that? Nothing! In fact, they are being ambiguous when they answers the question if it’s Wii upgrade or a new console they answers “well… both really”. Neither really, if you ask me.

    The Wii was a huge disappointment. It’s been eating dust at my place since 2006 and I’ve only played 2.5 games on it: Zelda TP, Zelda SS and the 0.5; Mario Kart. My only reason to buy the next Nintendo console is because of Zelda. I’ll buy it… with spite and disappointment and I think that’s how Nintendo is barely surviving with most their adult fans who solely buy they crap for only their first party titles.

    This Wii U campaign should’ve focused on “NEW” not a box that looks the same as the Wii and then focussing on the gamepad only, with a name that is 75% the same as the old console but with an added letter (which sounds retarded… weeyoo~~… WTF) confusing the mainstream gamers among others and disappointing the fans. Overall, bad, very bad business management.

    Furthermore, They haven’t really learned from their gimmicky piece of crap and failure with the Wii (yes, it did sell, but just as much as it disappointed: gimmicky instead of revolutionary, poor graphics and power, not enough applications, poor online gaming features etc. etc. etc.). They should’ve focussed this campaign on their Competition (Sony and Microcrap) and their FANS i.e. Give it a new name to completely set it apart from its predecessor and avoid confusion (people reading this obviously do research and/or anticipate the upcoming release so they know better but the greater percentage does not. Even I, a die hard Zelda fan, only heard about the Wii U a month ago), give it at least the power to support the Unreal Engine 4, rather than acting obstinately shortsighted like with the Wii when they didn’t even added HD support and left all their fans AND potential serious gamers disappointed.

    And, to name one more simple action they’ve could’ve taken instead of solely focussing on the damn gamepad (ADDING to the confusion of “wait, hold on… is this an add-on or a new console?!) they should’ve had the slogan “Let’s Get Serious”.

    The 3DS failed miserably outside of Japan and the Wii failed in terms of game sales and enjoyment. But Nintendo is still focussing on mainstream gamers and families with young children and most the games they have to show for, besides Ubisoft’s, at this point are again party games and party-like games. Miiverse?! Who gives a rat’s ass?! Nintendoland?! Please!

    Nintendo, fuck you very much.

    1. Problem is that “fans” and “competition” its not what nintendo its after, for all that matter fans are just a little part of the sells… hell hardcore gamers are just tiny little part, money its in the wider audience and thats where the “casual gamers” are (wich imo, theres no “casual gamer” theres the guy who have fun with games and the guy who believes he is a “hardcore gamer” wich imo, are the assholes)

      dont expect sony and microsoft to be out of that too… they care about money, not fans… and people should realize that by now, Move and Kinect were moves to get the casual audience (move failing misserable) that failed, i wonder how much money did the R&D department spent…

      games may be “mature” but look at sells only a bunch of games manage to get impressive sells (most of them because the last game made it sell like hotcakes, new IPs dont do good anymore) its too much of a risk to spend millions on dollars on game that the company dont know if will sell or no… so no, the industry its changing just like it did when it started to be for “girls” who need it a healtbar or recovering one for all that matters

      1. I understand what you’re saying about the industry and the worries over development costs and I agree with you. However, as the laymen’s saying goes; “You need to spend money to make money”, which is absolutely true. I also agree that the mainstream gamers are higher in quantity but a console can only do as well as it’s ecosystem, it’s offering of software, which is why the Wii and 3DS failed among other reasons. When I say “hardcore” or “diehard” gamers, I mean frequent gamers with loyalty to their favorite franchises and explorers of new genres and IPs because, gaming is a hobby. I don’t mean the guy who doesn’t have a life but pizza, gaming and a crappy part time job. “Real gamers” are the ones who are going to KEEP spending money on games, software, add-ons, services etc. Not the mainstream gamer. A mainstream gamer buy 2 or 3 games for when company is around (as an example).

        Nintendo’s market capital was about 8 times what it is now in its peak in 2006. That says a lot about the faith investors have in the company for over the past 6 years and it’s still going down. What is Nintendo doing about it? It’s repeating its mistakes.

        Although Nintendo has, despite their extremely rightfully devalued market capital, about $10 billion in cash reserve. More than enough for R&D, for example. However, that’s not what I’m disappointed about or what I’m suggesting.

        Their approach to the campaign was WRONG and lacking. The results are evident. People, gamers, journalists and shareholders are all skeptic and confused, if not angry.
        Adding enough power in the console (which still needs to be published) to make the console FUTURE-PROOF (something the Wii was already behind on on its release) is important. Making it able to run the UE4 would really be the bear minimum. That would only create costs for the parts and not for extensive and expensive R&D.

        Also, releasing the console with a wide variety of games that appeal to everyone is important. But so far… we’ve seen Pikmin… whoopdyfuckingdoo (and some other bla). I mean, I can run AC3 on my PS3 at 1080p and with the PS3 I won’t have to LOOK DOWN constantly for the second screen that doesn’t even support multitouch.

        I’ll probably buy the Wii U with a lot of spite and self hate when Zelda comes out…. expensive ordeal for just one game, but oh well.

        I hope though, that the consoles hardware will sway decent developers to create non-party/silly games for the console but we have to wait to see what’s under the hood.

        But look at them… focussing on Nintendoland, Miiverse, Pikmin, “parents and their children”… ugh.

        Deep down I hope they will fail harder than with the Wii and 3DS combined so that they will finally learn.

  12. I’ll say this, I like Mr. Iwata, but I think it’s time for new leadership. To me, when I think of E3, I think of that as a show for the core. Let me explain, I think only the core keeps track of when E3 is, and will watch it in it’s entirety, suffering through many boring presentations, in hopes of hearing about something good. So I don’t need to hear about the next Wii fit, dance central (xbox), or wonderbook (ps3). Announce those online, or earlier in the year, because that type of audience (causal) isn’t watching (my belief). Also, while I think it’s nice that Mr. Iwata likes creating experiences for the family, when Cod black ops comes out, I wonder how many families will be playing that together? Mine won’t. We need more individual experiences, like Metroid, Zelda, or a new IP.

  13. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

    People just think it’ll never catch on, like the Wii before it. They’ll be suprised, you’ll see…

  14. And everyone knows the Wii U will be the number 1 Christmas item this year. XD! People who bash Nintendo are stupid.

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  16. People need to know that investors are stupid and only invest just so they can make quick money.

    Investors have no knowledge of the Video Market what so ever, hell the investors once told Nintendo that they need to go 3rd party and make Mario games only on the iOS since they wanted to cash in the success of Angry Birds.

    Luckly Nintendo said “LOL nope.avi”

  17. it would be funny when the wiiu sells millions in the first month and those investors crap their pants.

  18. If they would have just had one epic awesome game like Zelda it would have been fine. Or even DK or something. We got only one decent game fir the hardcore shown (Pikmin) that was 1st party. And don’t give me this load of crap about Skyward Sword just launching. It launched last November. News flash; Gears of War 3 launched last September and they had a game shown at E3. Nintendo just failed to connect to the core gamer in any way, shape, or form.

  19. I don’t think Nintendo is in any trouble at all. Their shares always drop right before they release a new console, since there aren’t as many games being made for their last one, and because of the cost of developing the console. And Nintendo hasn’t lost the console war since the Gamecube. They won with the DS, easily won with the Wii, and they’re winning with the 3DS.

    If anyone is in trouble, it’s Sony. They’ve lost billions, the PSVita isn’t selling well at all. Their PS4 better sell well…

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