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Wii U Will Feature An Achievement System

When speaking with Kotaku, Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed that Wii U will have system-level achievements like the Nintendo 3DS and its Mii Plaza Accomplishments. Fils-Aime said that Nintendo is giving developers the choice of whether they want to implement an achievement system in their games. In other words, a Wii U game is not required to feature a system of achievements.

Nintendo has put an Achievement-like system in the 3DS, mostly to reward people for feats involving the system’s Street Pass networking system. In other words, the system itself has Achievements. “We will have that,” Fils-Aime said. “Once you start getting into game-specific [Achievements] that’s developer driven.” Microsoft may require every game to have Achievements, but, Fils-Aime said, “That is not our philosophy.”

81 thoughts on “Wii U Will Feature An Achievement System”

    1. That’s actually true lol. Achievements are the modern way of saying “my penis is bigger than yours”.
      I love your comment.

      1. But what ’bout female gamers? My friend Didi has a 360, and she claims she can’t play online because people always kick her out for A) being a girl and B) having a low gamertag score since she doesn’t have a lot of achievements or games.

        1. Woman/girls cant play videogames, you belong in kitchen, making food for us the man… The reason A is good reason so dont whine and get back in the kitchen

  1. PhantomBowser16 on twitter

    Aw COME ON. Nintendo, I understand how your philisophy differs from the likes of Microsoft and Sony, and to an extent I’m very glad of that. But seriously, this, as well as friend codes, is why people are jumping ship.

    1. Why, because not every game is REQUIRED to have achiements. Boo hoo, most will anyway, including all ports. At least a system is in place.

    2. Did you read the article? Developers have a choice to add achievements in their games. So they most likely will. And to be fair, we don’t know enough about the friend code system to be skeptical just yet. They never said it was forced per se.

    3. People are jumping ship because there WILL be achievements? I don’t understand your logic.

      Also, we don’t even know what the new “friend code” system is like yet, so people judging Wii U because of that are idiots.

      1. Personally, I think accounts will have usernames (Like OctoG123 in that video), but just to add people you’ll have to exchange codes, so people can’t spam requests or anything.

    4. I walk on her heels

      Who cares about achievements they mean nothing except on Xbox
      Where you get gold but it’s pretty much just looky look I did this it’s completely asinine to me

      1. Play TF2 on the computer. It actually has 394 achievements but they aren’t pointless achievements as most of them actually require you to try a different way of playing to get them. That’s how achievements should be.

    1. Nate… do humanity a favor and just SHUT THE HELL UP!!!!! Nintendo isn’t playing catch up and they’re already the innovation leader. This is something that we’ve been demanding the most– a powerful, powerful video gaming, social, and entertainment console ever made… the Wii U.

      1. Nintendo need to stop making consoles and focus on games for other platforms like sega did this console is just another gimmick they may aswell make the snes 2

        1. That’s what they’re doing… right, Bradley? The consumers have complained about the small screen and control functions. Nintendo have made the Nintendo 3DS XL and made the screens 90% larger. Don’t blame the Big N because they’re doing their very best to bring in the quality of games– great graphics, unique gameplay… and most importantly– fun.

          1. Don’t get me wrong I hope it is a great console and it gets Nintendo back inline with the likes of Sony and Microsoft but I’m a bit concerned that it won’t be up to the standard considering they were 5 years behind with the original wii. As a kid I had the nes, snes, gameboy and the rest I loved Nintendo but today’s gamer relies on graphics rather than gameplay and story I’m one of the oldskool gamers that love a game to take me on a journey and to me the original wii was nothing but a gimmick that was directed at the casual gamer. I’m just worried that the wii u will follow the same track.This would be disappointing

            1. Don’t worry about it, Bradley. I’m sure Nintendo will find a way. The Wii U is a game system for casuals and (most importantly) hardcore gamers. They’ve already learned their mistakes about online gaming on both Wii and Nintendo DS. When they launch the Nintendo Network (same release date as the Wii U), it’s gonna be completely different. And like PSN, you can play games for free. With the U on NN, you can also purchase Wii U (first, second, and third party and independent publishers) titles and Virtual Console titles at the Wii U eShop. You also have a choice to save your games’ memory or IPs on either an SD card or external hard drive. It’s time for Nintendo to change the system, Bradley. There’s always hope for the Big N… I’m sure that they’ll listen to the people (supporters, publishers, and developers).

              Leave Luck to Heaven

      1. No, that’s cause crossplay existed longer than the idea of WiiU. I know that’s not the only thing the WiiU does, but it’s mainly the thing the others do.

  2. Thank goodness; I was actually thinking about this yesterday. I’m glad they’re finally adding one in.

    1. Haha I love those. And seeing the kind of achievements everywhere else, I wouldn’t be surprised a bit if those were actually in the game for real

    2. I’d believe Nintendo would try to encourage more speed-runs with these achievements as well. Everybody loves speed runs. I absolutely loved it when my friend got OoT3D after me yet beat Master Quest before me and laughed in my face for weeks.

  3. Wait, the WiiU might have friend codes?? AGAIN? i can understand it not having achievements, i dont really care much for achievements, but friend codes? dude if youre going to have a system featuring games like battlefield and assassins creed, friend codes arent just going to do it. sorry if i sound like a “noob” or whatever but i was busy and didnt catch all the e3 news.

    1. I predict that the online system will be a lot more flex than Wii, meaning 3rd party won’t use friend codes. But I am almost certain that first party titles will use them.

    1. Really? They are actually pretty cool. I have a 360 and it is fun to try and see how good you are at a game by trying to unlock certain achievements. It adds something extra to games. Idk that’s just my opinion lol

    1. It’s not a system achievement system but rather in-game achievement system. Mii Plaza has them, Kid Icarus: Uprising has them, Nano Assault has them, and a few other games have them as well.

      1. If that counts then it means Gamecube and Wii also have achievements (GC: Kirby Air Ride, Wii: Super Smash Bros. Brawl) even probably DS but I can’t think of one at the moment.

  4. I hope all games have them. PS3 has a couple games that doesn’t have trophies but now almost all games have them.

    1. “PS3 has a couple games that doesn’t have trophies” I was annoyed that Assassin’s Creed 1 didn’t have trophies. I got all 1,000G on Xbox for that game, wanted to Plat. it on PS3 :(

  5. Well that good news that not all of the games will have achievements but its nice to see that they put it in anyway

  6. Originally Sony let developers decide if they wanted to implement achievements, and no one did. It wasn’t until they made it a requirement that developers began taking trophies seriously. This might be a lesson Nintendo will have to learn.

    1. Because trophies/achievements are so popular Now, i think more developers will automatically opt in for it.

    2. It was a brand new thing on consoles at the time, though. Now that developers have been able to work with achievements for a generation, there’s less of a need to reign them in about it.

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  8. Hopefully there will be a score of sorts like Gamerscore, so the achievements will mean something and not be forgotten.

  9. sweet. that means not all games will have those mind-numbing excuse to play the game for meaningless achievements.

  10. I got quite addicted to achievements on the 360 for a while when my gamerscore was low, now I don’t care about the score at all, it’s all about how interesting and unique the achievement is, especially co-operative based ones. If the Wii-U doesn’t have points attributed to achievements then I think that’s a good thing, perhaps we will be able to earn fancy hats for our Mii’s to show off instead.

  11. Ugh. Again, just like I said on the “Friend Codes” article… why does Nintendo have to ignore things that work and that gamers love? Nintendo fanboys may not like achievements or find the necessary, but to deny that they add value (and replay value) to a game is absolutely retarded. So, for Nintendo to not incorporate some sort of default achievement setup for games that allows for (and in some small way, requires) developers to incorporate achievements, is lunacy.

    Friend codes, “optional” achievements that developer has to develop their own system for, launch games at 720p, no Metroid, Star Fox, or Zelda game even TEASED at E3, majority of the sparse “core” 3rd party support are multi-platform games and games that have already been release MONTHS ago…

    …is this really the best NIntendo can do? It’s really fucking sad. I was rooting for them so much before E3, but the more time that passes since their sad, lame conference, the more I am agreeing (unfortunately) with the Sony/Microsoft fanboys that said Nintendo would fail hard. Because unless they start stepping up their game, a lot, they definitely will fail (in my book anyway).

    1. Ok… I will try to explain this point by point.

      1) Wii U “friend codes” will be nothing like what we have now in 3DS and Wii. It will be better.

      2) Achievements are completely supported. But unlike the 360, developers are not forced to add them, if they dont feel like doing it. PS3 began without achievements, and we saw great games on it like MGS4 that didn’t use them. Achievements were later added to the PS3 and yet not all games featured them.

      3) Developers do not, have to create their own “achievement system” there is one by default. The thing hers is that they are not obligated to have achievements in their games.

      4) Wii U is capable of native 1080p. Pikmin 3 started its devlopment in Wii, so don’t expect them to have already pumped up the game visuals.

      I dont feel like comparing Wii U to 360 and PS3, but you should know those consoles cant output games in native 1080p. Instead they upscale 720p to 1080p, and thats for only some games. Other games are upscaled from sub HD levels to 1080p.

  12. So basically it seems it’ll have achievements but it’ll be the developers choice whether or not to actually have them in the game. Like in PS3 and 360, they had to put them in it seems with the uncreative with the achievements (For example, Collect 1 coin! Collect 10 coins! Collect 100 coins! Collect 1000 coins!)

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  14. XBOX Smartglass is going to OWN WiiU. Such outdated technology already (referring to WiiU). Xbox 360 is the BEST game console… EVER!

    1. Your comment is an epic fail. The Xbox SmartAss is nothing but a fucking tablet enhancer for smartphones, iPads and Xbox 360. 0% gameplay. The Wii U GamePad has the very latest technology that can do many things your primitive SmartAss doesn’t do… Stream games, built in camera and motion sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer, NFC technology, and asymmetrical gameplay. Sorry, Xbot Loser… but Generation X is already over. Generation U is here!

      Wii U is the BEST game console… EVER!!!!!!!

      1. First of All, you shouldn’t hate on anyone just because they won’t jump on the WII U bandwagon. You are the biggest loser in this chat and the worst of all bloggers. All consoles are about the game experience and if you don’t like that someone won’t see your point of view then you are nothing more than a Nazi Gamer. If they don’t like Wii U they must suck. Who cares if someone doesn’t like the WII U or they won’t buy it because of trophy/achievement support. If you love Nintendo then great if you don’t then that’s cool too. Don’t try to call people a loser or anything negative because they don’t like what you like. It makes you look like the biggest loser in the room.

        1. Sorry, Keith baby… but YOU are the biggest loser in this chat just because Nintendo doesn’t need to add gimmicky achievements for status. Instead, it has complete freedom for gamers like myself taking a snapshot at the games to show everyone all around Miiverse. If you quit acting like a fucking hypocrite, you’ll try to like the game system. Right now, I’m enjoying the Wii U and will continue playing the best games and share it with my friends and family. Get N or get the fuck out of this Nintendo blog.

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