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Wii U Will Feature Friend Codes

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has confirmed to Kotaku that Wii U will feature friend codes. Reggie says that the Wii U friend codes will be a simplified version of what’s available on Wii and Nintendo 3DS. He believes that gamers will be happy with the changes that have been implemented, but he wouldn’t divulge any additional information.

“There are friend codes, but it’s not the existing friend code system. What do I mean by that? Here’s what I mean: you will be able to identify people as friends and have a certain level of interaction vs. a different level of interaction for the more general population. The method by which you identify someone as a friend is a lot simpler than what’s happening today with Friend Codes.” (He declined to lay out the new Wii U friend code program just yet.)

176 thoughts on “Wii U Will Feature Friend Codes”

      1. From that same article:
        The problem I believe people had with the Wii version, I told Fils-Aime, is that adults who owned the system felt like, hey, if I’m an adult, treat me like an adult and let me friend people I’ve met online without having to call a person and exchange a code or something like that. “Agreed,” Fils-Aime said.

        “You feel like those people will be happier?” I asked.

        “Yes, they will be.”

        1. Makes me feel it will become similar to Steam where you can change your display name to anything but your account is still identified to same way.

    1. EXACTLY! I don’t see why everyone makes such a big deal about friend codes . If it is like the 3DS or simpler, then they will be fine! Plus with a pad, it is easier than typing with the Wii remote.

      1. The problem with friend codes is they totally limit what the system can do online. Take XBL. Say you’re playing Halo on team death match and find a person who is really good and you wanna team up with him in the lobby. This would not be possible if the Xbox used friend codes, because you could not message that person or even friend him or send a party invite.unless you know their friend code. The thing is Nintendo wants you to know people in real life before you add them, and that is totally stupid.

        1. Etto nop, for a big Point of View, is vital to know which one you will play online, mostly to avoid the typical COD trolls or worse. remember Nintendo Demografic… that can be uses as Parental Block if your account have friend code.

          Differente Phylosophies, different rules. I prefer to know who which are playing

        2. You don’t even know what you’re talking about, you obviously don’t own a 3DS, why do you think how the FC system will work, people have explained it MULTIPLE TIMES, you put in the code of a friend 1 time, and that’s it, from that moment on, he has a ”GamerTag;”.

        3. What makes you think that you won’t be able to see the FC of people you’re playing with in the WiiU? Maybe it will be possible to see a basic profile of everyone online… FC included…

    2. You have NO idea how different it is. You build an identity with a name.

      I’m the only 1 in the ps3 game MAG with a shotgun kill over 100 meters, thus everyone in the MAG community calls me the shotty scrub.

      People know the name Winscar_Shinobi, it’s easy and unique, something that when you see in a game you go, “oh this guy”

      Not so easy to do that with 195194917428 :/

        1. YEAH! Remember when he defeated 193691691639, 104014047014, and 841981294812 on the same round? Priceless!

      1. So to describe your “gamer-tag” to someone, that’s Capital W, small i-n-s-c-a-r (and here you have to point out that no, it’s not a real word because they’re going to try and think of how what you just spelled makes a real word, or if they heard it wrong) undercurrent, capital S, small h-i-n-o-b-i

        And to describe a friend code? 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-0-1-2. And whatever name you choose for yourself shows up perfectly even with spaces instead of underscores.

  1. Fuck this. They really need to get with it, instead of friend codes have an ID to exchange. It’s really not that hard to identify people based on a username. I really don’t see why this Friend Code system is still being used, especially since that’s why their online services have been so terrible.

    1. Lol, you don’t even know what you are worrying about, think logically, why aren’t people complaining about the 3DS having FC?

  2. Well send your actual code to anyone will be the best imo, you have that privacy/parental and can be freely as internet

  3. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why?!?!?! fk those children safety

    1. siegfried von schroder

      wiiu is for little babies
      wiiu is for little girls
      wiiu is just another wii with a new controller
      wiiu will fail.wiiu’s graphics sucks
      wiiu is NOT a next generation console
      wiiu is weaker than xbox and ps3
      wiiu cant hold mutch power
      wiiu cant support either 1080p graphics
      wiiu sucks
      wiiu is a damn piece of shit
      wiiu is nintendo’s death

          1. Microsoft can’t even build a decent development tool for Windows…. I know… I use it….. what makes you think they’re going to do any better with the nextBox?

            Oh smartglass? Like they did with Kinect? No viable games that aren’t the same exact thing on the Wii, but with better accuracy with a Wii-Mote? I only hope they don’t have issues with patents and copyrights from Google Glasses.

              1. Ah! you dumb fuck! – You’ve no idea how many programs Apple have made. Do your fucking research before you open your mouth!

            1. Oh… did I mention you can play all FailBox exclusive titles on a PC with better performance and up-scaling when HDMI-ing out to a TV?…….and for cheaper in many cases.

          2. I dont like how everything is calle Smart-something these days… What happends when they make something smarter? BrilliantPhone? ProdigyPhone? That would be
            funny XD.

            Also, dont be such a fanboy, none of the three companies is looking good in the eyes of the people.

            1. Not being a fan-boy because I’m not talking about how “absolutely awesome” Nintendo is. I’m just tired of reading this troll’s posts on every single forum.

      1. sucks to be a nintendo hater, isn’t!? You have to come here on this site to express your hate frustation…

  4. Okay fine. As long as we don’t have to punch in a large number to interact with someone in the simplest of ways, I’m happy. Sounds like Nintendo is setting up a friendly environment.

  5. I wish they got rid of it all together but as long as it is as simple as possible it’s fine with me.

  6. 3DS’s friend code is nice, but I think they could change one thing about it: Both players having to add each other’s FCs to add each other.
    Just a little “This guy wants to add you as a friend, accept?” is enough.

    1. My thoughts exactly. The Call of Duty games on the Wii had system similar to this and it was simple to use and saved a lot of time.

  7. why can’t they put trust in Parental controls D; that should be enough… or make it so you have to be a certain age to be free of Friend Codes… anything.. :\

  8. siegfried von schroder

    i see nintendo is interested for the gamers huh?
    I like how failtendo tricks you like that to buy their current generation console”

    1. Kind of like how xFAIL360 tricks you into repeatedly replacing their system with the Red Ring problems that STILL haven’t been resolved and how Sony DebtStation lost 4.6 BILLION for the company even costing 700$ for the extra blu-ray player?

      1. siegfried von schroder

        i dont care about sony and the only thing that i know about sony is that they have ripped super smash bros series by copying the game.BY THE WAY microsoft will continue trying to close nintendo for ever and say good bye to the legend of lesbian zeldaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

        1. lol…. they can continue to try….. but as long as they don’t have a working console… *cough*red-ring-of-death-still-was-not-fixed-on-the-second-gen-Microsoft-system*cough* …. I’ll stick to PC gaming and Nintendo gaming…. Here’s what’s funny… you paid an extra 300$ for a motion control that only works at an exact perfect distance and exact perfect motion or not at all….. 500 for a console that crashes yearly or bi-yearly beyond repair…. and graphics/sound/connectivity that can be easily bested by a comparably priced Laptop…… okay… Talk about Legend of Zelda (without which you wouldn’t have half of the games you probably play) as much as you want. The last company that tried to close Nintendo was Sega.

      2. The red ring problems haven’t been resolved yet? I have a slim and everyone I know with one has had theirs working flawlessly. Red ring is no longer a problem. If you want to insult Microsoft, at least mention how money hungry they are by charging you just to play online.

        1. Maybe to you, my NEW elite fucked up a month after I bought it on Feb this year, RRoD are still common from what I hear.

    1. COBANERMANI !! :) and i agree with you …freind codes are retarded …i would rather have a gamertag which is easier to remember and to tell your freind than going back home and writing down all of the numbers ..seriously who can remember their 3ds friend code ?? WHY CANT NINTENDO EVER LISTEN TO WHAT WE WANT :(

  9. Which is the difference between write “xXxxKiller9feveryxxXx” and “1454-4524-5455”, someone explainme please

      1. and accept so lol thats why friend codes suck until they fix that but i doubt it they want to fk little children secretly

    1. It’s easier to recognize and know a name then a bunch of number.

      Like I said above. My psn is Winscar_Shinobi. People recognize that and know who it is. If they know me and have played with me, you know who I am, because I have a name.

      Ask someone if they’ve played with 1742-4828-8301 and they’ll go “WHUT?”

    2. Not all of use got our ID’s this year, I got mine back in 07 and its something I chose and can’t forget, so I don’t have to look it up to add someone

      1. Sony had to sell it’s dick to make up for that over 4 Billion dollar loss…… so obviously he isn’t doing that….

  10. im for this and against it…if people werent so immature using crazy names then maybe friend codes and such wouldnt be needed…at the same time an adult can do as they please and not being able to express yourself in the way you see fit because children may or may not be privy to viewing your expression is bogus….its a gift and curse nintendo has for appealing to all ages

  11. Use profiles. Name your mii. Put a name with a face. Maybe use friend codes as a secondary security measure for users under 14… It’s a bad system Nintendo. Get rid of it.

          1. Yeah right… An Xbox representative have stated the Xbox 360 will continue to stay for at least 2 more years. If they release the Xbox 8 (720), they’ll be losing even more money after releasing the Xbox SmartAss.

          1. How i’m i being a cry baby? this system will cost 300 dollars upwards, i need to see things that will justify my purchase, money doesn’t grow one tress. What makes you think i’m a Sony fanboy anyway? Stop being so defendant to Nintendo when someone doesn’t like what they read. You’re not buying me a Wii U are you? NO so shut up and do one.

            1. First of all, I am buying the Wii U. Not just because of the achievements and the infamous friend code (speculations at the moment so let’s not judge it just yet)… it’s just the games as the fun and entertainment we all enjoy. Don’t get me wrong, because I’ve been a loyal Nintendo supporter since the NES and Super NES days. It’s all about having fun and enjoying everything the Big N has to offer.

  12. Okay the fuck You Nintendo.
    I whas thinking of buying you’re new console and now you actually just fucked yourself
    I DON’T want fucking friend codes.
    Is it that difficult to understand?
    Nobody likes it.
    all Nintendo haters wil laugh of the friend codes and say that the wiiu is the Same as the wiiu.
    And you already can see that by hearing 720P 60FPS and 1080P 30 FPS
    And the most important that most games won’t come to the WiiU such as Tomb raider and watchdogs.
    I get so angry about this.

      1. @ upadwatcher

        You’d lick between Reggie’s toes if you got the chance. What are you? a Nintendo police?

    1. Did you miss where they said it would be simpler than current friend code programs? Friend codes for 3DS don’t even require multiple inputs… one friend code for the entire handheld and that friend can play whenever, where-ever. The friend shows up as their Mii Name….in both the friended list and the games (though some use the gamer-tag set up in the save file)…… Don’t knock it without reading it carefully first.

    2. OF COURSE the Wii U is the same as the Wii U! Do you expect it to be different from itself?! *Brick’d*

  13. Actually forget my other post, Reggie said it’s not like the existing one. So it might be like gamertags and PSN-IDs, but Nintendo are calling it “friend codes”.

  14. WOW ive found something on youtube,sickr that video is not about video games.i remeber a comment from soap (anonymous) and he said that a greek political slaped a woman.i think he ment that video

    1. you can see also the english subtitles.also the languege is too difficult so dont try this on google translate lolz

  15. Wow guys, you are seriously disappointed? Nintendo confirmed a LOOOOOOONG ass time ago that Wii U will still use a form of friend codes. Come on people!!

  16. Ugh… why Nintendo?! No one likes friend codes, don’t just say “Oh uh its more simpler now” because it will still be the same thing, just give us an id tag and let us friend who we want to friend like how the PS3 and Xbox 360 does.

  17. Reggie, I hope this friend code system allows you to customize your friend code, and have letters in it, or else I’ll fly to America, and beat you up with a frying pan.

  18. Nintendo, how about you just take a huge dump over all of us? Seriously! There’s a REASON why we don’t like friend codes! Just give us an ID or a Username! Like, god! We don’t like having to type in 10 or so digits just so we can add each other on our friend lists. Just eliminate them!

    1. I can already tell that you don’t have a 3DS. Friend codes on the 3DS aren’t that big of a problem, and he said that it’s going to be even simpler.

      1. I do have a 3DS and I don’t mind the system all that much. But I can’t see what’s so taboo about just letting us use a username? I don’t want to have to call a person or know them in person just so I can add them to my friends list. It’s just for the sake of convenience. Not to mention all the Nintendo haters and Sony/Microsoft trolls will have yet another reason to troll about the Wii-U.

  19. That sucks but I’ll deal. I mean the 3DS friend codes aren’t that bad and they said they’re simpler sooooo. UGH! WHY?

  20. Friend Codes are not the real issue. You should be able to send a friend code in a friend request message and when you accept it just automatically adds the code. We did see those chat rooms in the Nintendo Direct and you could see comments from users that Todd wasn’t even friends with (at least is seems like it) So most likely you can talk to people you meet in the Miiverse or in other games then at least give them your code.

  21. He doesn’t get it: it’s not just about how easy gamertags are compared to a random code, it’s about individuality and expression: I can choose the name or representation of that tag. A bunch of numbers is just… boring. As are Mii’s compared to XBL’s avatars.

    To see the Wii U still using the same Mii’s with the same low-res, ugly, bland features, and now to see friend codes still exists? I don’t care how “easy” they make it, it still sucks compared to having a gamertag.

    It’s absolutely baffling to me how Nintendo ignores things that are WILDLY successful and well-like by gamers, just to “do something different.” Idiots: not everything has to be different, and different doesn’t always mean “better” either. I find it hard to believe (impossible, really) that they did any sort of market research on this, or tested it with people to see how they liked it. If they did, they must have ignored any “I like gamertag’s better” feedback, or just didn’t allow it to be given in the first place. Because there is NO way people prefer this. At all.

    They can make it as easy as possible, but the point is: if I want to add someone I met in person on my Wii U, and they have to list a long ass number… it ain’t gonna happen. Period. But I can always remember and tell anyone my XBL gamertag, any time, anywhere, easily.

    1. I have to agree w/ you. But, if it’s anything like the 3DS’s, I can’t complain too much, as long as we don’t have to exchange friend codes and can add them via a met players list.

      1. Yeah? And what happens when you and your friends want to exchange them in-person? Still have to use numbers. NOBODY is going to remember that. At all. And you don’t take the Wii U around with you, so you can’t just up and check to see what it is.

        Even if it’s available via some online account that you can log into… that’s a pain in the ass. My gamertag is easy to remember: lcy Dead People

        That’s with a lower-case “L” at the beginning though lol. But still, easy. I never have to log in to check to see what it is, or copy-paste it from somewhere, or have it saved in my phone or some nonsense like that.

        But with numbered codes? Yup, we’ll have to do something like that. Which is idiotic. Fucking Nintendo LOVES to hold on to stupid shit, or do things differently than stuff that already works really well, JUST so they can say “DERP! We did it DIFFERENT!”

        1. Of course I won’t take the Wii-U around w/ me, no one will. Again, you’re kind of over exaggerating. My guess is that you can alternate between using the Username or the Friend Code. As for exchanging in person, well when you exchange in person, don’t you traditionally do it at home or if you plan on doing so you would remember your friend code or at least write it down? Again, I’m no more happy about this as you but you’re blowing it way out of context.

  22. Anybody remember the Miiverse trailer???? Anyone at all??? It showed gamer tags, just cuz friend codes will be used doesn’t there won’t be gamertags remember octoG?

  23. That is terrible news… It’s gonna be hard for me to give this feature a chance. It may be different but friend codes were a TERRIBLE idea.

    1. You should know that they’re gonna be using a SIMPLIFIED method of the Friend Code. It’s not gonna be the same as both the classic Wii and Nintendo 3DS. Just wait… and think about it.

  24. My Gamertag and PSN ID is so easy to remember from the day i made it, no matter how long and much times i look at my friend code for my 3DS i’ll never remember it. The only friends on my 3DS is people from the internet except 1, it took 3 days for him to add me 3 DAYS!… because obviously when we wanted to exchange it in school we didn’t know our friend code. So the next day we exchanged it then just to find out the friend code he sent me was invalid because he made a mistake due to having many digits. If it was like gamertags we wouldn’t have that problem at all. The other annoying thing is when i exchange my code online with people on the internet, i have to turn on my 3DS just to see what it is, gamertags isn’t a problem at all. I don’t have to copy and paste it as well.

    1. ^This.

      …but Nintendo won’t listen, nor do they care. They just blindly do whatever they want. If they cared, we’d have a Metroid/Zelda/Star Fox/ or proper Mario game at launch. ONE of them, at least.

      If they listened, we’d have 1080p launch games.

      If they listened, we’d have gamertags, not friend codes (in ANY fashion).

      If they listened, we’d have NEW third party support, not just ports of old games with “new functionality” built in.

      They don’t listen. At all. The ONLY thing they listened to is the controller(s). That’s the only thing they’ve done right. That and they’ve at LEAST done 720. But it’s 2012; 720p was accomplishable YEARS ago, yes even at 60fps. Nintendo is phoning it in ever since the GameCube.

      1. You best be trolling my friend. Just wow…wow…You expected a Mario at launch? We just got a 3D Mario last year, and 2 2D Mario’s this year. Zelda? We just got a Zelda last year too. Metroid? It takes a long ass time to make a Metroid and I don’t ever remember a time when a system launched w/ Metroid. Star Fox? One of the few valid things you’ve said so far but we did get on last year remember? 1080p launch games? That’s only for FIRST party launch games AND it’s so they can be released on time. Gamertags? I agree. Third part support? Nintendo can’t force them to release all upcoming games and in case you haven’t noticed plenty of them have been confirmed. Not to mention they can DO 1080p at 60 FPS, that’s already been confirmed. You’re just beating a dead horse.

  25. This is yet another example of Nintendo trying to polish a turd into gold.


    Nintendo lost me on the Wii; it had maybe 3 games I played a few times each. They ALMOST won me back with the Wii U hype, and then began to chip away at that hope from E3 onward. Every day they release some more news that makes me want to punch Nintendo in the fucking face for being COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS to the rest of the gaming world that they’re supposedly trying to reach out to. Let me break down how they “listen to the community” (which is hilarious, considering Nintendo admits to “not paying attention to what they’re competitors are doing”, yet it’s what those competitors are doing that Nintendo fans WANT). Here’s their methodology:

    Oh, you like gamertags and hate friend codes? Well then, how about more friend codes with a little more friend codes?

    You like 1080p graphics? How about we tell you we’re gonna do all 1080p at E3 2011, and then announce all our launch games running in 720p a year later? Sound good? No?

    You like third party games? How about we give you a bunch that you’ve already paid for almost a year ago (by the time Wii U comes out, many of those games will be SEVERAL months old) and make you pay full price for what is actually just a few new controller-oriented features?

    Still not good enough? How about more shovelware like SiNG, WiiFit U, etc.?

    You want exclusives? Too bad, there are only a few, and the best one (ZombiU) is apparently very likely going to go multiplatform anyway.

    You want achievements? Okay, we’ll make some… JUST KIDDING! It’ll be up to the developer to create the achievement system, which means most of the will likely not even bother.

    So… how’s about you give us $300 now?

    Yeah… Nintendo’s having a fucking laugh.

    1. In fact, I have a better question? Why are you here? If you don’t like Nintendo, why are you here? Did Nintendo steal your lunch money? Did Nintendo steal your girlfriend? Did Nintendo steal your job? They must’ve done something to get so pissed off. If you’re disappointed in them, than fine. But if you don’t like them, why waste your time on a Nintendo blog? Can you not see what it’s doing to you? It’s wasting your time when you can be doing so much more.

    2. Sigh…… This is what happens when people read the title before they read the article. Before you call me out as a “Nintendrone” hear me out, I’m not a big fan of friend codes either, but friend codes on the 3DS are just fine. So if they’re anything like the 3DS or even simpler, then there is not much reason to complain. Plus, I love how you just completely ignore Miiverse & the Promo Nintendo put out. Another thing, how did Nintendo lose you with the Wii? Was it because of Wii Sports, Wii fit, Wii Party? Well if that’s the case then 2 things should be considered. 1 most well done casual games on Wii are OK to great. Wii Sports & Wii Sports Resort are great. Wii Fit was alright. & Wii Party looks decent. Wii Music & Wii Play I’ll give you though. Yes, I thought it was pointless for Nintendo to announce shit that can be announced separately. Other than that, the core titles that Nintendo made on Wii outweigh the casual titles (there are some 3rd Party’s as well).

      NMH 1&2,
      Red Steel 2,
      Zack & Wiki,
      Trauma Center,
      Dead Space: Extraction,
      House of the Dead Overkill,
      Sonic Colors,
      Monster Hunter Tri,
      Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom,
      Little Kings Story,
      Blast Works,
      Lost Winds,
      de Blob,
      Boom Blox 1&2,
      Cave Story,
      SSX Blur,
      GoldenEye 007,
      Epic Mickey,
      Guilty Gear XX Accent Core,
      The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces,
      Rabbids go Home,
      Strong Bad,
      NyxQuest: Kindred Spirits,
      Toki Tori,
      The Last Story,
      Rhythm Heaven Fever,
      Super Smash Bros. Brawl,
      Endless Ocean,
      Sin & Punishment: Star Successor,
      Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn,
      Kirby’s Epic Yarn & Return to Dreamland,
      Excitebots & Excite Truck,
      Phantom Brave: We Meet Again,
      Art Style,
      Battalion Wars 2,
      Mercury Meltdown Revolution,
      Mario Strikers Charged,
      Metroid Prime 3,
      You, Me & the Cubes,
      Metal Slug Anthology,
      Tomb Raider: Anniversary,
      Shiren the Wanderer,
      Wario Land Shake it,
      Super Mario Galaxy 1&2,
      Zelda: TP & SS,
      Donkey Kong Country Returns etc. So how can Nintendo lose you when they’ve doing what they’ve been doing 25 years ago. Yes, it’s important that Nintendo should get the “hardcore” next gen if they want to stay relevant, and although they’re doing a sloppy job at proving it, I’m sure they will deliver soon. One last thing, if your hating on motion controls, you should know that they have some significant advantages over a standard controller.

      Anything aiming related – there is no denying this, the Wii-motes pointer is 100000x more accurate & precise than dual analog will ever be. Evident in RTS’s & shooting games (ANY shooting game, including light gun games, the Wii single handedly revived the rail shooter on consoles)

      Tilting – IMO, tilt controls in racing games are much more precise & natural than an analog stick. Play Mario Kart Wii & Exitebots to know what I mean

      Sword fighting & brawling – this would require 1:1 controls to do correctly, if you played Red Steel 2 & Skyward Sword (which I doubt you have) you would know that swinging your sword with the Wii mote not only feels more natural, but also more satisfying & immersive. For years people have been saying motion controls are a “gimmick” when the only games they played with motion controls is just Wii Sports crap. If they would just play more games with it then they would know motion controls work fine when they’re done right. Know since I’m not a Nintendo fanboy, there are cases where motion controls should be ditched. Fighting games, Platformers, puzzle games, RPG’s, & a few other games are all either better without, or don’t need motion controls at all. Next time, read the article, wait for more info, then give your judgement.

  26. NO FRIEND CODES!!! Pleas Nintendo.. Be like everyone else for once and use gamer tags!!! PLEEEEEAAAASSSSEEE!!!

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