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Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Coming To Wii U

Leaked scans from the latest issue of UK publication Nintendo Gamer show that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 will be released on Wii U in November. The magazine doesn’t say how Call of Duty Black Ops 2 will utilise the Wii U GamePad, but expect to hear details shortly.

81 thoughts on “Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 Coming To Wii U”

  1. Holy shit! That’s a HUGE win for Nintendo, even if the game is considered terrible by most serious gamers!

      1. Not too much, I’ve seen some people have doubts about in, the guy who explained the Wii U specs, in particular.

        1. but call of duty is running on a now 10 year old engine STILL. that’s why it’s able to be on the ds and iphone.

          1. You’re retarded. The game engine is not 10 years old. The IW 3.0 Engine came out in 2005, 7 years ago, and has been heavily upgraded and modified 3 times since. But even if it was 10 years old, how in the hell could anyone be stupid enough to say that that engine is on the DS and iPhone?! I have a feeling you know nothing about game engines, let alone game development… But any person with 2 brain cells to rub together would know that the DS and iPhone could never run the same engine that the console versions run. Have you ever played them? Or even seen screenshots?

            I’m gonna stop now before I make myself look like a CoD fanboy or something. Don’t get me wrong, I hate the series. But I do have a passion for game development, and it aggravates me to see such stupidity on a site like this. lol

  2. Never had doubts this would not happen… this is the version to get. I am sure it will have better textures and lighting (just like Assassin Creed 3) plus I hope a very immersive way of using the Wii U controller.

    1. True, the drones that where leaked by FPSRussia actually use tablet PCs as the controller so maybe in the Wii U version you can take control of the flying drones without having to be taken out of the game

    2. Imagine using sniper mode using the Wii U gPad? Now THAT would be a blockbuster win of epic proportions!

  3. I probably won’t get it as I have lost interest in this series, but this is pretty good news for Wii U.

  4. Called it. Still this could be good for Nintendo because thanks to the HD graphics the game will sale like hot cakes and they’ll be able to shift units of the Wii U by the dozens.

  5. I don’t see why this is so surprising. Call of Duty was released on Wii as well, so it was obvious that it’ll be coming to WiiU as well.

  6. i will never play that game.that game destroys your mind by hiting your nerves and you become more angry or aggresive etc.i wont brainwashed from that game series

    1. Lol, everybody knows that, even the kids that play it, it’s just good to have a game that is such a high profile game, even if the community playing it is the shit of society.

  7. Lol call of duty noobs here don’t know how the game works “wii u version is the one to get” um NO. I don’t own a 360 and NEVER will and I can tell you the 360 version is the one to get.

    If the game pad gets any use at all it will be pointless and gimped.

    1. Wii U Pro controller, do you really think Activision would waste money on the traditional, if there is a much cheaper alternative?

      1. siegfried von schroder

        nintendo had stole the most precious thing in microsoft.the xbox controller


    2. What’s pointless and gimped about moving the HUD off of the screen to provide a more in-depth level of immersion in the game?

  8. siegfried von schroder

    this on wiiu?who cares?xbox360 can hundle this with better graphics than that “current generation console”

        1. Why are the My Nintendo News haters so fucking shitty? Can’t you be a bit better at hating? It’s no fun to argue with a toddler, at least be a kid, or teenager.

        2. Are you stupid? Even the makers of Assassins Creed 3 said it will play and look best on Wii U…. look it up and stop trolling mindlessly. Devs love Wii U…. It works and is still rumored (until disproven) to be able to handle next gen engines (unreal engine 4 for example).

          1. Yeah… I can tell that Roy’s boyfriend have failed grammer 101… even their white tiger knows how to spell correctly.

  9. Never had any doubt this would come to the U. Hopefully it sells well. The online must be there to support it too. We need to know more about the Wii U’s online capabilities. Leave luck to heaven.

  10. Do you know what I don’t get? Why BigN left out of E3 so many announcements for Wii U, I mean, if they really want to consumer buy a Wii U, they need to give their best now and show everything before the next generation of Sony and M$. We have the secret title that Retro studios are working on (they could show at least one image or the name), this COD, Sonic & All-Stars Racing, the new Splinter Cell, they could show more especific footage of Wii U version of Aliens: Colonial Marines, Miyamoto’s New Game…

      1. You don’t understood what I mean, if Nintendo want to create hype, they have to announce before… And now is the moment to hype their games, at least if they want to increase the will of the people to buy a Wii U.

  11. Not that into CoD, but I saw this at E3 and I was impressed. Hopefully it’ll bring some good publicity for the U.

  12. The scans aren’t leaked, subscribes – like me – got their copies today.

    Couldn’t care less about Black Ops 2 as the first was poorer than what people say the last Modern Warfare was. Don’t even get me started on the acclaimed zombie mode either, what a pile of wank. But I am happy it’ll be on Wii U as it’s a series that has to be on the console. Nintendo also need to get it on the 3DS as its the only game that will help sell Vita’s this Christmas.

    1. Uhh, it’s not exactly the same CoD for Vita, and only idiots would buy a Vita just for CoD, and maybe for Assassins Creed 3 Liberation, but there’s basically nothing else, basically no 1st party support, as far as I can remember. Maybe LittleBigPlanet, but isn’t that a port? So basically no unique 1st and 2nd party titles for Vita ….coming.nearthenear future, as far

      1. Please stop being ignorant. I own a Vita and there are some damn fine 1st party titles coming out. Gravity Rush next week, LittleBigPlanet (NOT a port), Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Hot Shots Golf, WiPeout 2048, Unit 13, Modnation Racers, and a plethora of 1st/3rd party titles on the way…and some ports.


        Anyways, I’m stoked this franchise is coming to Wii U! More popular franchises will make the Wii U the best it is! Definitely buying this version over the PS3 version. :)

  13. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    I am a bunny in a tank
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  14. Not much of a CoD fan myself, but happy to see it on the console, to some it could be considered as a key franchise to have, but to be fair, it’s on everything nowadays anyway. I just hope for those who decide to buy it on the U get the complete game & it’s not broken! lol

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  17. I would like to play as a Mii. Imagine a half-dead Mii bleeding and using an Ak-47 (or whatever) in gloroious HD =P

  18. Oh good, I’m pretty excited for this. I was hoping to not have to get the next CoD for my PS3 because I wanted it for Wii U, so this is good news. And it will actually be enjoyable on this thing! As opposed to the Wii, it just wasn’t the same. Well, good news.

  19. ok nintendo got 1/4 point in order for me 2 but the wiiu at launch..
    the other 3 points are
    3.CRYtek engine/SQE Luminus engine
    4.a full flesh Online multiplayer option on the next metroid prime or what ever they gonna call it this days that can compete with halo and killzone multiplayer then nintendo will have my money if not am buying a 3ds and a xbox720

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