There Are Many Unannounced Wii U Features

There are apparently Wii U and Wii U GamePad features that have not been shared by Nintendo. David Yarnton, a Nintendo managing director, said that the publisher has not “announced everything” during last week. During E3, Nintendo wanted to focus on the 23 announced Wii U games, and did not want to “overwhelm people” by talking about the Wii U’s many functions. New details regarding Nintendo’s upcoming console will be shared “as time goes on.”

“I think that’s part of what I was talking about before, about there’s so many functions that the Wii U has, and it will show and explain to people why we have more features being explained as time goes on, because there’s a lot to take in all at once.”

“The biggest thing we’ve found is when people pick it up and have hands-on experience, and they start understanding a lot more of the concepts and the features – so very much sampling and getting people to try the product will be a really big emphasis for us at retail events and things like that.”



    1. ive heard it was that vivitouch tech. That allows you with the gamepad’s touchscreen to feel in game textures like grass, hair, and cold hard metal. Think im lying go search it on google right now: WiiU vivitouch.


  1. Nintendo wanted to focus on the 23 announced Wii U games, and did not want to “overwhelm people” by talking about the Wii U’s many functions.

    Well they certainly did that right, underwhelmed for sure


    1. They didn’t underwhelm me, but they certainly didn’t overwhelm me. They just… whelmed me. They showed off things at the same level at which I expected them to, which still isn’t good.


      1. i agree. i really do think they had a good confernce, it was just the fact that retro cancled showing there game at the end and we had to end with nintendo land that made the conference seem bad. everything they showed looked at least fun to play on the system.


  2. I remember something similar happening with the Wii, a microphone was talked about right up until the units were shipped. Experience tells me to take these things with a pinch of salt though as Nintendo did talk about a few features of the Wii before launch that never happened (region free, monitor connection, dvd player).


  3. I heard that one of those feature is a toaster that allows you travel through time and space.

    I wonder how it will take Microsoft and Sony to copy it.


  4. They never talked about the Sensor on the GamePad. Maybe they’re saving that for a later trailer (Ubisoft’s leaked Rayman Legends trailer already showed this off a bit)


  5. That’s not good, E3 is meant to overwhelm people. They probably should’ve talked less about the games, and shown less games and focused on the features, because it was severely underwhelming and E3 was probably the best place to reveal all the info and gain interest…


    1. Not anymore, apparently. You’ll notice the lack of enthusiasm most companies have been having with shows like these recently.


  6. I can understand why they wouldn’t want to get into too much detail about everything & just focus on the games, as it would just end up confusing a whole bunch of people because they’d probably have to rush through it. But in another sense, I can see why people would complain about this too, as it’s a new console and most just want to be sold right off the bat.


  7. Whelp, I love experimentin with the endless possibilities of a new console. When I pick it up at launch I expect to be blown outta the water immediately


  8. How about a way to play 3ds games on your tv. The Wii U pad would act as a touch screen. I know the games wouldn’t be in 3D would it would be nice to enjoy some games on the big screen. even if the resolution would look crapy


    1. While a (3)DS player would be a great accessory, I just want some sort of meaningful level of interactivity between the 3DS and Wii U. Maybe expand on streetpass to include Wii U and games, use the 3DS as a second controller, shared friends lists, send swapnotes to the Wii U and vice versa. Give me real reasons to own both.


  9. I just think it was the style in which they presented the conference was under selling the product. I watched it after the I watched the microsoft one and even though there was few things to be excited about I still found myself getting hyped for what they had to offer and I was all hyped for Nintendo conference just to feel a bit let down after.

    I was more interested in the hardware specs rather than Pikmin and Mario and other lack-luster games.


  10. I have a feeling Nintendo will announce more around the Tokyo games show. Hopefully they will announce a date and price too.


  11. I think Nintendo cares more about showing its stuff directly to us now, instead of having to show it through a show like E3, hence the Nintendo Direct. I thought it was odd as to why they were making an appearance at Gamescom, but it seems all these updates are the reason why: They just don’t have to. So I wouldn’t take too much stock in whatever Nintendo shows for these conferences from now on other than what they directly tell us. Of course that doesn’t mean these multishows are no less valuable. They’re just not what we would want anymore.


  12. After the emotional storm of last week cleared, things are a lot clearer now. The conference wasn’t as bad as people are making it out to be, as long as you understand what Nintendo was trying to do at E3. I’m satisfied with everything they showed. I think they’re holding a lot of things back because they don’t want competitors copying their ideas.

    Leave luck to heaven.


  13. This has been misinterpreted.

    “there’s so many functions that the Wii U has…”

    He just meant that there’s various other things they will discus in more detail at a later time, like the online, the NFC, the MiiVerse, the online, the full extend of the two screen integration and use etc…

    Those are the “many” functions he’s on about.


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