You Can Purchase And Download Wii U Games While On The Go

Wii U users will have access to Miiverse from smartphones, tablets, PCs and Nintendo 3DS. Satoru Iwata announced that Wii U users will be able to use mobile devices to purchase downloadable Wii U games while they are away from their Wii U, and the titles will automatically start downloading on the Wii U console through SpotPass.

“Our goal is that, in the future, you will also be able to purchase games found in the Miiverse from that smartphone or tablet device and, by the time you arrive home, that game will already have arrived on your Wii U system through SpotPass.”



    1. YESSS!!! It’s awesome =D BUT I have a doubt! Miiverse it’s supposed to be available for the 3DS in the near future, and in the WiiU, it’s said to be the main menu layout, isn’t it? THEN The 3DS won’t have then the same menu it has now? Or Miiverse will bve an app that can be opened and closed?? This would be different compared to WiiU experience. Or how will it be?


      1. I think it’ll be eithet on the top screen or one of those little buttons on top of touch screen like friend list and notification…


    1. I want Sony to get out of the Console market, i see no point in them staying in the hardware field in gaming if all they do is just steal idea’s and fail at them


  1. I hope they include automatic updates overnight – like setting a specific time frame when it will turn itself on, search for updates, download them, then turn off.
    And if there is an option to add things to a “wishlist” and when they release it automatically downloads demo’s or sends you a message to ask if you want to buy it and then it buys it and downloads without you ever having to go to your WiiU.

    That would be awesome.


    1. I think it will be like the 3ds. How if you leave it on and close it it goes into sleep mode. I think that is how the wii u will work. It would be like how the wii is always somewhat on.


  2. Steam app on the iPhone does this and if you have steam running you can start the download even on 3g =D Glad to see more developers copying the idea!


  3. that’s simply dynamite! to think if they announced all these features at their e3 conference, motherfuckers wouldn’t be so disappointed.


  4. X360 does this, and I think it’s really neat. I’m very glad to see Wii U will have the same functionality. I further hope this will be available at launch!


  5. Sounds pretty cool and I like the way I can be away from home and have the ability to download my favourite game to my Wii U without even being near it.


    1. I think Xbox360 and Steam already allow you to purchase games through other means such as smartphones. I don’t think they offer that spotpass feature to download games while you’re away though. That’s a big plus for Nintendo.


    1. The 3DS already downloads system updates if you leave it on sleep mode. When you open up your system, it asks you if you want to install it. If you don’t want it, they don’t force the update on you, though you will need it to go online later on. If you install it, it’s take a few seconds to do so. I imagine the Wii U will let you do that and maybe it’ll work on game updates for games you have on the system.


      1. You sure it downloads? All I remember is getting notifications about system updates via SpotPass, not the updates themselves.

        And I hope this goes for game patches, too.


  6. that’s a first for Nintendo and they are geniuses. so basically its remote access like downloading movies from a mobile device to a pc. this is what will make wii u better than ps4 and xb720, unless they use the same method which will probably tie them.


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