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Iwata: Xbox SmartGlass Can’t Do Everything Wii U Can

During an investor meeting, Satoru Iwata talked about competitors and their approaches to Wii U. While Nintendo of America’s Scott Moffitt is flattered by Xbox SmartGlass, Iwata believes that Microsoft’s new feature is not capable of delivering the same experiences as Wii U. Iwata believes that the Wii U GamePad has an advantage over SmartGlass because, not only does it have a screen similar to tablets and smartphones, it has all the features of a traditional video game controller.

“The question is, is what they [Microsoft] are offering truly capable of doing everything that we’re offering? From what we have seen so far, it looks to us as if what they are able to offer really is only a small facet of what the Wii U is capable of.”

“We know that the core users who love playing video games like controllers that you hold with two hands. But what you don’t have on smartphones and tablets are the buttons and the control sticks that they prefer to use.”

“Previously after we’d introduced motion control, it took the other companies about three years before they introduced their own style of motion control.”

“This time, the fact is that we’ve seen something of this nature come out within a one-year time frame from when we first announced the Wii U. That suggests to me that they clearly see value in what we’re trying to do.”

71 thoughts on “Iwata: Xbox SmartGlass Can’t Do Everything Wii U Can”

    1. You can connect your 300$, buttonless, and stickless tablet to your 360 and use it to receive content from your Xbox and to play some games.

      Terrible control method, if you ask me.

  1. Microsoft thinking anyone is going to give a shit about playing on touchscreen…
    At least WiiU has actual buttons!

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  2. Well “Smart Glass” as you call it has to include buying a tablet or smartphone. So yeah… that’s an extra $400 on top of your XBox, which if you don’t already have is at minimum $99. So $500 for something that can’t do what the Wii U can…. To quote the great Eddie Murphy, “N**** please! Shut the f*** up!”

    1. Most people already have the XBOX, so it’s not “on top” of anything.

      Also, a vast majority of gamers who have a 360 probably already have a tablet. I do. All but one of my XBOX-owning friends do.

      So… moot point.

      1. I don’t have an Xbox. And I don’t have a tablet. And I’m sure as hell not going to use my iPod touch as a controller.

        Also, there are about 50 million Xbox 360s out there. Are you really sure that covers “most” of 7 billion people?

          1. I was half-joking. Don’t be dim.

            The other half was serious; there are lots of people who have an Xbox or a tablet but not both… Like it or not, it’s a more expensive set than a Wii U. And no, it’s not going to provide a better gaming experience in any way until us humans develop an additional arm.

            1. You can get a tablet for $99. You can get an XBOX for $199.

              You were saying?

              And SnartGlass has the added benefit of NOT being sold with the console. So core gamers that are perfectly happy with the currently controllers (i.e. most of them) will have the OPTION of using the tablet. Where as Wii U will likely run into this situations where to play certain games, you’ll have to use the tablet. Likely, some will use it unintuitively like the WiiMote did.

              Not saying it will be better. But it won’t necessarily be more expensive (especially if you already have one of the two, or both), and it won’t necessarily be markedly worse either.

    2. Definitely. At least with the Gamepad you can get the fundamental experience central to gaming, even if it doesn’t have things like multitouch or whatever other stuff that tablets or smartphones have.

    1. Who buys a console while using football as the factor? It’s a video game console, which means that ESPN is meant to be a bonus at best.

    2. do you think it wont come later? plus the espn app for xbox sucks, I’d rather just go to the channel or online (which the WiiU and ps3 can do) so, I dont really understand what you trying to say.

  3. I read the full article over on CVG a while ago & as I said after reading it….Ouch! Iwata has a mean side lol

  4. so far microsoft didn’t show anything really of what the smart glass can do. So far its not all that great the wii u on the other hand showed a lot stuff the smart glass did. And as i recall the wii u deals with dual screed game play almost soooooo the smart glass sucks so far.

  5. So basically Iwata said: ”Bitch please, we ain’t telling SHIT on anything anymore.”
    More surprises for us, I guess.

  6. The only thing I like about the Smart Glass is that it’s an excuse for me to rhyme it with smartass. What can you rhyme Wii U Gamepad with? >.>

    I prefer the Wii U Gamepad eitherway. xP

  7. Nintendo is laying the smack down on fools who likw to copy their innovations. No more Mr. Nice Nintendo. Leave luck to heaven.

    1. I expected they were withholding all their smack until this very year with their return of their hardcore gaming. Now that their heavy is being brought out, they laying out the extra artillery through interviews.

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