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Miyamoto Wants To Make A First-Person Shooter

Shigeru Miyamoto is working on an original game, but it might be a while before we hear any information regarding his unannounced title. While speaking to Kotaku, Miyamoto revealed that he wants to work on a first-person shooter but doesn’t have time. Miyamoto never focused on making a first-person shooter, but perhaps that will change soon. Do you want a first-person shooter from Miyamoto, or should he stay away from that genre?

“I actually do kind of want to make a first-person shooter, but I don’t have time.”

115 thoughts on “Miyamoto Wants To Make A First-Person Shooter”

    1. 1. He didn’t work on Metroid.
      2. It was Metroid Prime that was first person.
      3. It wasn’t a first person shooter.

      Get your fact right before you go shoot your mouth off like an idiot.

      1. Actually it was his idea for it to be in the 1st person…he also wanted ocarina of time to be in 1st person but the idea got shot down.

    2. As you can see, folks have corrected you on how Metroid Prime is to be classified. I personally don’t like First-Person Shooters but I enjoy Metroid Prime. So I continue to call it one despite what it technically is and isn’t. :).

    1. Kid Icarus is a 3rd person shooter, and Mario Sunshine counts as another “shooter” as well. No one said anything about blood,gore and fowl language.

      1. Fuck that! Mario needs go all out grand theft auto style on Bowser and his minions. No more sissy shell tossing shit. Hes going to snipe bitches and bitch slap the princess for being a stupid cunt. Yeah!

          1. thats why he said “fuck that” meaning fuck a first person shooter, mario should go GTA style. do you read!

    2. Clearly you haven’t played Kirby 64 were the final bleed blood when you shoot him.
      Or ocarina of time where Ganondorf spits blood.

      Or Majora’s Mask which is a darkest Zelda game ever.

      Or Wind Waker where Link killed Ganondorf by stabbing him in the head! Hell they wanted to make him bleed but they had to tone it down to make the rating.

        1. I think it’s coz FPS’s these days are just filled with unnecessary blood and gore and stuff and majority of the people who play it are those “gamers” who just play coz they think it’s “cool.” O_O But I think a good developer can save the genre…

        2. Cause most people associate FPS’s with Call of Duty. Nintendo fans are the most biased against FPS’s, as there are some good ones, such as Halo.

  1. I’d really like an FPS from Miyamoto, though I don’t want a Metroid Prime or a Call of Duty-like game. Nor Halo, but I feel it’ll have to be futuristic in some way.

    1. It wouldn’t be anything like CoD. Miyamoto likes making original games, not anything mass-produced or overused.

  2. An FPS made by the king of games? Now This sounds good he should definetely consider it!! (though on the other hand i wouldnt like zelda delayed cuz of this..)

  3. as long as it’s metroid, i don’t mind. it’s probably something along those lines, hopefully. i’d like to think that miyamoto wouldn’t contribute to the big bin of generic FPS games

  4. I for one want to see an FPS given that magical Miyamoto touch. Who knows what he can do to the overdone genre?

    1. HEY! You won me, I was going to post something like that haha! YES My thought exactly… Could be a good idea if done right ;)
      BUT That won’t be a First Person Shooter, but a First Plumber Jumper (FPJ)… hohoho a New genre =)

    1. There is no way Nintendo will make a game that has blood,
      They really should make “Link Crossbow Training U”, I got the Wii version and it was pretty cool. Or they could make a new Metroid game.

        1. Just to let you know, it is Nintendo’s goriest game in history. It came out in 2009 on the Wii and is rated D (Japanese equivalent of an M rating). Too bad it only came out in Japan.

          1. i just looked at the game, SHOCKED for life from Nintendo! But at least now I have something to shut the mouths of those saying nintendo is only cuteness!

  5. I don’t think he should. I understand that Nintendo has never really explored that corner of the video game genre, but if Miyamoto decided to do that, then Nintendo would become simply another name under the first-shooter games. I think they would lose touch with the majority of their fans, and then would probably lose a lot of them. Besides, to be honest, I really can’t see the Nintendo name on a first shooter. I see it more on Mario games and such. However, it is up to his decision whether or not he wants too make the first shooter (if he ever decides to get around it).

    1. Apparently this ass hat has never heard of Metroid Prime. Besides, even if it were a violent game (which knowing Miyamoto, it wouldn’t be), I’d like to believe that not too many fellow Nintendo fans would hide in their vaginas at the first sight of blood in a game.

      1. Why don’t you shut the fuck up and listen to him because he has a point. If nintendo made a fps without blood and gore everyone would write off the game as a kiddy game. However if they did make it “mature” alot of people would just think it’s nintendo trying to jump on the fps bandwagon. Besides this genre has become so saturated that I would rather not see nintendo go down that path.

          1. Exactly, and again, Metroid Prime is a perfect example. I’m sure Miyamoto was thinking of a game along those lines anyway.

  6. It’s an odd choice, and to be honest the only reason I hate FPS right now is the lack of innovation. If anyone can crank that shit up a notch, it’s Miyamoto. I’d be very curious to see what he brought to the table. Hopefully a new IP, Nintendo could use a few new Hardcore IPs outside of Zelda and Metroid.

  7. johnr754. Not anonomyus, PETERIUSS.

    He should make it one IP, and release one every few years. That way, Nintendo won’t become generic.

  8. I’m betting it will be something like what Valve would do, à la Half-Life or Portal. Hopefully. Fun, addictive, good gameplay, and good story.

  9. I’d be all for it if it was a fun, cartoony kind and not like the bloody shooting games that are here now. Maybe a game based on shooting miis like in the wii u trailer last year

  10. I say, make a first-person shooter but give it a really unique story. New characters or popular, already existing characters like Mario or Kirby. That would attract customers. AND DON’T RUSH ON IT!!!

  11. I’m sure he’s going to take the first person short genre and Nintendofy it to make it his own, i’m sure whatever pops out is going to still be pure magic!

  12. what could he possibly make that would be better than metroid. if he takes the violent fps route he’ll lose my respect instantly.

  13. “Rather than necessarily the question of ‘What kind of weapon do I have?’ in a first person shooter or ‘What kind of effect does that have on an enemy?’, I think that the structure of a first-person shooter is something that’s very interesting.”

    could be cool

  14. That would awesome! But I don’t think that they will make a Mario FPS! I think of a new IP FPS Nintendo game!

  15. Would it make any difference if they didn’t make a story(campaign) and focused on just a online FPS? My thought is the disc holds x amount of data that could be solely used for bigger maps or more detailed environments. Like the ability to explore the world (Assassins Creed, Skyrim) and a map that takes damage like Battlefield 3. If I see a water tower I would be able to climb it or put some c-4 on the support leg and drop it rather than shot a player tucked in up there.

    1. The Only Pokemon Champ

      Well non specific action figure had a sword so him having a gun would kinda ruin the whole thing hes got goin on

  16. He’ll kick ass at everything he does. If he decides to do this, it will be unlike any other FPS we’ve seen before. Leave luck to heaven.

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  18. To all of you thinking Nintendo needs to stay clean….just… -_- Not to say that Nintendo needs to lose its family friendly nature, but I don’t see anything wrong with Nintendo making some more Mature titles. And if anybody can do something to innovate in the FPS genre, which is growing stale, it’s Miyamoto. I hope he gets his wish soon.

  19. Its funny how most of you can’t stand FPSs, yet the second Nintendo is involved, you all say “GOLDEN”

  20. well i wish he could make the golden eye 007 classic or something much more better i mean this is the father of gaming so why wouldent he

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  22. For some reason, I see this kinda as a Zelda meets No More Heroes meets James Bond type of game. Like a pseudo cartoon-realistic art style, less anime looking than no more heroes, but more than Zelda, big adventure like Zelda (maybe a little smaller), and missiony like Bond. Add in bonus mission DLC after like a year on the market, just to keep it fresh. Could work

  23. Given the very serious nature of most FPS games, if he were to pursue this he should take a note from TF2, a game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

    1. Clearly someone hasn’t played Portal 1/2, TF2, Half-life, Halo, or any FPSs for that matter. Your just complaing about lack of innovative FPSs for the bandwagon effect. One series that isn’t even that bad that you probably never played has tainted your whole view of FPSs

  24. Well, at least we know that it won’t suck. Besides this is Miyamoto we’re talking about. He wouldn’t make a generic, bloody, gory game that blends into the shelf.
    Also, to the people who think this is a bad idea: Why not make an FPS? It’s not like Nintendo will start mass producing them like some other companies.

  25. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

    yes. a new franchise would be nice, and Nintendo kinda needs to extend to this audience. plus, more interesting characters for the next super smash bros

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