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Amazon Selling Wii U For £199.99

Popular online retailer has the Black Wii U listed at a more than reasonable £199.99. The only problem with this is that the retailer has the device advertised with a July 14th release date. We already know that Nintendo isn’t planning to release the console until the holidays, as Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime reiterated at this years E3.

Thanks to everyone that emailed me.

55 thoughts on “Amazon Selling Wii U For £199.99”

        1. I was just sayin’. I live in the US and I thought it was cool that my bands music could be purchased on a European web site. I’m not advertising. Just stating the facts. Your rude remark is not going to make me leave.

          1. Just stating the facts in order to positively influence your commercial succes = advertising.

            Just sayin’.

              1. Look, I’m a long time gamer and big Nintendo fan just like everyone else. I just thought it was really neat that Sickr mentioned which just so happens to sell my bands music. How many of you can say that your product is for sale on Do you think I honestly expect any of you to purchase my music? I just wanted people to sample it. So please just get off your high horse and stop hatin’

            1. I get no commercial success from any sales. My band members and I have never once pocketed a single penny from any profit. It all goes back into the band to further our ministry.

    1. Yep and they have to honour it so that means for people who pre-ordered it on Amazon must be given a Wii U at the price they showed


        Hey, I accidentally left Caps Lock on. =3

  1. Got mine pre-ordered already. Its probably a mistake, given the July 14th release date. They honour the Guarantee though, when they mistakenly put Vita games up for £7, loads of people got them and they honoured the mistake and sold them for that price. Hopefully this’ll be the same. I can get a Pro controller and a game or a HDD or something.

    1. Good luck to you, really. I’m probably not going to pre-order or get it launch day, just because Nintendo stung me a bit on the 3DS I got a week after launch. The Wii U is shaping up to be a really awesome console but I think I can wait a year for a price drop, or at least for some nice games to come out (Metroid Metroid Metroid Metroid.)

  2. now that’s a sexy console. in u.s currency that’s like 300 right. if so then I’m all aboard the wiiu express.

  3. Its the black one however. Might not get on release.

    I got one on order with Shopto when they put that up last week. That one is more expensive tho

  4. July 14th? Seems a bit odd to me. Unless they were meant to put the black as 2013.
    Regardless, I have pre-ordered :D

    1. Yeah it does seem odd. Although when I pre-ordered I made a print screen of my order and the console on the website that way they can’t turn around later and say it was something else (like saying it was a Nintendo Wii bundle).

  5. Wow thats a really good price I would so pay that! I expected somewhere between £200-£300 so im glad if it is actually that price!

  6. Damn nooooo it failed must be down !!! Bargain to u guys that got it cheeezus! Guessing at minimum £300 at launch. Damn

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  8. So 199.99 equals to 310 USD not bad with the taxes added to it i would say 360 max. Too bad they can’t release it this summer but i know is for our own good they are doing this. They need to work out the kinks out of the system,add more functionalities,app market etc etc. So my slogan for the Wii U release is “Good things come to those that wait” :D

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