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Nintendo Admits Its E3 Presentation Was Flawed

David Yarnton, the head of Nintendo’s UK division has admitted that the company’s E3 presentation wasn’t one of the best they’ve ever done. The presentation was criticised from numerous quarters, with certain publications attacking the Kyoto based company.

What did you make of the reaction to Nintendo’s E3 press conference? Were you happy or disappointed with the general reaction?
“I think everybody thought… it wasn’t one of the better E3s. I noticed that on the floor, not just with us. I think it’s at the stage where there’s a change of formats. But one of the things we got with Wii U was that once people came onto the floor and started playing with it, the whole reaction was much more positive. I think a few things stood out and surprised at our press conference, like when [we] showed ZombiU. That is not what you’d expect from Nintendo and that actually blew me away a little bit.”

66 thoughts on “Nintendo Admits Its E3 Presentation Was Flawed”

  1. well sure. a lot of the negative comments comes from the ppl who haven’t experienced the WiiU at the show floor.
    you need to experience the WiiU before you say something at all.(i wasn’t at E3 but i think the WiiU looks great)

  2. Atleast Nintendo admitted that they could have done a better job with the conference unlike Sony and Microsoft saying that their conferences where not flawed at all and they where amazing… Sony’s conference was okay but Microsofts… just plan bullshit

    1. i thought sony’s was bs too. and microsoft….all they had was halo 4. thats it. sony had the last of us.

      1. You forgot about Beyond: Two Souls. I thought the Sony conference was okay but it was boring at the same time.

      2. They were all terrible but I think if Sony didn’t spend so much time on Blunderbook, it would have the least terrible of the 5. For now I feel Ubisoft won

        1. ubisoft definitely won. if retro hadn’t cancled the showing of there game, than nintendo probably would have won

    1. And more information concidering the ”launch window” would’ve been nice. 3 months after launch? 6?

      Also, one of these games would’ve been nice:
      – Pokemon Snap U (!!!!!)
      – Metroid
      – Starfox
      – F-zero

      I actually expected one of those.

      1. But wait, don’t you remember? NintendoLand had ALL of those! -____-

        Ugh, I guarantee probably 3 people actually cared about NintendoLand…and they spent SO LONG talking about it!

  3. The unfortunate reality is that the majority of the internet who watched the E3 conference did not get to try the Wii U. I’m still excited for it in spite of the conference, though. I’m sure they will be letting out more intersting info than Nintendoland in the coming months.

    1. Yep, It sucked for those who watched the conferences online. I’m envious of the people that got their hands on the gamepad.

  4. It really needed a system-seller, or a “Wow!” title. I’ve heard rumours that Retro’s title was pulled at the last minute, causing the awkward, drug-out end to the event. If that’s the case, I’m disappointed in Retro but I hope development is still going smoothly.

    1. Come on, you’re not disappointed in them. It’s a new system, and they’re very far away from the rest of Nintendo. They’re allowed some leeway.

  5. Nintendoland should’ve been shown early, and more title’s should’ve been played on stage (I enjoyed watching Assassin’s Creed, ZombiU, and a lot of other titles offstage).
    But now we know they’re more cautious about presenting titles and ideas because competitors are copying their ideas. So…. yeah.

  6. At least they admitted it.

    It is clearly they care about us, and more importantly, their reputation.

    1. I don’t think it was Horrible at all. It was actually very good.

      The problem is there was no “wow” factor. Everyone, (including the competition) knew about the second screen for over a year now. Since you played that hand last year, You needed to play a new, impressive hand this year.

      Overall, I’m very excited for WiiU. (But I am also one of your lifetime fans)

      -Heath Miller

    2. It was not horrible. The biggest problem with E3 is that it has reached so many people because of the internet that the expectations for the companies by the consumers has become putting on a theatrical show equals good E3 conference. Focusing on a mini games compilation wasn’t interesting enough. People are not going to buy a console based on a collection of mini games, regardless of how great they are. I think people would have forgiven much if the conference ended with a sneak peak of games or a least one that was geared towards the “hardcore” gaming audience.

    3. Horrible? no, it’s just everyone was expecting more announcements from your classic franchises, but at least there are good third party games coming to the Wii U to play with.

    4. “Video games are meant to be just one thing. Fun. Fun for everyone.” This is the whole reason why should play video games. I’m glad Nintendo hasn’t forgetten this. Though I wish I could say the same for other companies. About the conference, it was a little less than expected yes. But that’s only because everyone has very high expectaions about E3 and because there weren’t many surprises or first-party titles shown.

  7. Look, admitting flaws just isn’t good enough. The most important thing is what are you going to do about it?

    1. They’ve certainly made it clear that E3 was one week, and the upcoming months will see more news about the system and game releases. I figure they didn’t want to immediately reveal everything about the controller and system because competitors are bent on taking their ideas.

      1. Maker sounds like someome who wants all that news this week, though. I’m sure we’d all like to in some part of us, but some of us actually have the patience for news spread over months.

  8. Iwata said they did not want to disclose anything new due to their competitors(copy cats) and will like to keep all major surprises

      1. Anonymousssssssssssssssssssss

        with Super Smash Bros Brawl as the most impressive example.

        sorry, i just felt an example would help your argument

  9. I wouldn’t worry to much about it E3 this year as a whole was a big meh.

    But I do know that Nintendo will blow me away at next year E3.

    1. Move, Kinect, Smart Glass seems a little more egregious pilfering than buttons and gyroscope. Out of curiosity, did the PSP have gyro first or was it something else? Seriously asking.

  10. E3 was terrible this year they all focused on hardware and apps or their consoles instead of showcasing games. Microsoft played it real safe because they could they are at the top. Sony is in big trouble I will leave it at that. And Nintendo had all the hype to showcase the Wii U and show what games will be comin out to sell their console. Nintendo started off good but from then on it was like what the hell Nintendo. They always announce A Super Mario Brothers. But I’m shocked they did not announce anything new. A lot of the games that were announced we’re already released last year. And the next day with the 3DS conference they talked to much instead of show casing games for the handheld. Nintendo spent so much time showcasing games we already knew about instead of new material like Metroid or Fire Enblem. When they show cased Paper Mario it looked horrible they focused so much on stickers like WTF? There was even no partners like in the other Paper Mario games. Nintendo needs to wake up cause they are losing money. They have all the potential to release something very good that their fans would love but they do not. But at least Nintendo admits to a horrible E3 presentation. It’s a step in the right direction. Let’s hope they release some quality games for the 3DS and Wii U. And Ubisoft stole the show at E3 because they showcased actual games and not focus so much on apps and hardware. When I see how gaming is today to me gaming is dead.

  11. I liked it, I was only glued on the screen JUST for Nintendo presentation. People expect TOO much, I think that’s why people will say everything sucks.

  12. While I wish one of the Japanese higher-ups had said this, hearing the head of NoE say this does make me feel a little better. Too, an apology followed 2008, and the next two E3s improved on each other.

  13. Like I said before, Nintendo’s presentation was bad but they still won E3 imo. The feedback from people who’ve played the Wii U has been all positive. That’s a win in my book. Leave luck to heaven.

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