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Miyamoto: “Rather Than Focusing On Competition, I Can Bring Fun To The World”

During a recent interview, Shigeru Miyamoto was asked about what he thinks about Nintendo’s competitors. Miyamoto found it interesting how competitors are taking ideas from Wii U only a year after it was revealed because – after the initial releases of Nintendo DS and Wii – it took companies a few years to bring their own gaming devices with touchscreen control or motion control to the market. Miyamoto believes that it is better not to focus on the competition during E3 and, instead, developers should focus on “bringing fun to the world.”

“In the past when we’ve introduced stuff like motion control or touch screen control with the Nintendo DS, it typically would take a few years for other companies bring them into their own offerings. The fact that one year out when we first introduced the concept of Wii U, we’re already seeing other companies trying to move in that same direction, suggests there’s a tremendous amount of possibility in what we’ve shown so far.”

“It’s something that’s tough for me to objectively look at, and I think to me, what’s most important, is that I don’t betray the trust that people have in me. At a show like this, it’s my job to show we’re all having fun. People come to E3 and they want to talk about competition and who won the show, and all these companies combating one another.

“But what we’re meant to be doing is bringing fun to the world. So rather than focusing on competition, I feel it’s my job to go up on stage and show how I can bring fun to the world by having fun myself.”

112 thoughts on “Miyamoto: “Rather Than Focusing On Competition, I Can Bring Fun To The World””

    1. Competition between rival companies is what drives the industry, there is no doubt about that. Miyamoto is addressing the fact that people feel joy in their fucked up brains when a company messes up or does something wrong. The internet is a vicious place, and I’ve read some really fucked up things that Nintendo haters and Nintendo lovers alike have said.

          1. and the loser has to forever renounce the company their console is from and then throw everything away. don’t even sell it to get money back because it’s worthless at that point

      1. Rohan

        So true Fanbois are the new plague of this Century. I mean what pleasure you get from seen a company crumble, but they forget who really feels the blow of say company falling is not the CEO or the big cats that take the credit . Is the little guy the artist,managers,cleaning staff etc etc.

      2. Right get your butt out then if it SO HEALTHY then you get your butt bankrupted lose your money end up homeless.

    1. wow, Miyamato ended the argument to which is better, PS Vita and Wii U ,, they really are mature and experienced in terms of marketing. Sony ? pshhhhh kids.

  1. Miyamoto is uncorruptable. I can’t explain how powerful his comments are here. Video games are meant to bring fun to the universe, and yet there is something called “console wars”. The fact that this exists makes me angry; why the hell can’t we get together and play some games?

  2. I’ve always admired Nintendo for their love of making games. People can compare their games aesthetically with anything under the sun and call them inferior, but at the end of the day there’s a certain bit of heart in them.

    1. Let´s face it, he´s one of the coolest guys in the world, he even won the prince of Asturias Award this year, you gotta love the man.

  3. If by fun u mean waiting four years for a zelda game that had a game ending glitch than no thnx or kirby epic yawn cant even die or maybe hes talking about assitant help on new mario bros smh garbage casual games

    1. Many games have glitches, sometimes tons of glitches. Skyward Sword had one notable glitch. And glitches can be fixed. That’s why games have patches.

  4. I am inclined to agree with this guy right here. I mean, video games are meant to be fun. There’s no means that ANYONE should be fighting over pieces of plastic. This is a common problem why everyone looks down on the gaming community because of corporate greed and boasting on how great the competition’s products are.

  5. every time i see a quote from miyamoto, it’s like he’s spinning gold from his vocal cords every time. quite possibly the greatest man in the video game industry

  6. Miyamoto classy lol yeah like when he double crossed and went back on his deal and instead went with panasonic only to drop support their to hoe classy

    1. Uh you do know he’s not the president right and he had no say in those choices that were made. Besides it’s sony’s fault for trying to double cross nintendo.

  7. Knowing what the competition is doing, and what’s not working and (more importantly) what IS working for them, is key. He has not read the Art of War.

    And before you say it, yes… it is war. All business is war. And he can talk about having fun all he wants; that’s great and important… but above all else, Nintendo is a BUSINESS. And business is competitive. It’s “war”.

      1. To be fair, it does account for quite a bit. Now Miyamoto is saying everything he should be saying, and every bit of it is true. It’s very much what makes Nintendo the company it is, and I wouldn’t change that. When it comes to presenting to the public, as well as other companies, the priority should be what experiences from them we’ll get to enjoy in the future.

        The other end of this, however, is Nintendo needing to pay attention to what the rest of the industry is doing. Reggie may have said it wasn’t a concern, but I recall Iwata saying the exact opposite at GDC 2011. It doesn’t mean they can’t make their own way, and it doesn’t mean they should take pleasure in tearing all the companies around them apart (a lot of that is the fans anyway), but they should know what’s going on, especially if it could pose a threat to their consoles selling. Making their own console is one of the central foundations of Nintendo’s game design, and I among countless others don’t want to see them lose this advantage. Mistakes need to be acknowledged, and online was recently addressed in this manner by Iwata when he admitted they waited too long to be at the same place as XBL and PSN with their network and that it will take time to polish. From there, though, serious planning needs to occur over this next generation so Nintendo can be in a more respectable place with their online come the console after that.

        Again, they don’t have to thrive in the “blood” of their opposition, and they don’t even have to be Machiavellian about it (relating to what Miyamoto said about not betraying trust), but they do need to strategize in a manner similar to war just like other companies in highly competitive fields.

        1. I agree with you. With the wii nintendo basically entered into it’s own market. Nothing out there was like it so there really wasn’t anything there to compete with it, so it sold amzingly well. They should think back to the gamecube though. The console sold horribly and they were dominated through the whole generation by Sony and were even surpassed by newcomer Microsoft. The wiiu, while having an original concept, is already competing with tablets, smartglass, and ps3/vita connectivity. The wiiu may do it best, but nintendo needs to stay on it’s toes to make sure the competition doesn’t get ahead.

  8. To me, competition makes the companies work harder to make cooler and cooler stuff at a faster rate. I think it’s important to have a little bit of competition at least.

    1. A little bit of competition is good, but the console wars can go overboard. This is mostly due to the fanboys who will defend anything their console manufacturer does, and the idiots in charge at Sony, who fuel the console war instead of showing respect to their competitors.

  9. Miyamoto is right, the other companies aren’t even worth acknowledging anymore, they may as well not even exist.

    -“What do Sony make?” -“TVs I think.” -“Anything else?” -“Nah.”
    -“Microsoft? Don’t they do PC stuff?” -“Yeah, I guess so.”
    -“Isn’t ‘Apple’ just a fruit?” -“That’s right, nothing more then a fruit.”
    -“So if I want to play video games…..” -“Nintendo!”

  10. @playtime lol faggot kids smh ninty wasnt even a gaming company they use to be card games,taxi comp.,love hotel and toys which all failed hard it wasnt until arcade games like sega did ninty try ouy gaming smh they still make play cards ninty fag queer

  11. Really miyahoetoe is that why ur selling out ur belife by adding acheivements,dlc,graphics and hd which ur fans hated and didnt even care about lol lying hypocrste fags all this tells me is ninty fans were jelouse of xbox features lol $ellout

      1. oh it’s quite alright. you must’ve had a really, REALLY rough day to mindlessly fling troll comments about miyamoto. hope tomorrow goes better for you!

  12. I don’t deny Miyamoto meaning that, but it’s very easy to say that when you’re on top. Xbox can barely sell in Japan and Sony is practically going bankrupt.

  13. Call them kiddy as much as you like; Nintendo has its heart and mind in the right place. You don’t need ultra violence, M ratings across the board for your games, or the very best of the best specs for your systems, to be a success; what you need is a fun experience.
    Nintendo delivers the fun that Gaming should have always been about.

    1. I always liked C.S. Lewis’ take on maturity:

      “Critics who treat adult as a term of approval, instead of as a merely descriptive term, cannot be adult themselves. To be concerned about being grown up, to admire the grown up because it is grown up, to blush at the suspicion of being childish; these things are the marks of childhood and adolescence. And in childhood and adolescence they are, in moderation, healthy symptoms. Young things ought to want to grow. But to carry on into middle life or even into early manhood this concern about being adult is a mark of really arrested development. When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.

  14. Miyamoto is an embarrassement yeah because when i think of fun its freandcodes,casual,redbeck jambori,carnival games,barbie ponyback ridkng lol what a disgrace sold alot lol yeah to granpa,granma and kids cuz its not meant for gaming its for casuals

  15. @eric seller no ones calling shitendo kiddy NO that would be an insult kids…shitendo is sellout casual market thats targeting granpa.granma, sport players smh in short everybody but gamers this why ppl hate nintyfags they ruin gaming by supporting crap

  16. This! This right here is what the world of gaming should be thinking!!! People may prefer one over another, but they all have something to bring to the table!

    1. So much this! Merely focusing on the console manufacturers: Microsoft has quite the pool of independent games in XBLA (as do Steam), Sony has some very interesting titles like Journey, The Last of Us and even platformers like Sly Cooper, and Nintendo has a wealth of 1st-Party IPs with strong fanbases going decades back. Again, that’s only 1st-party companies! Toss in all the strong 2nd and 3rd parties, and we have an industry with so many good things to play I scold my wallet for not having enough money to buy it all.

  17. Classy miyahoeto got mad that rare sold more and made a better donkey kong game smh he accused americans liking graphics when in fact it was gameplay now he usez rares desing of donkey kong lol in short he was jelouse of rare making a better game

  18. Yeah the world of gaming needs to sellout to casuals and target ppl who dont know anything about games like granma,granpa and sports fanz and make sure u region lock and force shovelware and limit on eshop and pay ppl when they sale high unrealstic #

  19. Nintendo 1st party sucks smh its overplayed,gimmicky and now offer no challenge srsly whats left for mario 2d mix with 3d,space again smh what is left remixing retro levels but collect coins as if thats fun smh ninty games sale cuz their fans r adhd moron

  20. ^this yup what does mario have left collect gold coins lolwut as if that was fun…yeah make the game easier wont cha. Zeldas even worse all their games borrow elements from ocarina how stale only kissass retards like ‘replaying’ new games=same old shit

    1. without 3rd parties fony and microoff would not stand a chance oops my bad they already don’t and people talk about being kiddy when i play goldeneye im sure its not kids and grandmas shooting me up imo the wiimote was better than the gaystation and the hexbox and if you go by launch prices the wii had way better graphics for the 250 than the other two for 5 and 6 hundred

  21. I agree with Miyamoto. Focusing ONLY on competition will lead to problems. It best to do things that have not been done or have not been done in a while. I like Nintendo’s business, doing things differently from others.

  22. Focusing on competition will lead to problems :) agree like stealing xbox live,xbox hd, xbox customer service,ipad, cell phone touchscreen.iphone appstore and ps gyroscope,clickable an l3 and l4

    1. 1- xbox didnt invent online systems for gaming, if im correct sega did it first
      2- xbox controller was ALSO taken from the dreamcast
      3- xbox didnt invent hd you twat and anybody can use that
      4-nintendo had customer sevice before xbox even existed
      5- ipad was based of iphone which was based off nintendo ds
      6- touchscreen was popularised by the nintendo ds
      7- gyroscope wasnt invented by playstation
      so just shut the f*ck up

  23. @anonymous actually the move is better than wii and wii motion plus its more accurate and has buttons. Now that they copy nintendo well ny freand ninty stole their gyroscope smh if you were a xbox or sony fan ud learn respect and humility now go 2 bed boy

    1. BS.
      I’ve used both and the Wii Motion Plus has all the accuracy of the Move.[And unless you are blind, you would notice that the Wiimote Plus has buttons as well]
      If you think otherwise, then you were a dumb-ass who could not set up their system right to take advantage of it, which is the easiest thing on earth to do.
      That or you were waving around like a retarded gorilla before wondering why your movements were not registering.XD
      As for the whole “who did it first” thing, here’s how it went:
      Sony first made a wand prototype, but were too scared to put it out there on their system for whatever reason, and just let the project sit on the back-burner for a few years.
      Nintendo sees the project they left behind and decides to try something similar, only as a core idea to bring fun to the masses instead of just a single demographic[core players], and their idea becomes profitable enough that it makes Sony grow a spine and finally release their own version in the hopes of not being out-sold by Nintendo.
      They still get out-sold by Nintendo Wii despite this, and now haters who support Sony have taken to referring to the casual market in the negative sense in an attempt to make Nintendo fans feel bad, when in fact the casual market has done more for profits than the core has in a very long time, because they are more open-minded about the games they play, and less whiny about which company makes their games.

      Oh, and the Gyroscope was not made by Sony. Nice try, though.

  24. Miyamoto-sama showing us all what games are all about once again. This man is 59 years old and has the innocence of a child. He is what a true gamer is. It would have been easy for a man in his position to get jaded and start throwing out insults, but he has remained true to who he is and his vision of what gaming is. Truly the father of this industry. If you ask me why I follow Nintendo, it’s not just that the have the best games, they also have the best attitude.

    I don’t get inspired easily, but he inspires me to be a better person. It’s very easy to get caught in the negativity that’s sweeping the game industry these days, but I refuse to take part in such stupidity. I’m glad to see someone as influential as him has a similar view. Games are supposed to be fun, so to each his own. Play what you love and love what you play. Thank You Miyamoto-sama. Leave luck to heaven.

  25. @bowserkoopa WRONG MOTHERFUCKER iwata said that gameboy sp not ds faggot gameboy sp was inspired by flipphone evrrything else u said was correct so i guess that makes both of us fucking faggots :(

    1. wat
      calling me a motherfucker ooh im scared of you
      gameboy sp was inspired by flipphone in shape not actual technology.
      that means nothing since the flip shape was used by nintendo in game and watches, which the ds design was based on
      game and watch came before ds
      im not saying the game and watch was the first device to have flipping, but it came before phones did.

  26. This is why Nintendo will never fail. Other companies put too much in competition, and graphics, and at end of the day seventy percent of what they produce is sequel after sequel, and shooters. It s boring. And it showed at e3 this year. Nintendo knows what they are doing. Just like 3ds. They proved specs only count for so much…as vita cant even outsell psp… Or ps2 that is sad since both are ten year old consoles . I know vita fan boys will go ape shit.. on how is wrong.. but just research the sales. Nintendo has always understood that fanned are meant to be fun first and foremost. They are only company willing to do their own thing and Jusy be awesome. They don’t fear failure and not sold they. As a culture they have proved they canwithstand all things thrown there way. Its fitting that Nintendo was my first many others SNESwas to me best console ever made. And wii u is first console I’m excited about since. Even.sold the 360 for this thing.

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  28. I love how there is still a “real” game designer out there, who focus on the original meaning of making games: to let people have fun! instead of making it all business and shit, hats off to you Mr. Miyamoto. it was a privilege to live in the era where I can grow up playing your thoughtful hand made games.

  29. lets admit that Sony is good at making great simulation stuff like FIFA and GT 5 racing games, they are the technology dude. But Nintendo is the one who have the imagination and create GAMES. Sony is the technician, Nintendo is the Boss.

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